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Image by RainbowGuppy1

Hero's Christmas

Chelsey sat in her room playing Ark: Survival evolved. Or at least tried anyway. She was playing it on her laptop. With its low graphics card, it didn't load very fast. It was a game she had found not too long after August. Her sister had told her about it. She now sat waiting. She had responded to her friends, but none responded. It was early in the morning. It made sense why no one responded. There was one she had friended. She even liked him. Since today was Christmas Eve, or their midnight Christmas, she wanted to invite him over to meet her family. She had already asked him to come, and he accepted the invitation. She was overjoyed at the answer. She always felt nervous and clumsy around him, acting silly when it wasn't always necessary. 

She rose up to her feet, thinking as she left her room to get a drink. She wanted to do something special. Something he would never forget. A present that could last for eternity. She approached her fridge. It was a new fridge from the Samsung company. It was a nice fridge. She opened the doors taking out the juice. 'Something special,' she thought hard grabbing out the cup and pouring some juice in it. After placing it back, she made way back to her room with her drink.

In her room, she glanced at her laptop. Ark was still in that PrimalGameData loading screen she hated. Sighing heavily, she sat on her floor. Her friend wouldn't come for a few more hours. Mainly because her father hadn't left yet, and she wanted to wait till he was gone. Currently, her father's alarm clock went off. She really wanted him to come right now, but her father was still home. She was nervous how the two were going to react to one another. What if her father hated him, or vise versa? She was absolutely scared. She took a sip of her juice, waiting. 

How she first met her friend was through a friend some time near the beginning of the year. They soon found out they both liked Minecraft. She met him in Minecraft. He never really talked, mostly used signs to respond. She was overjoyed to have someone who always joined her during Minecraft. It made it less dull. The two would build, adventure, and mine together. They even asked each other questions about one another. Then her friend had showed her a picture of what he looked like. She told him to send a picture of her, and he said he didn't need to, and that he already knows what I look like. This had scared her a bit. Then one day, which was about two weeks ago, she finally decided to invite him over for the German version of Christmas. 

She heard her father's clock again. Now it was time to get him out. She was about to get up, but she heard her father was already out getting ready. She relaxed and returned to her mind. She didn't want to get him sports stuff, though, it was kinda too late. She had to do something else. Maybe an art piece? He seemed to love her art. Hmm... Yeah. An art piece sounds good, but what? She wanted to do more. Then it hit her. She wasn't sure if he would be okay with it, so she decided to do two art pieces instead. One with her idea on, the other with another idea. She got to work immediately. She heard her father leave, which was good.

About 2 hours later, she finished the two artwork. She decided to place them in a plastic folder to ensure the safety. She had heard the doorbell just as she finished. Hurrying up, she quickly placed it in her closet then raced out toward the door. Atlas, her dog, ran to the door barking his head off. He only lessened when she approached. She opened the door greeted by a man wearing sunglasses. She expected him to be sensitive to the light like she was. "Hello?" She greets. She didn't open the door for him, she only stared, blushing. She had seen photos of him, but she never really saw him in person till now. 

"Well?" He asked. "Can I come in?" He grinned at her. 

She continues to watch him for a few more moments. "Oh, uh..." She stuttered nervously, "y...yeah." She then looks down to her dog. "Atlas, back!" She command. The dog didn't listen, all he was interested in was the guy standing just on the other side. "Atlas!" The dog still didn't back away, so she decided to block his path with a leg then unlocked the door for him. He entered, closing the gated door as soon as he entered. He looks down to the dog, who was currently sniffing his jeans. Atlas licked them then continues sniffing. "Atlas, scat!" With that command, he turns to leave. She then looks to the guy. He looked quite amused. "Want to go to my room or the living room in the back?" She asked. She didn't care which he chose, she would lead him there.

He shrugs. "Wherever you like," he responds. He obviously didn't seem to care.

Smiling like an idiot, she made her way to her room. She had a couch there where he could sit on. Technically, that was all she had for seating, other than the floor. She reached out to her room's doorknob. "Be warned, it is a bit messy," she said feeling stupid for not cleaning up first. She then opened her door. Looking over to her laptop, it had kicked her out the server on her game. It was currently on the main menu. "You can sit on the couch if you want." She told him after he entered the room. She closed the door, making sure the pink colored rag stayed in place on the top of the door. It clicked once, but she pushed the door again hearing it click the second time. Since she had the window open in the winter time, her door never really fully closes, so she had to make sure, or it would open randomly.

He took a seat on the couch, leaning back, relaxed. Chelsey went to her spot under her bed to start cleaning. She wasn't sure what to say really. She doesn't get many friends coming over, and liking him ain't helping the situation. The room became silent, and it felt awkward. All he did was watch her clean her room. Then the thought of her present came to mind. She worried he might not like her present. He noticed her actions while she was cleaning. "Is something wrong?" He asked, not very sure if it was the right thing to ask.

She nearly jumped when he spoke. "Um..." She thought putting away a piece of paper. "Yeah, everything is fine." It wasn't a total lie. The room went silent after that. She still had the thought on her mind. " you like me?" She asked blushing. She didn't look in his direction, she simply looked at her computer. The game was still running.

He took a while to respond. "Of course," he finally responds. "You are a great friend." 

Chelsey sighed. 'Not what I meant,' she thought disappointed. She decided not to go any further with the question. She remembered what her friend had told her. She nods slowly.

Some hours went by with Chelsey and her guy friend sitting there awkwardly quiet. She heard her father returning home. Deciding she had to let her father know, she got to her feet. "I will be right back," she told him before leaving the room. The door ajar.

In the kitchen, she watched as her father played with Atlas for a while. The dog was overjoyed to see him back home. "Daddy?" She tried to get his attention.

"What?" He asked, not looking in her direction. He was still playing with the dog.

She felt really nervous to ask. "Can a friend join us for Christmas tonight?" She asked nervously. 

"Why?" Her father asked actually looking at her after tossing the dog's treat.

"Well, he is a friend of mine and he would like to join us," she responds.

"We'll see," he said walking away to the living room. It was technically considered his living room.

She nods, a bit happy. Usually his 'we'll see' sayings mean a yes. She made her way back to her room closing the door. Her guy friend looked as if he had overheard. "You can come," she told him. "Well... You can stay." Her voice was overjoyed. He smiled at her showing his gratitude. Now she was excited. Her present for him was ready, and he was here. Everything was going according to plan. She was about to hug him, but she stopped herself. She thought of it, though, of how he would respond to her hug too. She quickly made her way back to her spot, blushing. She could hear him chuckling behind her making the blush even worse. 

Since her room was finished, she decided to try and get in her game again. When she chose the server she wanted, it went to the loading screen. Sighing, she turned to do something else in the mean time. She was about to ask him something when her sister entered her room. Her sister had earned a glare from Chelsey, the guy watched her silently. "What do you want?" She asked her sister.

"Wanted to asked who the friend was," her sister responded. She looks over to the guy wearing sunglasses. He waved a hello with a smile. "Is he your boyfriend?"

Both the guy and Chelsey sat there surprised. "Uh... No," she scowls at her sister, blushing. "Can you just leave?"

"Who is he?" Her sister asked. 

Chelsey growled. "None of your concern, just leave!" She really wanted her to leave. She hated it when her sister comes in without a word and enters. 

Her sister looks at her smiling. "And if I don't?" She asked. "You can't push me out."

"No, but I can claw you," Chelsey growls.

"Fine," her sister grumbles about to leave.

"Close the door," Chelsey hissed.

Her sister turned to her, stuck her tongue out, then left closing the door. Chelsey sighed heavily. She forgot the guy was in her room for a moment. "I am sorry about her," she apologizes. She noticed him just smile and chuckle at the scene. "She annoys me." She turned away to her computer. It was still on the loading screen. Time felt like it was going super slow. She fell onto her back, sprawled out. Her ceiling light shun directly into her eyes. She flinched from the brightness before covering them. "Are you bored?" She asked looking to her friend. 

He shrugs, "Not really..." He paused for a bit, "maybe a little."

Chelsey thought for a moment. She wanted to do something with him, but she wasn't sure about what. She was one of those socially awkward types, she wasn't fully outgoing. Not unless she was hyped up on caffein, anyway. She inhaled then exhaled. She rose to a sitting position again. "I don't mean to be boring," she responds sadly. She was at least glad he was hanging out with her during Christmas. "I wish we could play Minecraft together, but my TV isn't an HD TV." 


That night, Chelsey's sister, Andrea, her, and her friend helped set up the couch in their mother's living room, or where the dinning room should have gone. After that was completed, everyone sat on the couch. Since Chelsey forgot how the couch was, fell backwards yelping. This earned a smirk from her friend. He sat down next to her on the left side, relaxing. He almost looked like he was laying completely flat. Chelsey smiled at him, giggling like an idiot. This caused the guy to continue to smile. Andrea had left the room to wait. Chelsey blushed when he smiled looking away from him. 

Not too long later, Chelsey and her friend was half asleep on the couch in her room. Unconsciously, she slid sideways, sleeping on her friend's shoulder. Her friend didn't seem to care. 

Just as they got comfortable, the garage door was being opened manually. The remote to the door didn't work, so they had to open the garage door by hand. The two sat upright at the sound, and Chelsey realized she had slept on her friend, her face turned red. "Father is home," she yawned and stretched. She was absolutely tired. She left the room with her friend, her sister in tow.

When they left, her father looked at all three of them. Upon seeing her friend, he looked surprised. "Daddy, this is..." she wasn't fully sure how to greet him with his name. She looked at her friend, who shrugged. "Herobrine." She noticed her sister roll her eyes at his name. She knew Andrea thought this was a game the two played.

"Nice to meet you," her father greets, extending his hand. He knew nothing about the legend of Herobrine, so he didn't see her friend as a threat. Herobrine took it and both shook hands. "I am Paul."

"Greetings, Paul," Herobrine responds calmly.

"Daddy, Herobrine is my friend I wanted to invite," Chelsey points out the obvious. "Can he actually join us?" She gave hopeful eyes.

Her father looked at her then studied Herobrine. "Yes," he responds, causing Chelsey to give a big smile. She tried to keep herself calm, but Herobrine saw right through her. Her father then looks over to where they sat for Christmas to see it was already ready. Her father then turns to the living room. Since he wanted to rest after coming home for a bit.


Later that night, everyone had finished opening their presents. Herobrine sat to Chelsey's left like before, watching silently. He smiled watching her eyes widen with surprise with each present. It seemed to amuse him when she got excited. The only sad part was that he didn't get a present, nor brought one.

After some time, she brought all her presents into her room. Herobrine helped out a bit since it was quite a lot. When that was done, Herobrine sat on her couch again. Seeing this, Chelsey smiles. "Keep sitting there, I might have to call it Herobrine's Couch," she mused, placing all her presents so others could walk around her room. Herobrine grinned at her. For a moment she thought that he was actually thinking it belonged to him, and no one else could sit on it. "Also, can you take off your sunglasses?" She asked, "Or I will end up putting mine on." She expected him to say no, but he took them off to reveal his white glowing eyes. She smiles at him happily when he complied.

Chelsey turned to her closest smiling at the idea of him not allowing anyone else on the couch. She opened her closet door, grabbing out a folder. It was pink in color. She hadn't wrapped it, though. She sat down next to him. "It isn't much, especially on short notice," she hands him the folder. 

Herobrine, to Chelsey, looked uncertain at first. He took the folder, opening it. What he found where two pieces of art on either side of the folders. One of the art pieces had both of them on it, holding hands. Chelsey was leaning on him. The two looked over an ocean of lava with some glowstone acting as the setting sun. The other was a straightforward question: Will you go out with me? It was decorated with a red flower holding a paper saying that. Herobrine looked surprised at the two. "You don't like it, do you?" She asked nervously, her face turned red with embarrassment. She felt she failed to make the right present for him.

"It's..." He didn't seem to know what to say. 

"Yeah, you don't like it," She felt sad, but she knew it was going to happen. She had felt nervous throughout drawing it asking herself if he would even like it, or if it was an awkward present.

"No, I like it," Herobrine smiled. "Thank you." 

Chelsey smiles happily. She wanted to know his response to the question, but he didn't seem to want to answer that one. Then again, that question has no amount of time it had to answered in. She felt he would say no if he answered now. It has happened before where she had told a guy she like him, but he said that they where complete opposites, so a relationship might have not worked. Was Herobrine and her too different to date too? This made her feel horrible in her soul. She, of course, would face the truth no matter the pain. Truth was better than lies, in her opinion. "I...I... wasn't sure if you... was going to like the one with the... question on it, so I decided to make... that other one just in case." She told him nervously. 

"I like them both," Herobrine responded. 

Chelsey thought he mainly liked it because it was the best drawn flower she had ever done. She wanted to make it well drawn for him especially. She wrapped her arms around him. She had always wanted to hug him. "Merry Christmas," she told him. 

The music I was thinking of while doing this:…
An idea I just got. Hope you like.
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