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.::Custom Egg Adoptables: 1::.

Theme: Free for all!
Price: 2 USD each {open for bargaining}
~First come, first serve.
~Please do not resell the design.
~Once you buy the character, it is completely yours, and you can do anything you please with it, including giving it a name, changing its design slightly, and adding or removing accessories.
~PayPal only, sorry. vuv
~No theft will be tolerated.
~Final adoptable will take one to two weeks to receive. Please be patient.

1: Adopted by *KoKitsune-sama DONE
2: Open
3: Open
4: Open
5: Open
6: Open
7: Open
8: Open
9: Open
10: Adopted by *KoKitsune-sama DONE


Hi! Grey here! I wanted to try something new and give myself a bit more time to earn some money. So, here's how this works, as a quick overview. It's pretty simple: choose an egg, pay for it, pick a gender and/or species... Then wait one to two weeks! You will receive a fully coloured, freehand, digital drawing of your custom adoptable!

If you have any questions, please direct them below! Also, don't hesitate to buy, because I really am in need of a bit of money... OTL;;;

Egg Base

~KKMOC-Corps & ~EnglishEarlGrey
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Sentei-Chan's avatar
Actually can I get #2-#3 :D
xxTsun-Heart's avatar
Ermahgerd could I possibly get 2?? :O
Otakugirl954's avatar
Number 8 please!
Tsukiko-mei's avatar
They're all pretty eggs > u <
I'm hoping one of them will still be available after I get paid x3
Meanwhile, I shall just admire them from afar~
RainbowFluffAdopts's avatar
Thank you~ And it looks like this set won't be selling out any time soon, so I'm sure you'll have a chance to adopt one. vuv
Tsukiko-mei's avatar
I hope so! Only one week and a half left to go :la:
Meanwhile, I hope you are able to sell more (except for the ones I want lol) ^^
Moons-CrystalTear's avatar
I'll take 6, it will just take while for the money to transfer to my paypal
RainbowFluffAdopts's avatar
Okay, thank you so much! Whenever you're ready, please send the money to
xXxAngelHarpiexXx's avatar
8, can I give you 2 points?
RainbowFluffAdopts's avatar
Sorry, but we are only accepting PayPal at this time. v.v
xXxAngelHarpiexXx's avatar
How does Paypal work?
RainbowFluffAdopts's avatar
You can connect PayPal to your checking account and transfer money to and from those accounts. It's a quick and easy way to send money to people without writing a check. ^-^
xXxAngelHarpiexXx's avatar
That's not safe for your security at all, If that's the way you do things then no thank you!
RainbowFluffAdopts's avatar
Alright, fine by me.
{Although PayPal is a secure and popular method for such transactions, and as far as I know it is the most secure out there. ^-^ It's fine if you're not interested.}
xXxAngelHarpiexXx's avatar
I'm interested but It is not secure to m, lol >.> sorry!
RainbowFluffAdopts's avatar
Again, it's fine, I'm sure another taker will come by eventually and give them good homes. Thank you for your interest, though!
Koike-sama's avatar
Ill take one and ten if thats alright
RainbowFluffAdopts's avatar
Of course! Just drop 4 USD off at my PayPal. :3
{the account name is}
Thank you so much!
Koike-sama's avatar
okay will do now <3
RainbowFluffAdopts's avatar
Received, thank you!
Do you have any preferences for gender and species? {All species will end up being humanoid, so if you say 'fox,' it'll be a human with fox-like traits.}
Koike-sama's avatar
Hmm id like them both to be Girls, the first one (#1) maybe feline, and the tenth one like a bird
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