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Magical Girl RainbowSama~

There was this "draw yourself as a magical girl" thing on Tumblr, so I did! You had to make it yourself, and costume had to be something of your interests. Weapon as well.

I based it on my love for Dynasty Warriors and Pokémon, so yeah... That's it. I don't even have that long hair orz Staff is also Dynasty Warriors based, just that it's useless because our hero misses the ability to fight with it :iconmingplz: The bunny Tobi is the magical helper who gets things done! I would never even wear a skirt, but no magical girl without it~

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Yay you posted it! :''D
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qurl i'd make a contract with you anyday ;3
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Oh myyyy~
I wouldn't recommend it, no fighting abilities. But hey, fluffy skirt! :dummy: Yaaaay~
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Draw yourself as a magical girl. That's just perfect, haha.

So, do you take the pokeballs off your outfit can catch/summon pokemon with them during battle? //slapped
That bunny is adorable, though. :I
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Our hero even lacks the ability to summon Pokémon from those Poké Balls! That's how terrible our hero is as a Magical Girl!
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Oh no! Maybe she hasn't caught any yet?
You're welcome~
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It's the ability "Lazy" that has made our hero unable to even catch Pokémon yet~

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Oh, dear. . .That is one horrible ability there.
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It's the best ability! Noit'snotit'shorribleindeed
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Oh, yes indeed, if you want to nap all the time. Wait. . .that's sloth. . .
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It feels great to be too lazy to do things~ nonotreally
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