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Rainbow Dash

Hey! Look here!

I spent a LOT of time on this, and I thought I'd make a little video to help everyone not only see a bit more in depth with this piece, but also give people ideas and suggestions on how to do vectors such as these!

Click here to see it!

Made Using: Adobe Illustrator
Total Time: 20 Hours
AI Download: [link] [Warning! CPU intensive!]
Original Piece: [link]

I will request that if anyone wishes to use this in any capacity, please inform me beforehand. Thank you!

Also, this is the first piece I've opened up for Critiques! Feel free to leave a critique below. :)
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I like this a lot - Though my biggest issue is the wings. Its looks more like fur rather than actual wings. I can see some of the effort at the part connected to the shoulder blade but it looks more like it's drawn on her shoulder rather than on her back.

-- Her left arm seems like its smaller than her right arm.
Like -- from her right hoof -- it gets smaller from the hoof up. But yeah, left arm seems small all the way down.

Where's her tail? I see the bum but not the tail XD -- is it between her legs?

Hair blending is good - might wanna fix a little more on that orange and yellow - seems a lil flat.

Eyes -- suppose to be pinkish actually -- close enought with the purple. Face is perfect - by shape and body itself too --

add a lil shadow to wings too-
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Thanks for the critique! I was quite constrained with the format I used (vectoring), and I also heavily used the original, so that's where a number of "discrepancies" occurred. From what I've gathered the wings are hit or miss, as well.

Thanks for the critique!

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I see I see! I can see how hard it would be -- bravo though on workin on with that specific image of rainbowdash

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This is an absolute beautiful piece of artwork. I love your detailing on the hair and wings. The way you made the background blank really brings out all the colors that Rainbow Dash really has. The way you mixed her hair is very well done as well, definitely signifies a quite detailed rainbow texture. I do enjoy that you don't make all of her hair straight like I see many artists do. You do add the curl and some "fluff up" which is very cute and does the picture well. However the only thing I noticed a bit off though was the eye color. Her eye color is more of a rosey shade.
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Thanks for the critique! As for the eye colour, that was taken to match the original piece found in the description. I changed some colouring (such as in the hair), but used the general shade of eye colour for this re-creation. :)

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This Is Sooo Cute! Do You Have A Yotube Account?
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She's a cutie.
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I love the style on this! Its 120% coolah!
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wow, at first glance i have to admit i though this was done with SAI's linework layer option but after reading it was from adobe illustrator, i was caught off guard.

I love the detail you did on the wings it's so fluid and he disorganized strokes on the mane definitely contribute for Dashie's messy do.

Great job ^^
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Thank you! It seemed to be a common theme that people thought this was some sort of auto-generated copy of the source picture... but yes I can assure you every line in this piece was manually placed, coloured and layered in Illustrator.

Thank you for your compliments! I'm still happy with how the wings came out despite the difficult source reference. And of course, I'll always be proud of that ridiculous mane. :D

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yeah usually vector art tends to be expected as traced art from bases.but no i never said you didn't placed them manually, i though i did the vectors in paint tool sai due to it's features to draw vectors like brush strokes and arranged them. it's what i use in my vexel art. But hey, one of the best qualities in art is to astonish the viewers

yeah i can tell it wasn't an easy task ^^ yeah no matter how tough she acts, I always found Rainbow Dash the cutest one of the mane 6 ^W^
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Hello RainbowPlasma I just came here immediately because I saw a person recolouring this picture of your art! What should I do? :o
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Ehh, I can't be bothered to deal with art thieves. Report it on whichever website, but there's no need. I don't particularly care enough.
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Wow, a job well done. Personally, I like how RD's hair is a little messy and ruffled. It's different and unique :)
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Thanks! So do I. :)
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This is really good!
At first I thought it was the original (just saw the thumb) and my "art thief alarm" was ringing^^;
It looks Amazing!
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Thank you. I think I can take that instinct trigger as a compliment ;)
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It is meant as a compliment. It's pretty close to the other one but it is a vector, that must have been a lot of work...
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