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"Between two plains of thought, between two plains of existence, exists the twilight zone and I. Not so much does the feeling of fear consume my soul as does the feeling of confusion concerning my existence and what I shall decide to do next. I do not intend to remain here long, but it seems as though anxiety and confusion are my captors for the time being as I continue to float in this strange environment."

Here is a quick drawing I did of some hands in the mesopelagic zone (a.k.a.: twilight zone)! I don't draw hands often, but I figured this would be good practice. The hands aren't super detailed, but that's alright; it was just for practice, after all!

Life can be confusing sometimes, and there's a lot of options out there. It can be anxiety-inducing trying to decide what path in life you want to take, especially when there's so many possibilities. It can feel like you're at a crossroads, or in the twilight zone, between so many options and possibilities. I feel like I'm currently in that mindset, which was the inspiration for this piece. I know I'll figure everything out eventually, though; but until then, I'm in the twilight zone.

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