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Chapter 1: Did I just get Kidnapped?

Ludwig probably would've stayed in bed if he knew what would happen that day.

He slammed on his alarm the moment it started to beep. Normally, he'd allow himself to, maybe, five more minutes of sleep, but not today. No, today was a big day. Today was his first murder case.

He rolled out of bed and changed into his lucky suit, the brown one. He didn't need to shower; he'd done that the night before so if he overslept, we wouldn't be late. He did, however, have to gel his hair. He needed to look presentable. This was his first murder case!

As he sprinted down the stairs, he noticed Gilbert had crashed on the couch with a bottle of beer in his hands. "Heya, Lud." mumbled his brother, taking another sip of beer from the almost-empty bottle, "Wassup?"

"Can't talk, gotta get ready." Ludwig rushed to the kitchen and popped two pieces of bread into the toaster. "Do you want anything to eat?"


"Aren't you too old for pop-tarts?" Ludwig asked as the toaster started to beep. He carefully pulled out the toasts and set them onto a plate before popping in two pop-tarts. A few minutes passed, in which the two brothers did not talk, and the pop-tarts were ready.

"You're never too old for pop-tarts." whispered Gilbert, snatching the plate of pop-tarts from his younger brother. "Good luck on your case, West."

As Ludwig walked out the duplex he and Gilbert shared, he felt a growing sense of confidence inside him. He promised himself he'd win this case, not just for him, but also for his brother.

He got into a cab nearby the apartment building and mumbled "Buffalo City Court Building". The taxi driver, an indian man with bags under his eyes, nodded and started to drive. They stopped about ten minutes later, when the road under maintenance. Ludwig started to sweat. He couldn't be late, not to his first-ever murder case. That Taylor guy from law school, he really wanted that case, but it had been given to Ludwig, and if he were even one minute late...

When the taxi parked in front of the courthouse, he glanced at his watch. 8:42. He was late. He handed the taxi driver his money and climbed out and sat on the stairs in front of the courthouse. He'd missed the case. Now what?

"Yeah, I see him, he's on the steps." Came a small voice from behind him, "Just like you said. How'd you know he'd miss the case? You bribed the taxi driver?!" Ludwig turned around, as fast as humanly possible, to see a small man with messy brown hair talking on his mobile phone. The man must've noticed this sudden movement, because he said, "Shoot, he saw me! Gotta go. Ci vediamo." and lowered the phone from his ear. After staring at Ludwig for a few seconds, he started to flap his arms around violently. Perhaps he was waving. “Ludwig! Ludwig, over here! Lud-wig!” he called.

After deciding that this man couldn’t do him much harm, Ludwig stood up and climbed up the stairs to talk to him. He stuck is hand into his pocket and stroked his Swiss Army knife. Just in case.

“Ludwig, it’s so good to see you again!” The man said, his brown eyes twinkling. He was 8, maybe 10 centimeters shorter than him.

“Do I know you?” Ludwig asked, ruder than he intended. This man was probably an old friend of his that he couldn’t remember. He had trouble remembering anything before the accident.

“Oh, Gilbert was right, you don’t remember me.” The man chuckled.

“You… you know my brother?”

“Yeah, I have a friend whose friends with Gilbert. I contacted him and told him we had to meet up, and he was all for it.”

“But why-”

“I’ll explain everything in the car. I need you to come with me.”

“Come… with you? Where?” Ludwig asked cautiously, getting ready to pull out his knife in case of danger.

“I told you, I’ll explain in the car! Just come!” And before Ludwig could say no, the little man was pulling him by the arm. The man dragged for a few blocks, after which he got tired and asked Ludwig to just walk with him. They walked for maybe another five minutes, in complete silence. ‘What the hell?’ was the only thing Ludwig could think. Eventually, they reached the man’s car, a red Fiat. Another man was waiting inside, sitting in the driver’s seat with a pouty expression on his face. The first man opened the door to the back for Ludwig to climb into.

“Took you long enough, you bastards.” He said as he started the car,  “What the hell where you doing?”

“Luddie was a bit late, that’s all.” The first man, who had sat next to Ludwig instead of the front, mumbled.

“Hmph.” Said the man in the drivers seat, and started to drive.  His driving was horrible. Ludwig hoped they wouldn’t get pulled aside by the police.

They sat in silence for a good ten minutes, before Ludwig blurted out. “Okay, where are we going? And who the hell are you two?”

“We’re going to New York City!” the first man almost shouted.  “And as to who we are…  I’m Feliciano Vargas, and this is my brother, Lovino.”

AN: Reading this kinda makes me wanna stab myself, omg the prose is so bland. But i'm writing this for shits and giggles so who the hell cares amirite? I hope you enjoyed the first chapter!
Ehhh this is so cringey omg

Be thankful I actually decided to post this bitches

also, this is my first (real) attempt of writing a hetalia fanfiction, so idk it'll probs be really shit
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