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In Soviet Russia...



Ahh, Russian reversals. Such a great joke, and they can apply even to most nonsensical of things!

And hey, I made it desktop sized for whosoever feels like they want it! I'm so great!

Also, any improvement suggestions are appreciated.

Oh Yakov Smirnoff, what a comedian!
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Meanwhile, in "Soviet Berlin" (lol), the Police beats up Demonstrators HARD for "Infringements of Corona-Rules" ... ... (🤪) while at the same time being afraid of criminal "Clans" made out of disrespectful and HIGHLY racist Foreigners who are officially "German" (lol) on their I.D. Cards ... ... 🤪

The German Police is a sad Joke i can not laugh with. Greetings from Germany. Even when "our" Police turns FULL Fascist on People, they are "still" somewhat complete Pussies when facing People who are "truly" acting disrespectful, hostile AND criminal - on the Streets of this formerly decent Country.

May God help us all - because our Oath-breaking Police Officials surely won't. 😑 🙄