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Shine your light on me.
Illuminate me
Make me complete.

Lay me down and wash this world from me
Open the skies, and burn it all away
Cause I’ve been waiting
All my life just waiting
For you to shine

Shine your light on me.

(0:00 - 6:22…)

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Getting a moment alone together in a place like Skyhold wasn’t exactly easy, even on good days. With the Inquisitor’s rising fame, the place was practically buzzing like beehive with people running back and forth through the fortress’ corridors. Of course Dorian wasn’t shy about his relationship with the Commander, not anymore. And there didn’t pass a day, where he thanked the Inquisitor and the… well… friends he made here, for showing him, that he did not have to hide it. But the years he spent in Tevinter has conditioned him to feel uncomfortable about public displays of affection and even though, he kept reminding himself, that it was not necessary, that he was save here, he just couldn’t get rid of it. He shied away, when Cullen leaned in to kiss him on the battlements, muttering half-jokingly about ‘what the people will say’ to hide his discomfort. He stiffened when the Commander embraced him in the courtyard after returning from an exceptionally long mission. And Cullen - dear, sweet Cullen - understood. He reigned in his urges for Dorian’s sake, reduced public physical contact to pat on the back, the hand lingering just this side of to long, or bumping his leg against the mage’s when they sat side by side in the Tavern. It was almost heartbreaking for Dorian, when he realized just how much Cullen did for him, for his personal comfort and he had yet to find a way to repay him for that.

But recently it had become even harder to find a moment together. Cullen’s workload seemed to have increased tenfold and news about Venatori-activities in the Western Approach caused Dorian to be away from Skyhold more often than not. He missed Cullen. Maker it was almost physically painful how much he missed the man. So when they more or less ran into each other one afternoon in a surprisingly deserted corridor of Skyhold, Dorian felt his heart stutter for a moment. With a hint of amusement he realized that he felt quiet like the very first day, when Cullen had in his endearing clumsy way tried to stumble out a confession, until Dorian just couldn’t bear the tension anymore and kissed him.
Maker, when will I stop falling for this man?
"On the way to the war room, Commander?”
Apparently the Commander had been lost in his own thoughts, for he blinked confused for a moment, before answering haltingly.
“I- ah… yes. I need to discuss these mission reports with the Inquisitor and…”
Stepping out of the way Dorian gestured down the corridor with one arm, smiling maybe a tiny bit too sad.
“Then by all means, don’t make me hold you up!”
Cullen, though, hesitated. His brows furrowed slightly, a clear sign that he was thinking hard about something. And before Dorian could react, he bend down and kissed the mage briefly on his lips. Dorian froze, his eyes wide with surprise. Blushing the commander of the Inquisition’s forces backed off a bit, as if he feared his lover’s wrath for such a daring move. Rubbing the back of his neck with one hand, he mumbled some kind of apology.

“There’s no one here… so… I thought…”

Dorian felt his heart clench at the sight. Maker, why was this big adorable puppy of a man just so heart-wrenchingly understanding? Fearing Dorian’s anger for something that should be natural between them. In fact it would have been completely understandable if it was Cullen who got angry with Dorian’s cowardice, who got tired of the mage eventually.
That thought came so sudden, that it frightened  Dorian and in a moment of fearful desperation he surged forward, his hands grabbing Cullen by his ridiculous fur-coat to pull him into a passionate kiss.
The blond’s surprise didn’t last long. Wrapping one hand around the mage’s waist and grabbing his wrist with the other, as if he was afraid Dorian would run away again, he answered the kiss with equal fervor.
As the parted moments later, cheeks flushed and significantly breathless, it took all of Dorian’s self-restraint to put some space between them again. The fact, that Cullen was seemingly refusing to let go of his wrist wasn’t really helping, either.
Brushing some imaginary dust of the Commander’s breastplate, Dorian said with a forced cheerful voice: “Don’t make the Inquisitor wait, Commander.”
Cullen nodded dumbly, finally releasing the mage’s hand, as he began to move down the corridor again. After a few steps, he turned, though, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand again.
“I- uhm… I thought maybe you would like to join me for dinner, tonight… In my office, maybe?”
Dorian could feel his cheeks hurt from how hard he was smiling at that.
“It would be my pleasure, Commander.”
Cullen smiled as well, an endearing warm expression that made Dorian feel all aflutter in his stomach.
“Good. Good! Then… till then.”
“Until then, Cullen.”

And with that they both turned, each heading for their respective destination. Neither noticed the small dwarven messenger that had been hiding behind a bolder the entire time, hands pressed tightly to her mouth to keep from squealing in glee. This would be the talk of the evening in the recruit’s barracks, tonight. Finally the Commander’s relationship was making any progress.

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All rights reserved to Bioware and Electronic Arts. This is non-commercial fanwork, and in no way intends to infringe on copyrights held by the video game company or its sponsors.

Don’t use my art without asking permission first!
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The feeling I get is that there is no one else in the world right now just Cullen and Dorian. The lighting makes them the vocal point and their positioning is perfect, it's like their not quite sure they believe this is happening but making sure nothing takes it from them. The minimal items in the background gives more emphasis on them. The angle of the way we're looking at them also lends to me feeling I'm a interloper, intruding on this private moment. I'm in awe of your ability, maybe one day I'll be half as good, thank you so much for sharing with us.
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Thank you! :love:
Your efforts to write a critique are highly appreciated! It made my day! I was very excited when first reading it! Now that I got the time to reply, let me tell you that I see your activity on Tumblr and it makes me very happy to have found a fellow shipper of this pairing. :heart:
My mind keeps wandering back to your description "as if there was no one else in the world besides them", it's so beautiful. It's the basic feel the couple gives me. Utter bliss, healing, mutual trust and respect, all the nice things most people wish to experience at some point.
I love when people get the feeling they are peeking on them, it's rarely intentionally, but I don't complain my works end up like this sometimes.
My pleasure (even if sharing your work can be a very infuriating experience, too)! If there are still people who are really happy seeing those two in love, there is still hope. I used to fight for a ship in the past, and I bloody well lost that battle. It just never stuck with people. But now that I have Cullrian, I don't need anything else, fandom-wise. :heart:
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I hate Bioware for being forced by gays to make Dorian gay. This is very unnatural (the developers didn't even remove references to his heterosexuality from the game), probably, this was added at the end of the development. I think it's unfair when a heterosexual character becomes gay due to LGBT demands. As a result, it looks very cringe.
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Oh this is truly beautiful, just the tenderness is amazing, the light and how they are holding each other AHHH I just love it
RainbowRenders's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart:
It's one of my favorite images, so your feedback makes me happy! :dance:
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It's tender, loving and has a good angle, but perhaps the 'tumblr' as below had the better crop.
RainbowRenders's avatar
Thank you! It has a completely different to it. I regret losing the lights to the right, but found this version more emotional.
olivegbg's avatar
I see your point, but I also miss that light.
RainbowRenders's avatar
Should I post the second version, too?
olivegbg's avatar
To my mind it was the better crop, so why not? I liked the light. I can never do these things in XNA like you, they just look fake, I have to do it manually.
RainbowRenders's avatar
I do a lot of it manually, too.
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Then you have become very good! Kudos!
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Very nice. I like so much <3
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You captured the moment visually and in writing perfectly, dear one! The kiss is passionate - you can see that it's right after they grabbed each other - it seems there is still movement going on.  I, too, love he light from that window behind them. I think you are correct in that, as much as I love my Inquisitor romancing Dorian, he and Cullen have so much more interesting potential. I love your love for love - both in your Cullen/Dorian and, of course, in your Shenko renderings. You are a delightful artist in your craft and in your heart. XO
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Dawwwww!!!!!!!! This is such a good piece! And the story to go with it is so good too>< I would so be that girl dwarf at the end!:D
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Oh my God, that is stunning! O.O Definitely some of your best work in your opinion!
I love the way they are posed, with the lighting and the way Cullen is holding to Dorian close to him, the look of share blizz on Cullens face... It is simply amazing, just fantastic!
I love, as said, the lighting, drawing them to their faces and this beautiful moment. :heart:
RainbowRenders's avatar
Thank you! :dance:
I'm a bit surprised how it turned out myself, since I wasn't even sure about the crop (there is another version of it on Tumblr).
Glad to hear you like it so much! Let's sail the Cullrian ship! :love:
:bulletyellow: The other crop :bulletyellow:
Shine by DorianPavus  
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Congrats on the lighting. It's beautiful.
Tell me Dory, with you playing around with models and such, is there a height difference between them? Or are the all models the same? 
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I love this! The look on Cullen's face is perfect. 
RainbowRenders's avatar
Glad you think so. :)
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I will never get tired of your Cullen/Dorian work. I ship them so completely at this point (in big part due to your art) that romancing Dorian in-game feels dishonest. I honestly feel that their romance could be very healing for them both, learning to trust and form a friendship first then the love gradually growing from there. Anyway, this is just a lovely picture.Little Pixel Heart 
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Allright, enough keeping this comment in my inbox (to read it over and over again :XD:)
I keep reminding myself of this! It's so fantastic to hear you are as much in love with the pairing as I am. I think I'll never tire of seeing it, either. There is just SO much potential. So much more than with any inquisitor on this planet. I feel the same way about the Dorian romance! The only interesting part is that you are his cousin, but apart from that... :/
Cullen is just too perfect for him, not even the most handsome, kind and smart inquisitor will be a worthy opponent in my opinion, and I have seen one that was nearly perfect. I'm also so very happy I could help you discover your love for the pairing! On my front page is a forum thread for Cullrian prompts - the only free ones I am taking at all. Should you ever have an idea you wish to see executed; that is your chance to make it happen! :dance:
I fully agree. They would help each other grow on equal parts. It is too good to be true. Probably another reason why they scrapped it. It would have been more beneficial for them than romancing the inquisitor. They are just like yin and Yang, the perfect balance for each other's strength and weaknesses. I'm utterly in love with the whole concept of Cullrian. I never felt this before, not even about Mshenko.
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