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Apple bloom

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ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
She looks so beautiful...
Aethon056's avatar
So beautiful, nice work. That cutie mark is though. An apple being painted over a flower? An interesting idea.
Centaur71's avatar
Damn, she's gorgeous; her Brother and Sister must be sooo PROUD!!!
SkraytheRiolu's avatar
she grew up into a lovely mare :) *hugs her*
SoEeveelicious's avatar
she's so beautiful and adorable, i LOVE it! ^^
Elastiboy's avatar
Por Dios... ¡Ella es preciosa! :aww:
Me encanta este concepto. Applebloom se ve muy bonita y elegante en este dibujo ^w^
Ahora viendo esto, no sabría cual es mi pony terreste favorita entre Applejack y Applebloom XD

Pero en serio, me ha gustado muchisimo esto. ¡Excelente Trabajo! ¡Sigue así! :clap:
HumanSVD's avatar
Would Totally date.
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
Snips-Snails Adults by Otterlore  -Snails,kick me into Bloom,so I can have the chance to ask her out on a date.Mean while you can take a beating from blocking BigMacIntosh & AppleJack as they try to stop me.
LavenderRain24's avatar
So pretty! I reckon she's gonna be an artist!
pikablob's avatar
Best older Applebloom I've seen, she's adorable!
Malifikyse's avatar
I think that's exactly how she will look like when grows up )
How cute )
Gretsch1962's avatar
dang she looks pretty cute =)
10blue10's avatar
I love her cutie mark!
jyroman53's avatar
*Sniff* ... they grow up so fast !
templar127's avatar
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