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Basic Information:

Name: Silverwind Lightstar

Nicknames: Silver

Race: Anthro (Lizard)

Soul type: Soul

Age: August, 10, 1994 (Currently 23)

Gender: Female

Gender Identity: Female

Appearance: Untitled by RainbowGuppy1
White scaled slender reptilian with blue-gray eyes. Is usually seen wearing clothing to hider her features. This is due to her feelings toward what she looks like. She thinks she is too ugly to be seen, so she covers her body with these black clothing. It is edge in white gem-stones.

Height/Body type: 6 foot 8 inches, lean in shape, looks fragile. scaly white skin.

Eye color : Blue-gray eyes with slit pupils.

Hair color, Hair type: None

- Aurora (Mother)
- Alavar (Father)
- Bloodfire (Sister)
- Blacklight/Klian (Brother)
- Lumera Lightstar (Adoptive mother, she is my friend's OC)

Personality: [All of these can be listed in bullet points]

Basic personalities: 
She is very shy and reserved when you first meet her. She is easily scared and anxious around certain situations and others. She has a small trust issue due to past experiences. She will usually keep her thoughts to herself. She is usually a pacifist and will not lash out unless she really has to.

when she gets to know you and a bit more trustful, she is very kind, sweet, and gentle; but she can get easily stressed. If she does, she will let you know, or whack you with her tail. If she whacks you lightly, it is a warning; but if it is hard, she is irritated. She will even get upset over the smallest thing when it is not even necessary; like if she feels ignore, or gets cut off while trying to speak, she will stay silent for possibly the rest of the day.

Ever since she lost her eye, and gruesome scar was left behind, she believes that she is even more ugly than usual. She will even try to hide the fact that she even has it by turning away from others when they speak to her; and using her only good eye to look at you.

She may not like children very much, but that does not mean she will not protect them with her life. She loves animals and nature and will also make sure it stays safe. She can also be very oblvious to certain situations. She loves wind.

Character Alignment: 
Lawful Good

- Knowledgable in herbal remedies.

- Heat: She is easily weakened by temperatures above 65-75 Fahrenheit/19-25 Celsius(For those who use this degrees). This is ironic for being reptile. No one really knows why she is weakened by heat.
- Scales and Skin: She is easily scratched or bruised. Even if it does not hurt her. She is super sensitive to touch as well.
- Light: Since she can see in the dark, sunlight or bright light blinds her.
- Shiny things: She likes shiny objects. You can often find her holding a stone that is worthless just watching as it sparkles in the light. She is easily mesmerized by shiny things.

- Fire- Not really sure why she is afraid of fire. She just is.
- Needles or Sharp things: She just gets uncomfortable with them, no cause. And needles she is deathly afraid of. Like shots for example.
- Losing An Eye: Though, this has already come true, she still fears this. There is no real reason why she has this fear/paranoia.

Physical abnormalities: Missing her left eye due to being attacked by her brother, Klian. Over that eye is three visible scars, the fourth is very faint.

Mental abnormalities: Cannot always comprehend what she reads. This means she can read something, but she may not always understand it.

Long term goal(s): None at the moment.

Background story: 

As a hatchling, she has always been on bad terms with her sister, Bloodfire. Over the years, Silverwind gets bullied for her small size compared to the rest of the family. Even longer years, her brother, Blacklight, had developed a mental disorder where it caused him to be someone he is not. He became more and more violent. Everyone thought it would pass, but when he attacked Silver, he had been restrained. He currently is in an insane asylum. From this attack, Silver had gained a severe injury. When she got to the doctors, they could not save her eye and had to remove it. She freaked out upon hearing the bad news.

When they had removed her eye, it took years for her too accept the fact that she is now missing an eye. Looking into a mirror, she had seen that damage her brother had given her. This drove her to wanting to hide the fact that it was missing at all. She decided on wearing an eyepatch, which also hid her scratches.

Later in her life, she was soon shunned by her parents, only to be taken under the wings of another reptilian-anthro, named Lumera. She raised Silver for the rest of her life until she reached 23 years of age. Upon these years, Lumera had taught her herbs, and how to use them to heal. She even taught her how to do other healing techniques. When Silverwind was of age, she decided journey out and find her own life that she could cherish on her own for the first time since being raised by her adoptive-mother.
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SweetSkylie Featured By Owner Edited Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist
Could you please space the bio, it's so cluttered ( too close  to each other ); it makes it hard to read. And when you mean transform into human, you mean glamor right? People who are not human and want to look human use glamor. And the gecko you are stating are very clumsy and do not have much traction as others ( But you can do that but it won't be easy in game ), maybe look at another gecko type that can or maybe remove the climbing on walls, but other than that, it's fine. Thank you
RainbowGuppy1 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017
Got rid of the transformation part, and the wall glimbing.
As for glamor... I did not see that one. I thought that was what anthros were.
SweetSkylie Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist
glamor is for all who aren't human,  it's a little something like a spell for people who aren't human that can look human.
RainbowGuppy1 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017
Oh.... Alright. Cool. X3 Why not. She can still have her as wished, correct?
SweetSkylie Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist
Please explain this? I do not get it.
RainbowGuppy1 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017
Sorry. Must have been tired when I sent that. ^^' I asked that if she looks human, can she still have her tail, or will the glamour thing get rid of that too?
SweetSkylie Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist
She can keep her tail
VileCure Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Taking over ;p
RainbowGuppy1 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 2, 2017
Alright. I still did not feel a connection with her, so I changed her looks from a gecko to an annonymous serpant-lizard anthro; but if that does not work, I will probably have her get declined. That is if the serpant-reptile anthro is not acceptable.

Sorry if any of this is a sudden change. I just had gotten a better idea-ish.

Yeah, I think I like the redone better, but if it still does not work, I have her old bio still.
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