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Heaven (A Space Opera)
When I was young and just begun
One day I touched the sky.
I jumped aboard a starship
And they taught me how to fly.
So we'd sail upon the Milky Way,
Wrapped in perpetual night.
The captain spoke to me
And he told me of the worlds we might see
And all the people we'd meet
With constellations beneath my bare feet,
Were we in heaven?
So lost in heaven,
I stood in awe.
Sweet, starlit heaven,
I want no more! (I want no more!)
Beyond where birds fly,
Beyond human eyes,
Lost in heaven.

One part deadly force, one part gentle titan
Full of strange, sentient beings.
Beyond windows of frosted glass
Existed many wondrous things.
On a gem-scattered sea of velvet black,
Lulled by star-song, softly ring.
The captain spoke to me
And he told me of the worlds we might see
And all the people we'd meet
And all the dangers we'd have to defeat
While we explored heaven.
So lost in heaven,
My eyes went wide.
Sweet, starlit heaven,
I was so alive! (More alive than I'd ever been)
Where the sun's a st
:iconrainbowgal:Rainbowgal 3 4
Ode to Keldeo
Sweet little pony: cream, chestnut and blue
Yearns to be strong and brave and true.
Learns from his teachers, their patience and trust,
Lessons in life that you cannot rush.
Ambitious young kelpie, with eyes of grey
Recklessly sure then, he ran away.
Brave little warrior, certain and steady
But he faced a dragon before he was ready.
Our hero was strong, the dragon was stronger
They fought till the pony could take it no longer.
Battered and broken, quaking in fear,
“Cream-coloured kelpie, away from here!”
So moon and candle, give me your light
Fire in the hearth, burn clear, burn bright.
Children, gather in the fire's warm glow
And I'll tell you the story of Keldeo.

Weak and stumbling, attempting to flee,
Saved by a travelling group of three
They saw he was hurt, they bandaged his wounds
But he knew the dragon would find him soon
For he hadn't finished what he had begun,
And his foe would not rest till the battle was won.
The pony was frightened: trembling, he said,
:iconrainbowgal:Rainbowgal 44 9
Tron's Passing
Hidden in a distant cave
In a world of glass and light,
Exiled from the world he protected
And too weak to fight.
Waiting for a miracle,
For someone he can trust,
Someone who'll take up his mantle
After all hope has been crushed.
I chose you for your bravery
I chose you for your passion and drive
So I may teach you all you need to know
While I am still alive.
Neither of us is perfect
We'll both make mistakes.
But one day we may lift the darkness
And allow the world to wake.

With his friend lost in the distance,
Sick and all alone,
Scarred in both body and mind,
He still lives but no one knows.
A phoenix from the ashes
Is needed to set them free.
Maybe one day his friend will return
And things will be back how they used to be.
I chose you for your courage,
A spirit no one could quell.
The road ahead is long and twisted,
Paved with blood, as you know well.
I chose you for your compassion
To succeed where I have failed,
Because you will do what you know is r
:iconrainbowgal:Rainbowgal 7 12
Jack Frost
I met a boy by the pond
He perched like a cat there, just before dawn.
His hair was white as snow
And his eyes were icy blue.
The stars caught an ethereal light
On his cloak, sewn with silver.
He carried a shepherd's crook
Carved of wood from the elder tree
His feet were bare and pale as the moon.
He was a ghost, and I was afraid.
But his face was kind
And his smile was pure
And he seemed very glad I was there.
So slowly, slowly, I approached
To hear the story he had to share.
"The moon gave me my name," said he.
"The night, the first light, my domain.
Few believe in me; fewer can see me
But I enjoy life all the same.
We talked for a while by the pond.
The air was cold; it was dark before dawn.
And I knew he would soon depart,
Lost in the warming air.
I asked if I would see him again.
He said, "Maybe, if you believe that you might."
Then his teeth flashed white,
The sun came up and he was gone...
"The moon gave me my name...
A whisper on the breeze.
:iconrainbowgal:Rainbowgal 13 10
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Random Favourites

The Scorpio Races - Corr by AlbinoBlackbird The Scorpio Races - Corr :iconalbinoblackbird:AlbinoBlackbird 124 29 Kadyny_19 by MsCarmen Kadyny_19 :iconmscarmen:MsCarmen 1,786 100 COLOSSAL VOICE ACTOR MEME by Atomic-Chinchilla COLOSSAL VOICE ACTOR MEME :iconatomic-chinchilla:Atomic-Chinchilla 7 46 .Freedom.12. by paula2206-photo .Freedom.12. :iconpaula2206-photo:paula2206-photo 132 11 Freedom to roam... by JanneO Freedom to roam... :iconjanneo:JanneO 1,145 231 the messenger by JenaDellaGrottaglia the messenger :iconjenadellagrottaglia:JenaDellaGrottaglia 1,499 140 Christmas with Sonic Storyboard YouTube Link by ArtByRiana Christmas with Sonic Storyboard YouTube Link :iconartbyriana:ArtByRiana 185 53 Snow Horse by LindseyTaylor Snow Horse :iconlindseytaylor:LindseyTaylor 3,558 572
Unfortunate Thing
Unfortunate Thing
Here is the tale of Unfortunate Thing
Whom I found in our garden shed
He’s seven foot two, with shiny black nose
And horns on the top of his head
Unfortunate Thing wore a fine suit of scales
Which hadn’t been polished for years
All covered in dust and speckles of rust
From endless showers of tears
Reclined on a large sack of compost
A vision of gloom and despair
Alone in the shadows, sat sobbing
Needing some comfort and care
“Poor Thing” said I, “What’s the problem –
whatever is troubling you?”
And proceeded to give him a cuddle
(….which proved quite a hard thing to do)
Whilst blowing his nose on some sacking
Still sobbing, he tried to explain
How his rather unfortunate features
Had caused all his troubles and pain
“I love all the creatures of nature –
I love all their beauty and grace
But they all run and hide when they see me arrive
Because of my hideous face”
“And oh, when I look at the flowers
My ugl
:iconotterwen:Otterwen 1,193 262
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1. You must post the rules;
2. Each person must post five things about themselves in their journal;
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer

(there were other rules but I don't actually know ten people well enough on here to tag them. XD; You do this if you want to)

Random stuff about me:

1. Once upon a time I had blue eyes, like my mum. But my dad has green eyes and these days the green has started to come out in mine. The effect should be quite pleasant, but the blue and green haven't mixed very well, so I'm left with rather dirty-paint-water-coloured eyes. They're too big for my eye sockets, too. I'm serious. I'm short sighted because my eyes are so big they're compressed by the sockets and it's meant I've lost focus. I only need glasses when I'm driving and when I go to the theatre.

2. My family has four cats: Sutz, Billy, Zoe and her daughter Tamzin.

3. I am dyspraxic, which is often known as "clumsy child syndrome". Sufferers often have difficulty with balance and coordination. It took me years to learn to catch a small ball. I also have a mild but unique type of dyslexia which isn't recognised here but is in America. Dyslexic people often have difficulty with reading and writing. I don't have any problems with that, but what I do have a problem with is boxes, databases and reading music. The lines blur and I can't find my place.

4. I have three middle names and it's all my dad's fault. Apparently before I was born my parents could agree on boys' names but not on girls' names. My father wanted to call me Harriet (tolerable). My mother wanted to call me Francis (nooo!). In the end they drew up a list of names that they could both live with. My dad said Mum could choose the first name and he would choose the middle name. My mother picked 'Susanna', which is Hebrew and means "lily flower". My father followed it with Jessica, Elisabeth and Catherine. Holy cats. Fortunately Mum managed to persuade him to replace Catherine with Mary, which kept the biblical theme and shortened it by several syllables. Even then, my full name (as my surname is pretty long too) only just fits on a form. I do like and appreciate the meaning in each of my names - they're just kind of inconvenient. XDD

5. Controlling my own imagination is like trying to slow down a bolting stallion. It's practically impossible. I'm always bubbling with different story ideas, different angles, different characters and plots. I try to focus hard on my Maya saga, which is my big project, but if I'm struck with an original idea, I tend to write down a few brief notes on it and then save it somewhere in case I come back to it in the future.

:iconzpansven:'s questions

1. What is your favorite animal? (Can be real or fictional)
2. Favorite book?
I can only pick one? All right, then... Warriors: The Darkest Hour by Erin Hunter
3. Alliance or Horde?
If this is He-Man related, I'll go with Horde.
4. What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a vet, as I adored animals. But I'm lousy at maths so these days I want to become a teacher for children with learning difficulties.
5. Are you what you wanted to be? If not, what are you?
I'm still in training, but I'm officially employed as a dinner lady at a special school for very seriously disabled children. I love it there. Occasionally I come out with a black eye and a bloody nose but I absolutely adore the atmosphere, it's very positive and everyone takes care of each other.
6. What's your favorite game? (video, computer, whatever)
Sims 3!
7. Do your muses talk to you?
They never stop. Particular chatterboxes are Ash and Marie. Marie because she's always been there. Ash because... well, he never ever shuts up anyway.
8. Preferred artistic medium? (Writing is an acceptable answer)
9. Favorite TV show? (Cartoons are included for choices if you don't watch a lot of TV)
Noah's Island, Walking with Dinosaurs and Animal Hospital. Oh, and You've Been Framed.
10. Do you believe in ghosts? :3
I don't actually believe in anything supernatural - and that includes God, btw - but that doesn't mean my imagination can't seriously freak me out a great deal.



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Greetings! Welcome to my little corner of DA, and thank you for stopping by!
OK, that sounds weird... ^^;

I'm a writer, an artist and an insane fangirl of a variety of shows, so take a peek through my gallery and see what you can find!

Current Residence: UK - where else?
Favourite genre of music: Film Soundtracks
Favourite photographer: MUM
Favourite style of art: Anime, computer animation, cartoon... everything, really
Operating System: Apple Mac & Windows
Favourite cartoon character: Marie from the Aristocats
Personal Quote: "Er... blink?"




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Now there's a question! To be completely honest, I know next to nothing about the narrow gauge engines, as I stopped watching Thomas before their stories were adapted. I did have a pair of narrow-gauge toys, Skarloey and Rheneas, but I honestly couldn't give you a story I remembered with them in.

However, when it comes to narrator, it's no contest. Ringo Starr is my favourite Thomas narrator hands down. I do enjoy Michael Angelis too, but I just prefer Ringo's tone and voice, and in the more recent shows, the narrations given to Mr Angelis have been simply ghastly. They've really dumbed down Thomas as a whole and made it very twee, obviously catering towards toddlers and over-emphasizing the emotional things for any autistic kids watching. What I felt worked so well about Thomas in the beginning was how seriously it treated its audience - they didn't need to say "This made Thomas feel..." because the audience could see that for themselves, and that kind of respect for the audience meant adults could watch it too without feeling patronized.

Phew! Didn't mean to go off on a tangent there.
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