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I shall defeat the ender dragon

-holds wooden sword-


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Just seeing her makes you fall before her charm spell.

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idk what i would do if i was found by her....

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She looks fabulous

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Don't you think it's a bit early to dress up your ocs as witches for Halloween? XD I say because we are barely in mid-September but who am I to criticize: v

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If you would read the description first, you would see that this is for someone else and not my Oc ^^

Btw just because a chara is dressed like a witch dosen't mean that it has anything to do with halloween. There people where their Ocs are just witches complity not conected to halloween

ahhh I already saw, sorry what happens in that I only saw the links of your patreon and social networks I had not noticed the name of the user who requested this drawing sorry for the error

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