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Silverwind Reference Sheet by RainbowGuppy1 Silverwind Reference Sheet by RainbowGuppy1
Name: Silverwind Lightstar
Nickname(s): Silver, Silvy,
Alias: Storming Moonlit Night (Stormmoon) Leader of the 'bad omen' rebellion
Gender: Female
Age: August 10, 1994 (that will tell you her age)
Species: Celestial Moonwing
Sexual Orientation: Straight 


Dragon Anatomy:
- Body: Silvery-white scales, fragile-looking frame.
- Height: 14-17 feet
- Weight: (Not sure how to do this one)
- Lightning-Shaped Horns: Brown in color. Believed to be able to store electricity and use at will. 
- Spine Spikes: Are able to move with the mood or air speed. When sticking upright, she feels threatened or fearful; she is at my slowest speed. When relaxed, she is either relaxed or content; decent air-speed. When flattened, usually show I am very happy or excited; Faster air-speed
- Ice Plates: Made of complete compacted ice that somewhat helps shield my underbelly. Makes my silvery scales more visible than white.
- Main Wings: Obviously, these are my main wings that keep me aloft and flying forward. She has three fingers with large hooked talons designed to hook onto cliff sides, and gripping ice.
- Secondary Wings: Made more to keep her balanced in strong winds and storms.
- Tail-Fan: Is what makes her ascend and descend, turn left and right. Without the tail, she can only get off the ground only a few feet before she crash lands.
- Talons: Black colored and hooked like an eagle's to grip the ice better.
- Eyes: Slit pupils with blue-grey iris. They give off a faint light-blue light in the darkness, and can see in the dark.

Human Anatomy:
- Skin: Pale white, due to lack of sunlight
- Eyes: Blue-grey
- Body Type: Slender
- Height: 5 foot, 9 inches
- Weight: Around 160-168 pounds
- Hair: Long, brown
- Extra: Usually wears glasses, but not always. She likes wearing shirt and pants over dresses. She has her dragon wings, tail, spine spikes, and horns


She is very shy and reserved when you first meet her. She is easily scared and anxious around certain situations and others. She has a small trust issue due to past experiences. She will usually keep her thoughts to herself. She is usually a pacifist and will not lash out unless she really has to.

when she gets to know you and a bit more trustful, she is very kind, sweet, and gentle; but she can get easily stressed. If she does, she will let you know, or whack you with her tail. If she whacks you lightly, it is a warning; but if it is hard, she is irritated. She will even get upset over the smallest thing when it is not even necessary; like if she feels ignore, or gets cut off while trying to speak, she will stay silent for possibly the rest of the day.

She may not like children very much, but that does not mean she will not protect them with her life. She loves animals and nature and will also make sure it stays safe. She can also be very oblvious to certain situations. She loves wind.

Strengths: Can shape-shift between dragon and human form. Knowledgable in herbal remedies. (Never thought of her strengths)
- Elements: Cannot use them in her human form. If she does, she can easily pass out.
- Heat: Due to her being a frost elemental, she is easily weakened by temperatures above 65-75 Fahrenheit/19-25 Celsius(For those who use this degrees).
- Scales and Skin: She is easily scratched or bruised. Even if it does not hurt her. She is super sensitive to touch as well.
- Light: Since she can see in the dark, sunlight or bright light blinds her.
- Shiny things: She goes into a daze and is irrisponsive. Some times even trying to take it too.
- Fire- Ice elemental, but not really sure why other then that.
- Needles or Sharp things: She just gets uncomfortable with them, no cause. And needles she is deathly afraid of. Like shots for example.

- Water breathing: She does not have physical gills, but she can breathe as if it was air.
- Flight Speed: Can go up to 350 mph on record so far
- Portal Traveling: Can use her claws to open up a portl and travel through it harmlessly. The portal's rim color is purplish-blue, inside is a swirly royal purple, blues, and greens.
- Teleportation: This is a use at last will kind of ability. This is due to her using a lot of her energy, making her feel drained afterward.

- Human: Now has an army knife, but has two blades: a Shadow sapphire katana, and a Dragonsbane ruby sword
- Dragon: Army knife, hooked talons, her elements, claws, and teeth.


Short story here, she lost her parents when she was a hatchling, but she thinks they abandoned them. When she was old enough to hunt on her own, she was taken to a different Clan for her ice element. There, she lived for a long time. Eventually she grew up learning three other elements: Air, lightning, and moonlight. The Clan was then confused to where to actually place her, so she got training from the other Clans that specialized in these elements. Eventually, the princess of the Clan saw Silverwind and thought she was 'too beautiful' and ordered to cast out of the Clan. The princess's words was taken. 

She eventually began to live in a cave. She made it for only her. Over time, she overheard about the bad omen act. Meaning if a dragon was odd eyed and or had feathered and webbed details, they were cast out of their Clan. She did not like this one bit and decided to take the 'bad omens' into her own cave, soon forming the rebellion Clan. A Clan full of 'bad omens' without a home. She was soon made queen of their group, but she decided against it saying the queens were the cause of their lack of home and prefer to be seen as an equal. 

One day, she decided to go exploring. She packed her stuff and told her kind she will be back in a few moons. They were crestfallen, but allowed her to leave. She left two generals in charge while she was gone. As she flew, she noticed a guy who lived in this town. She instantly landed, shifted onto a human, despite her wings, tail, spikes, and horns still showing, she walked up to him. They talked a bit then she was allowed into his town to live there. She agreed and so there she lived. Once in a while going back to her Clan to make sure none of the 'bad omens' were trying to take revenge for being banished.

(I am bad with biographies, but hopefully this is good. ^^' Unless you had meant something else with this.)

Family: Lumera Lightstar (adoptive mother)

- Moonlight: Her moon magic can only be used at night, and is terribly weak when the sun is up. Her power cannot be used in an eclipse. She must recharge by basking in the moonlight, and on full moons her power is at it's peak. Leftover magic is used is stored away for later use.
- Ice/Frost- She can freeze water on contact at will, or shoot a deadly frost breath. She cannot easily be effected by ice or coldness.
- Lightning/Electricity- When stored enough in her horns, she can discharge the element at will. When she does not store enough of this element, she cannot use it, or it fizzles. This magic does not take as much moon magic as the Wind, but it still drains her.
- Wind: She can flap her wings creating an updraft that pushes her upwards for a quick get away, or pushes away enemies. This takes a lot from her magic reserves, so she can only use it as a last resort. 
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