The Failed Experiment, Chapter 7

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Published: December 2, 2014
The Failed Experiment by RainbowRedo

A creepy laugh, almost demonic, echoed through Castle Black. It seemed to come from the high ceiling of the hall and reverberate all around , even though there were no rooms above it.
Frowning, Redo pulled on his goggles and meddled with the side of them until they lit up, illuminating the ceiling. A single, shadowy figure could be seen, crawling. The laugh seemed to come from it.
Redo stared at the figure, watching it crawl, with betrayal. While the figure was unidentifiable, Mistake could tell who it was, just from that icy cold stare. It’s Blank. She thought to herself, The figure, crawling on the ceiling.
“Looks like we don’t need to look for him.” Redo said, confirming her suspicions. The statement made Blank laugh harder.
“What now? Do we wait for him to come down?” Mistake asked the red-haired man next to her. When the reply didn’t come, she turned her head to check what was taking so long. He seemed to be strapping something to his back.
“No.” he stood up, with a determined look on his face, “We go up.” He tapped the heel of his left foot onto the ground, and steam blew out of the device he had strapped to his back, causing him to levitate. In his left hand was a small object, connected to the flying contraption. He masterfully moved his thumb on the device, which controlled the levitator.
“Whoa!” Mistake had to back away a little to see the full majesticity of the levitator. “Do I get a pair of those, too?!”
“They’re built-in, on your wing… where are they?” Redo hovered about a meter above the ground.
"Blank had them. Should I go-"
"No time. Umm... Hold onto me." Redo stretched out his hand so Mistake could grab it. It was the one he slapped her with.
"How do I know I can trust you?"
"Fuck trust, do you wanna stay alive?"
"I think so..."
"Then hold the fuck on!" he ordered, growling. She shrugged and climbed on the levitator. She remembered how scared she was when she was flying with Blank, so she squeezed her eyes shut and tightened her grip on his unwashed red hair.
She didn't open her eyes until she could feel the top of her head brush against the cold, stone ceiling. She was higher than she had been in the pinewoods, but somehow, she felt much more relaxed.
"He's over there." Redo pointed at a spot on the ceiling. Blank was crouched, like a spider, with vibrant lilac eyes watching their every move.
And again, very much like a spider, he crawled towards them, hissing and screeching. He smiled at them, venom dripping from the fangs he had apparently grown.
She felt her blood rushing through her veins, her grip on his hair tighten again... She wanted to go back to the ground.
The hissing thing that has once been Blank crawled closer, closer, closer... and spoke. "Hello." It was more of a hiss than a properly-spoken word, "What brings you here today?"
"Why hello, Blank." Redo said smugly, crossing his arms, "Listen, we need to have a talk on why killing someone is not okay."
'Blank' grumbled and hissed again. "Heh. Unfortunately I don't have time to talk." And with that he bares his claws, as if he were threatening them.
Redo smiled slyly. "Luckily, I predicted this would happen. Which is why I have..." A sharp object slipped out of his sleeve into his hand, "...this."
The dwarf launched himself at them and slashed at Redo’s torso. When he saw that his attacks had no effects on him, he went for a more vulnerable victim: Mistake.
He circled around them to slash at her back, but Redo was too clever to fall for that trick. He air-pivoted quickly, placing himself between Blank and Mistake.
That didn’t stop Blank. This time, he attacked over Redo’s shoulder, directly at her face. He scratched on an eye, and it started to bleed.
She shrieked violently and raised her little hands to the eye. Blood started to leak out of the gaps between her fingers, down her arms and onto the levitator.
At this point, Redo ran out of patience. While he had told himself not to actually use the knife…
With one swift strike, he lopped the dwarf’s head clean off. It ripped through the air and landed on the table some 50 meters below. The body remained on the ceiling, its claws still intact.
Unlike Lynn’s, Blank’s blood was red, like normal blood, but the mouth of the severed head foamed like a mad animal.
The remaining two floated down safely, if it weren’t for the blood that was flooding out of her eye. “Hold still. Show me your eye.” Redo said when he had taken the levitator off. Mistake slowly placed her hands at her sides, shaking as she did, to let him inspect her eye. “You might not be able to see out of that eye ever again.” He said, strangely casual.
He carefully bandaged over it, trying not to hurt her. “There, all better.”
She couldn’t reply, no matter how hard she tried. Yesterday, she had just met the man who called himself Blank. Today she watched him die.
When Lynn’s body was put in the corpse locker, she couldn’t help but ask: “Why won’t you put Blank in the corpse locker?”
“Because something like this happens every single he gets Lilac Moon. Trust me, when my anger at him fades away, I’ll stitch his head back on.”
“It wasn’t right for you to kill him. “Mistake replied, thinking of all the times he had been kind to her.
“It wasn’t right for him to kill Lynn! She’d done nothing to him!” Redo slammed his hand on the table. “This, Mistake, is what we call ‘Justice’!”
“If one kills, they will be killed?”
“But you kill as well, don’t you?”
The question took him by surprise. “W-What?”
“You just killed Blank.”
“It was necessary.”
“I bet you kill those prisoners-turned-soldiers as well, right? Before they become soldiers.”
He didn’t confirm her suspicions, but he didn’t deny it, either.
“Do you kill them?” She asked once more.
“So eventually, you’ll be killed.”
“Yes, I always am. One time, I burned at a stake. My favourite death was probably being beheaded.”
“You’re weird.” She finally concluded, rubbing her hand over the bandage.
He placed his elbow on the table and supported his head with his fist. “You have no idea.”
© 2014 - 2019 RainbowRedo
In which I write a really crap fight scene and kill off a fan favourite! And by a fan favourite I mean that one character that one out of two of my readers likes!!
Seriously, I can't wait for the hate to come in...
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TheStoryHunterStudent General Artist
Glad to know Blank would be revived... =w= But really, it quite attracting my curiosity. Like, "so, what'll happen to Mistake and Redo? What'll will change from them through out the story? What is the mystery behind Mistake resurrection?" :3 But, to be honest, I haven't see the main conflict of this story yet...
Though, keep it on! Cheerleader - Emote 
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RainbowRedoHobbyist Digital Artist
Eh, I've basically scrapped this story
well, not really, I just need to build some character + as you've said, FIND A FRICKEN CONFLICT (hey, this WAS born out of an rp my friend wanted to do to improvehercharacter)
i could note you the basic outline of what the story originally was going to be... I've made quite a few changes so I'll probably re-write... And not post it on dA. It's just kinda losing its appeal for me, you know?
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TheStoryHunterStudent General Artist
I know, sometime a good story inspiration just pop out of nowhere, it felt so strong that you want to make it into a full story, but you'll have to complete it first. It happen to me all the time ^^
Sure, if you want it perhaps I can help you out in figuring out the plotting. I'll be happy to give you any help I could :3
And, I hope you checked the link I gave you :3
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RainbowRedoHobbyist Digital Artist
XD at first I was like "WHAT LINK?!" And then I looked at one of your previous comments and was like "oh"
i think another reason I want to start over is cause Misty here is a plank with no personality whatsoever :| I really haven't thought this out
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TheStoryHunterStudent General Artist
You know, now that you mention it, you're right... I also ever had a problem like that, where the support character stand out more than the main character. And sometime it still happen ^_^
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GrinReaperXHobbyist Digital Artist
You're such a good writer :3
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