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Applejack and Winona  by RainbowHeartPony Applejack and Winona :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 4 0 Applejack and Winona  by RainbowHeartPony Applejack and Winona :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 1 0 Tummy Rub  by RainbowHeartPony Tummy Rub :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 10 0 MLP: Applejack  by RainbowHeartPony MLP: Applejack :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 10 7 MLP Matilda cast  by RainbowHeartPony MLP Matilda cast :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 0 0 MLP Strawberry Shortcake cast  by RainbowHeartPony MLP Strawberry Shortcake cast :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 1 5 Golden Retrievers  by RainbowHeartPony Golden Retrievers :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 7 6 Orange  Purple  by RainbowHeartPony Orange Purple :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 7 6 Human Dash  by RainbowHeartPony Human Dash :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 6 4
Harry Potter Poem
Hermione is clever and reads a lot of books,
Voldemort is vicious, and ugly are his looks,
Dumbledore's a wise old wizard who cares about his school,
Slughorn likes his potions and thinks they're pretty cool
Snape wasn't bad before but believes that darkness is the best,
Bellatrix is murderous, much crazier than the rest,
Fred and George are funny and love a good old prank,
Neville's shy and awkward, but isn't quite the lowest rank
Hagrid loves all animals, and has a shaggy beard,
Luna's unique and dotty, but can be seen as weird,
Molly is a caring mother, often firm but fair,
And Ginny is a little girl, sweet as a honey bear
Draco's just a child, raised in the wrong way,
And Dobby is a house elf who was there to save the day,
The Sorting Hat is organised, and will choose a house for you,
Sirius is dog-like, he's loyal through and through
Myrtle is a crying ghost who was killed by the Basilisk,
And Hedwig is a faithful owl, graceful, swift and brisk
Ron's support is second to none, and
:iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 1 0
Donut Doggo  by RainbowHeartPony Donut Doggo :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 5 4 Some pups 'v'  by RainbowHeartPony Some pups 'v' :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 2 0 Border Collie and Golden Retriever  by RainbowHeartPony Border Collie and Golden Retriever :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 2 0 Sweeties~  by RainbowHeartPony Sweeties~ :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 2 0 It's Applejack  by RainbowHeartPony It's Applejack :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 8 0 Some Human Ponies  by RainbowHeartPony Some Human Ponies :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 8 2


-Winter- by Heddopen -Winter- :iconheddopen:Heddopen 291 11 Color Sketch by Yakovlev-vad Color Sketch :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 1,503 104 Vinyl by mirroredsea Vinyl :iconmirroredsea:mirroredsea 493 39 Just Like Heaven by mirroredsea Just Like Heaven :iconmirroredsea:mirroredsea 918 35 Applejack by mirroredsea Applejack :iconmirroredsea:mirroredsea 607 67 Hayburger by mirroredsea Hayburger :iconmirroredsea:mirroredsea 518 32 Alternate Hairstyle Doodles by Kaleido-Art Alternate Hairstyle Doodles :iconkaleido-art:Kaleido-Art 205 27 Rainbow Dash [UPDATE] by Kaleido-Art Rainbow Dash [UPDATE] :iconkaleido-art:Kaleido-Art 272 17 Winter (almost) here by Dbleki Winter (almost) here :icondbleki:Dbleki 101 5 Chilling with music~ by Dbleki Chilling with music~ :icondbleki:Dbleki 170 12 Appledash by Kaliner123 Appledash :iconkaliner123:Kaliner123 94 2 Comm: Smile Mah Fwiends by LiaAqila Comm: Smile Mah Fwiends :iconliaaqila:LiaAqila 140 44 Avangeline by Hellobaby Avangeline :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 1,132 29 Alien trees by Norma2D Alien trees :iconnorma2d:Norma2D 130 2 1:00 AM by Norma2D 1:00 AM :iconnorma2d:Norma2D 125 9


Tummy Rub
Pinkie Pie just loves a belly rub >:3
especially when it tickles :giggle:
MLP: Applejack
Yes, I drew a nice human Applejack, but there's something I wanted to address.. I'd appreciate it if you read the whole description:

I feel like Applejack is a very misunderstood pony, she's very underrated because not many people like such straightforwardness coming from a character, they want a character to be challenged, to have to face things, maybe even have a bit of a sneaky side. AJ's not like that, she's reached her goal in life already and wants to continue with how things are, and whatever she does wrong isn't on purpose because she's so honest. People find her boring, and pay more attention to the more loudly awesome characters rather than the quietly awesome ones. That's what AJ is; she's quietly awesome. But people don't want to look deeper into a character unless the character's already obviously flawed in some way. AJ is flawed, but in different ways than the others.

I feel really strongly about Applejack and her character is usually ignored because people are actually too closed minded to look deeper into her. If they took the time to do that, they'd see that she's actually the most interesting one out of all of them. I guess that's what it's like now; people want loud, flashy, modern, awesome, and pretty/attractive things in life, this includes objects, people, situations, surroundings, things you watch on TV, video games, etc. Applejack is the perfect example of how we should concentrate more on the simpler things in life, like family, friends, being with the people you love, not caring what others think of you but always thinking of others, being honest, loyal and kind, not minding getting a little dirty if something needs to be done and basically keeping things nice and normal in a crazy world. She's still doing everything she can to keep the Apple family farming business running, despite losing her parents, having to basically raise her little sister and be a mother figure as well as a sibling, having to deal with a shy and depressed older brother, worrying about if they have enough money to get by, and yet she's still able to enjoy herself and get on with life. She's never given up on anything, and after all she's been through, I'd say that's a pretty admirable thing. And how she bonds with her friends in such a unique way, especially with Rainbow Dash. Is AJ's competitiveness something you don't like about her? Well, think of it this way; she's only ever competitive when she's with Rainbow Dash, and because she knows Dash so well and how they both share a rather sporty personality, perhaps it's AJ's selfless way of bonding with Dash. She knows Rainbow likes a bit of rough and tumble just as much as she does, and therefore will perhaps act in a way that you wouldn't expect from such a humble pony in order to give Rainbow Dash a sense of thrill in all their playfulness. I'm not saying competitiveness isn't part of AJ's character, because it is, but it only comes out when she's with Rainbow Dash because she knows that's the best time to be that way. She can be as rough as she wants while still being sensible and honest, and in the meantime is probably teaching RD a few lessons about playing fair and such.

She's an incredible pony, and one of her flaws really is being too eager to please.

TL;DR- Applejack is best pony.
MLP Matilda cast
Original meme:…

Matilda- Apple Bloom
Mr. Wormwood- Filthy Rich
Mrs. Wormwood- Trixie
Michael Wormwood- Garble
Ms. Honey- Cheerilee
Miss Trunchbull- Iron Will
Lavender- Sweetie Belle
Bruce- Truffles
Librarian- Mayor Mare
Amanda Thripp- Dinky
Nigel- Spike
Mr. Trilby- Big Macintosh


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Hey guys! Joined this website as I love art. I am 16 years old, I love MLP and I am also Autistic! :)


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