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Image by RainbowGuppy1
(A friend drew this picture for me. :3 So I give him full credit. The left is Herobrine, and the right is my OC. Watching the fireworks.)

I ran around my room like a maniac making sure my couch was cleaned off. I was so excited that the guy I like was coming over again. This wasn't like Christmas where I had given him that present. He had seemed happy with it. No, he said we were going to see the New Year's fireworks tonight. But not in my world. I didn't understand what he meant by that. I had told my sister that my friend was coming over. Ever since that night, my sister and father have been teasing me about if my 'boyfriend' was coming over again. I mean, yeah, I didn't mind that. I actually wanted that to come true, but he hadn't answered me.

Now, I am just racing around trying to make sure my room was decent. I liked impressing him a lot, but it doesn't always work. I told my friends about him taking me to see the fireworks, but not in my work. One of my friends had told me it could be in his world. His world was Minecraft, and his home was the Nether. Or I think it was. I knew he is the King of the Nether, but I am still learning about him. 

The doorbell rang, and my dog barked his head off again. I quickly made my way to the front door. My father was sitting in the couch watching television, as always. I opened the door seeing him with his sunglasses on. "Hey," I greeted him as I opened the gates door for him. I had the stupidest smile on right now. 

"Hey," he greets back, stepping inside. I closed the door once he entered. It was so Atlas wouldn't run out. I made my way toward my room, not looking at my father. My friend followed me quietly. I saw my sister grin at me mischievously.

In my room, my friend took the spot on the couch like before. He seemed to love sitting there. I don't understand why. I closed my door, making sure on the double click. We had a bit before we had to leave, so I wanted to take this time to get to know him. I wanted to sit with him, but felt too shy to. 

I never did unless he invited me over, or he decided to sit with me on the floor. Ever since Christmas, he had been a little closer. Well... not by much. Whenever he sat next to me, my heart would race, and I started to shake a little. I wasn't afraid of him. Heavens no. If I was, I wouldn't allow him in my house at all. Nah, it was a reaction I get toward guys I like. But this time it was worse. Yes, guys make me shy and nervous if I like them, but my friend made those feelings worse. 

I looked away from him after he sat down. He looked relaxed on the couch. I took my spot on the floor. On Christmas, I had gotten me a Samsung smart tv. I was still trying to figure things out on it. It was like part computer. It was cool, though confusing. I grabbed the remote, but did not turn the television on. My friend knew something wasn't fully right. "Is there something wrong?" He asked, sounding a bit worried.

I jumped at his voice. Every time he, it made me feel even more nervous, but also wanting to just hug the living daylight out of him. I pushed the thought away realizing I wasn't answering his question. "No," I responded shaking my head faintly. "Nothing is wrong. I was just thinking." I looked over to him, but making eye contact caused my heart to skip a bit. He looked at me curiously as if wondering what I was thinking. "It doesn't matter." I looked away. I wanted to tell him, but how would he react? The last time I told a guy how I felt, he had also liked me, but only after a day did he say that they shouldn't date due to them being too different. Gah! What does being a completely different person from the one you loved, ever get in the way?! I didn't even try to ask him out, nor was I going to do that for a long time. 

"Do you want to play Minecraft with me?" I decided to change the subject. I grabbed my controller for the Xbox then gave him my good one, the full black one. It was my favorite one. I used my sister's Xbox controller. My friend smiled taking the controller. "Do you want to be first or second person?"

My friend thought for a moment. "Second person," he responds. I nodded turning my controller on first. I wasn't sure if he ever played on an Xbox before. I looked over making sure he was doing what was needed to be done to get his controller set up. Looking back to the screen, I turned on my tv. It somewhat loaded up just like a computer, but faster. I then switched to the HDMI channel. I saw the Xbox was in the middle up loading up. 

"I will make server where only you and I can play together on, no one else." I told him as I got Minecraft loaded up. If I think about it, he has seen me play this version plenty of times. He just never got to join till now. I loaded up a new save for us to play together, naming it 'Herobrine and My World'. I spawned in the world. It was a plains biome with a jungle and forest. I looked over helping him join the game. The screen split. I smiled with joy. I finally got to play Minecraft with him. Instantly, I saw a jungle temple. How odd. I was just smiling like an idiot. 

Time passed, we had gotten a house set up, all iron tools, weapons, and iron. My friend, Herobrine, was grinning. "No fair!" I complained as I got defeated, once again by him. He only chuckles at me. I couldn't help but laugh too. It had been my fault for challenging a pro. He was sitting on the floor with me. I respawned. I had made my home in a Birch forest, while he made his in the nearby jungle*. I went to grab my stuff. Everything was still there, well, except for the XP, which I lost most of them. Oh well. "I will get my revenge," I laughed as I went to find his character. Herobrine was currently trying to get back to his home, only to turn, ready. I rethought my actions, and backed away. I became unhappy realizing I would lose again.

Herobrine noticed, he made his character put away the iron sword. I looked down ashamed I did that. It probably ruined his fun. I turned my character away then made it go back to my place without saying a word. "What is wrong now?" He asked sounding a bit angered.

"N...nothing," I lied as I made my character enter its home. I grabbed out some stone pickaxes placing the iron stuff in the chest. I only brought one iron pickaxe since I might need it.

"You are lying," Herobrine said. 

I stiffened a little. Usually I could get away with lies, but he seemed to be able to detect it easily. "It is nothing," I tried to reassure him. "It isn't important, I am just being stupid right now." I made my character go down to the mining level I love to go to so much. I entered the secret base where I placed all my stuff in. It was like an underground home. Herobrine pressed the home button on the controller. This cause the two of us to not be able to play. He looked to me, expecting an answer. "Okay!" I replied, his angry stare making me uncomfortable. I know he does this when I act like this. "I am always loosing to others and it makes me unhappy."

His anger died away. He unpaused the game, not saying another word. I looked away feeling guilty for my actions. "I'm sorry," I tried to apologize. "I didn't mean to upset you, or anything." 

"Then stop lying and tell the truth," he gave a faint smile to me. For some reason, that cheered me up. 

Later that night, my father and sister left to go see the fireworks, but not Herobrine or me. He had another place in mind apparently. I had a thought in my mind of what it could be, but I wasn't too sure. Before I got the chance to ask, he held me then teleported, or at least I think it was teleporting. It just happened so fast. I blushed when he grabbed me, but it was kinda nice too.

As my vision cleared, I looked around. My eyes widened with surprise. I looked over to Herobrine. He was his pixilated form. I thought to myself. Wouldn't that mean I am pixilated too? I shook the thought away. Who cares! I was inside the game. At the moment, it was day. The sun had just risen. That probably means they had about 10 minutes till night came. I looked over to him nervously, but my eyes gave away excitement. He gestured me to go on. 

I smiled racing off to check it out. I was weary of the mobs, though. Wasn't too sure if they would attack me or not. Probably not. Herobrine followed me, watching me go from one place to another. At a cave in the ground, I got on my hands and knees checking out the cave beneath me. My head poked down seeing the cave mouth. I grinned getting back to my feet. I turned toward Herobrine, my smile very big. I wanted to actually start an adventure, but I knew this wasn't going to last. Herobrine soon decided it was time to head to their destination and calls for me. 

I raced over to him. "Yeah?" I asked curiously. My arms were filled with flowers of all kinds.

He raised an eyebrow at the armful of flowers, but decided not to question it. "Let's head toward our destination before night." I nodded following him toward wherever we were going. "What is with the flowers?" He asked, sounding curious. 

I blushed nervously. "I...uh... was planning something with theses before I left back to my world, but I guess my idea probably won't work here." I put the flowers away in my inventory, though, I wasn't really sure how that worked. 

We soon made it to our destination by sun-high. We were at the top of a cliff side. I looked around curiously. I didn't seem amazed at first. For a moment, I looked displeased. I noticed Herobrine looking at me then I smiled at him. I was reassuring him if he had any doubts. I looked down from where I was at. We were really high up. My eyes widened at the sight. Now I looked happy. I felt so tall, and that I could just jump off the cliff and fly.

As the sun began to set, I wasn't sure what to do. That was until Herobrine gestures me to his side. "The sun is setting, and I don't want you getting attacked." He told me. I nodded watching the blue sky slowly fade to orange then to the night sky. I watched as the half moon began to rise. Just then, a firework was set off in the distance. I almost jumped hearing the whistle then it exploding. Usually in our world, I meant that we had 10 minutes before the fireworks started. But here, it most likely was 10 seconds. 

10 seconds later, after the warning firework, the actual show started. I watched it before taking a seat on the grass. I barely see fireworks in Minecraft. Mainly because I don't work with gunpowder much. I gestured for him to join me. For a moment, he looked hesitant, but soon sat beside me, half watch the fireworks and on me. I smiled since these were probably fireworks you couldn't make. Then again, they could make a heart shaped firework, so who knows what they can actually make.

Some time into the fireworks, I became tired, but I continued to watch. "This is wonderful," I said before kissing him on the cheek then resting my head on Herobrine's shoulder, still smiling and wrapping my arms around him. I felt him stiffen a little, but at the moment, I didn't care. I watched as one of the fireworks exploded and it was a creeper head. It looked amazing. I became so tired, that I couldn't keep my eyes open. Most likely because I am up way passed my curfew. I closed my eyes slowly falling asleep on him. 

Once the fireworks finished, it was growing day in Minecraft. Herobrine watched me sleep for a moment before picking me up. He needed to bring me back before my father begin to worry. He held me in his arms.

Back in my room, he set me down on my floor. He covered me up then wanted to rest on the couch, only to have me grab him. I was awake, trying to sleep, but I wanted him next to me. I was half glad he didn't try to pull away. Instead, he laid next to me. I got a better hold of him. "Night, Hero," I tiredly said before snuggling into him and falling asleep happily.

(Happy New Years to Herobrine himself, and Mojang. :P And to everyone else who reads this.)

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Just a New Years thing I wanted to do. 
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