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Silverwind 2.0 by RainbowGuppy1 Silverwind 2.0 by RainbowGuppy1
Name: Little Silverwind
Gender: Female
Type: Standard
Creation: Make Your Own Wyngro
Hatch Location: Other, raised by Light Clan

She is very active and playful due to her young age. She can become very protective of her adopted siblings, trying to act tough when she actually is not. Due to being raised by the Clan, she thinks she is a dragon herself and always tried to think her arm fats were her wings, being a wyvern like Queen Silverwind was.
(More will come through character development.)

Her egg was abandoned outside of Wynsiph. She was luckily found by some dragons who decided to take her in. Without hesitation, the dragons brought Little Silverwind immedietaly to the Nusery where the Nusery Dragoness watched her egg, and performed what was needed to care for it. Eventually, Little Silverwind hatched, oddly having similar colorations to Queen Silverwind, hencing where her name came from.
As she was growing up, she was tought how Light Clan became how it was now. The dragons that formed the Clan were all banished for no good reason other than their looks that defined them to be 'bad omens'. Queen Silverwind had formed the group together and dubbed the named Light Clan in honor of her mother's Team Light.
She was even tought the ways of the dragons. She played with the other hatchlings like it was no problem, and grew up with them. She consider them brothers and sisters.
(More will come as she grows up)


- Light Clan are group of rebelion Celestial Moonwing Dragons. They willl take anyone or anything into their group.
- Just a Wyngrofied Silverwind, my main OC/Persona. She is actually a dragon with a lesser (human) form. Hope this is acceptable.
- So... I tried to use the Approval templates, but I am not sure how to fit it into the template, nor how to transfer the whole thing to it... so I do not know what to do... I am using Sai and I am computer dumb. Id this is acceptable, here is her basic information.
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June 26, 2017
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