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Sweet Tea

"This is absolutely delightful. I had no idea you were arranging this and at such an hour. My, how the people must be talking!"

Calpernia smiled at Josephine's words her smile reaching her eyes as she reached forward and gently took Josephine's hand in hers and brought her fingers to her lips closing her eyes as she pressed them lovingly to them.
Trying to put all the words that would not come to her into the feather like kiss.

Meanwhile Josephine was pleasantly surprised when Calpernia lifted her hand as if it was a delicate flower.
A blush rose to her cheeks as her lips pressed lightly against her fingers.
Her hand rising to her chest as she turned slightly away closing her eyes, feeling like the luckiest woman in the world to have the woman opposite her love her just as much as she loved her.
(by Padme4000)

The winner of the Femslash February poll: Josephine Montilyet. :heart:
It took me two weeks and is technically not even finished yet. Valentine's Day was my deadline, though, so here it is.

The choice of scenery is entirely based on what we witness in the game: Leliana finding out about Calpernia's favorite tea, Josephine keeping sweets to herself because she seems to like them that much.

You can share the image here! :) (Smile)

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Star! Credits Star!
Orlesian chairs, small round table and carpet ported by Berserker79
Josephine Montilyet ported and screenshot taken by Padme4000
Calpernia ported by @racconcitizen
Orlesian window ported by MediAsylum 
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Dragon Age: Inquisition belongs to Bioware and EA.
Artwork for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.
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Like I already mentioned when seeing the wip of this work, I like the idea of a mirror AU where Cullen and Dorian have gone to the dark side while Calpernia and Samson sided with the Inquisition. Calpernia in this white version of her outfit feels like a good fairy, so distant from the character we known from the game. I can't help thinking that a little touch of color to her outfit could work nicely, but of course that's entirely up to you and the way the picture looks right now is fine. :thumbsup:

I honestly have not much more to add than what I mentioned earlier when this was still a wip, but I'd like to confirm my view that the poses look well done and feel natural, with Josephine looking just a little bit shy at getting so much attention from Calpernia. Also, even if you did not add a "picture frame" in the end, so as to avoid the feeling that the scene looks unnecessarily complicated, I still think this reminds me of a scene from some paiting. I'm yet to figure out which painting, but that's not too important in the end. ;)

BTW, you mentioned this work "is technically not even finished yet": I'd love to see the "finished" version if you decide to work more on this! :)
RainbowRenders's avatar
Me, too! There is a project I'm doing with a writer right now and we're planning to explore both evil!Cullrian and the Calsephine pairing.
I can't wait. :la:

I'm still very fond of your good fairy idea, so much that we decided to let Varric dub her "Fairy". :)
Her reverse au personality is very intriguing to me, but I'm still struggling with her color scheme indeed. It can't go far from white, though, that's why I darkened some parts to grey and greyish purple.
It seems to have been too subtle, though.

Thank you again, I'm very happy you like the poses so much and that they give you a painting vibe.
That's fantastic to hear and highly motivating when I'm thinking about future works! :dance:
Rad-Puppeteer's avatar
I love the 'EAT ME' on the cake!! :'D

Awesome job putting everything together, by the way!!
Rad-Puppeteer's avatar
You're welcome!!

That posing software looks fun to use but I'll probably use it to make silly things with Dragon Age characters if I knew how to use it!
Deemonef's avatar
Calpernia??? :faint:

amazing idea. I loooove it:heart::heart::heart:

And the looks and pose of Josie... wow:love:
RainbowRenders's avatar
Thanks, Bro. It's an au where she's good instead of evil. Cullrian is the power couple on the dark side...
Deemonef's avatar
Hey... if you found her "hideout" you can turn her more or less into evil, so this scenario isn't far away from reality :)
Deemonef's avatar
And... I really like her. I think she is really beautiful :heart:
RainbowRenders's avatar
She absolutely is!
Deemonef's avatar
I hope you can see her in DA4 again, if you released her in DAI instead of killing her :)
thumperthetreepirate's avatar
sweet tea is iced *hides* 
RainbowRenders's avatar
It's a pun, but thank you for your input.
Lucille-Winged's avatar
this one is amazing = D
Hi, I love this so much! Could I maybe feature this on my Dragon Age fan account on Instagram, @dragonagedaily ? I would put a link back to your art page for credit if I have your permission. :)
RainbowRenders's avatar
You can! Thank you and I'm looking forward to the link! :)
RainbowRenders's avatar
Thank you! They're a couple here, though, so single awareness isn't exactly appropriate.
Drachenritter93's avatar
Wow! Great work!. I never thought about that pairing, but i like it. It ist full of lovely details and I really love the expressions on their faces. :D :clap:
RainbowRenders's avatar
Thank you very much, friend. :)
I'm glad you like it, that wasn't exactly what I expected. Rare pairs are given a hard time by default, after all.
HaruRyomaru86's avatar
Nicely done and just in time for Valentine's I love the expression on Josephine's face. :D
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