ok so pride fest is going to be on the 16th through the 17th of june. i hope everyone will submit more things and convince more people to be in this group. so talk to your friends and tell them about us. spread the word!!!! :squee:
love is about acceptance, scraffice, understanding, and guideance. without these things love wouldnt be possible. :heart:

last night i had a discussion with my parents and they finally realise that im bi-sexual and nothing they say or do can make me change my mind. they arent exaclty happy, but they accept its who i am. i was sick of them bashing on me because i liked girls so i spoke my mind and did something about it. if you dont like something about your life change it

submit more support pics plez!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:
invite your friends, invite your family, invite whoever supports the meaning of the rainbow, the more support we get the easier it will be. we are just like everyone else, and the more people realise it, the faster we will blend into society

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