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Meet Silverwind's Breed by RainbowGuppy1 Meet Silverwind's Breed by RainbowGuppy1
Name: Celestial Moonwing
Deity: Silverwind: Meet the new goddess (Technically not a full goddess.)
Height: Usually around 4-17 feet tall
Abilities: Night vision, elemental breaths.
Habitat: Their habitats are virtually everywhere, but prefer forests, oceans, and colder or tropical climates.

 Commons ones are usually ranging from various colors from red to violet, brown being uncommon, Silver and gray being rare and black, white and gold being extremely rare. They can have up to 3 different colors max. Have any combo of the rare or uncommon, is quite rare. 4 or more colors are uncommon, especially when they sport the uncommon and or rare colors.

 Their elements can range from Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Light, Dark, or any combos and other elements. Most only have about 1-3 max, 4-6 are rare if 2-3 elements. There will be one main element and tone or two sub-elements 4 will have two main elements and 2 sub elements, 6 will have 3 main elements and 3 minor elements. So this means, if there is an odd amount their only be one less main element and more sub-elements.

 Mostly peaceful beings, but they can get aggressive, getting them aggressive can be super difficult. They act a lot like cats and dogs wagging their own tails when their happy just like a dog does, flicking their tails when agitated or curling them beside their body when afraid like a cat. Their spine spikes act like a dog or cat's hackles raising when aroused, nervous, angry or whatnot and flattening when relaxed or happy. When sleeping, their spikes flattened completely. If frightened or threatened, they will use the shiny scales on their underwing to flash light avoiding fights by displaying the bright lights and colors, if flashing colors at their opponent did not work, they will physically defend themselves able to use almost their whole body and elements as weapons.

  • They are weakened usually by their opposite element. 
  • The spikes can easily get dis-jointed, meaning this can render one not able to fly properly, and very painful. And on rare occasions can kill them, due to it being part of their spines.
  • They live in communities called a Clan. A royal family taking charge of each.
  • Greeting a Moonwing you should bow with wings spread out and lowered. For beings without wings, they must use their arms as if they were wings. In the presence of a higher up, you must bow to them and only when they say you may rise is when you can stand proper again.
  • Do not ever give eye contact to the royals. They will take that as a challenge for their position, or a threat to their community.
  • The Clans live on trades, and other goods along with their normal life. Much like the medieval times. 
  • They have only one Clan for each biome they live in, and only take a certain amount of territory depending on the size of the Clan. As long as it is not like an island with a volcano as they fear lava; except fire based dragons.


  • Hatchlings usually do not have names till they are fledglings. So, they go by scent or color to tell one another apart.
  • When a hatchlings becomes a year old, they will become a fledgling and train till they are 20 years old.
  • Depending on what the fledgling is, they will either become the next Hatchery Watcher, Elite, or a Warrior.
  • Elites are dragons who can camouflage. That is why they are elites. These dragons are usually always at the royal's sides.
  • Hatchery Watchers are dragons who have a natural breaths for warming and cooling eggs.

  • Most are elegant in in shape with long bodies, much like a cat.
  • They have soft, flexible scales that feel like fur or iguana-like scales. 
  • The outside of their wings is the same color as them and then the underside has one or two different colors that melt together and are super shiny, 3 or 4 is really rare and 5 or above is unique.
  • They can have shiny scales making them look like they have highlights.

  • Eyes: All have the ability to see in the night. Some slit or round pupils. Their iris is much like a human's so it does not cover the front of the eyes, like most animals have.
  • Fans: They always have a set at the tip of their tails, or near the center, though centered ones are rare. The type depends on their element.
  • Quad Winged: All have one main set which are huge, and then a smaller set that can range from half the size of the mains ones to the size of a condor's wingspan. Main wings are either feathered or webbed, feathered being uncommon, but not rare. Both feathered and webbed wings sport a thumb finger, three fingers being uncommon. Feathered one will tuck their thumb underneath while in flight. The webbed winged ones have small talons at the end of each finger. Some have them long and curved. The thumb claws are hooked to cling to cliff sides. The second pair usually matches the fans.
  • Tail: Prehensile tail is common usually being slender like a monkeys'. Some have thicker tails, but it usually matches the body.
  • Spikes: Lines the jawline, hocks, and elbows. Jawline spikes usually matches the secondary element.
  • Snout: More agile or speedy dragons have short, but narrowed snouts. They do not have forked tongues, but they do have pointed ones. Stronger and thicker built dragons will have a thicker snout and forked tongues.
  • Spine-Spikes: This is probably the most interesting thing on the breed. Their spikes are usually thin likes needles, some sporting webbing behind each spike. The reason they are mostly thin is so they can either change in air speed or show how they feel. Others have feathered instead. 
  • Legs: They can either wyvern-like with back legs and walking on their main wings, or drake-like where they walk on all fours. They can even walk on their back legs only and sport no arms or small arms. Some can even do both, or all three. 
  • Feet: Back legs are mostly pawed, it is uncommon to have feet like other dragons do. If they have forearms/legs they will have hand-like appearance. This helps for when they need to pick things up. Their talons are usually short, but sharp. Ice elementals will have hooked talons to grip the ice better.
  • Horns: Usually represent their sub-element. And usually have only one set. Females have smaller horns compared to the males. It can be as small as when they were hatchlings.

Rare Traits:
  •  Night Furry fan tail and second pair of wings are extremely rare. (Mainly due to copyright purposes.)
  •  Markings for them are very rare ranging from their elements to family or royal markings. Usually only royalty dragons have markings. 
  • 13-15 feet is uncommon; 16 to 17 feet being rare. Usually Queens are about 17 feet.

  • Once a Moonwing has found a mate, they are mates for life. This can take years for one to find the right one. Like Silverwid for example. If their mate dies, they do not get a new one.

  • Mothers can have up to 5 eggs in all. Smaller mothers have about 1 or 2 eggs; larger mothers can have up to 5. It all depends on the size of the mothers for how many she has in a clutch.
  • If cared properly, the egg will be shiny; but if not, it becomes dull.
  • Eggs start out white in color. Over time, the egg slowly ha its element(s) fading in.
  • During the embryo's growth, a marking will show up telling what gender the hatchling will be.

  • Due to their name, this breed must bask under the moonlight to be able to use any of their elements at all. On eclipses and new moons, they are weakened.
  • It is considered a bad omen if the dragon is born odd eyed and/or one webbed and one feathered wing.
  • This breed cannot have alcohol due to the ethenal that is very deadly in them. Even some medical stuff has this, so they stick to using herbal remedies because of this.
  • They used to be called Celestial Dawnwings. That was until I found out there is an actual breed called this.

I love how this turned out! ^.^ Hope you guys enjoy this new breed of dragon as much as I do. I was trying to figure out what breed Silverwind was, but never could figure it out due to her being a mixed breed, so I decided to make these. :P Note: This is a closed breed. You cannot make one without my permission.

flutter-butter55678 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I need to read that later XD
RainbowGuppy1 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
I know, it is a lot of information, XD
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