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Six Rainbow Dresses in Kisekae 2 (codes included)

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I've been using Kisekae for a while, but this is the first thing I've made that felt truly worthy of making a DA account for the sake of sharing it. I love rainbows, and I worked hard on these dresses, a good few hours on them.

These codes are outfit only, so they won't overwrite your characters hair or anything. Though depending on body type, they may need tweaking. You are welcome to upload characters in these dresses, as well as make alterations to color and the like (such as shifting the rainbow so your favorite color is front and center). They don't even have to stay rainbow. (I just love rainbows.) Change the shoes, socks, accessories, whatever. 
I would however, like credit if you use these codes. Requested, though not required, I would love love LOVE if you'd link anything you make with them in the comments below, so I can see it~ :D Pretty please? They should look much cuter on characters than on mannequins, I think. :3

Which ones do you like best? :D

**Read this before using this export.**
My Export Rules and Tips for Use
It is more than just "credit me". Some of the rules are less obvious. So PLEASE read it. It also offers useful information for getting the outfit to fit your character. Not just rules.

Dress 1 (Clubbing Style):

Dress 2 (Semi-formal):

Dress 3 (Gothic Lolita):

Dress 4 (Simple Frilly)

Dress 5 (60s-70s Inspired)

Black lines on this one look fine with a normal zoom. It's only when I zoomed in a lot for pics did they become irregular.

Dress 6: (Prom)

I am most proud of this one, as it is my first venture into editing the code myself.

For this one, if you want to rotate the head for a more interesting body position, you'll have to adjust the skirt pieces. While you cannot change the height or size due to the fact that I edited the code, you can still change color, rotate it, flip it, or move it left to right. So with a couple minutes of tweaking, you shouldn't have any problem whatsoever getting it to fit the new pose. If they can't move far enough in the direction you want, flipping them will allow them to do so.

Made with Kisekae 2 by Pochi~
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CrystalDarkPinkieStudent General Artist


2 Angels in Pride Month - Day 28-29-30
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looks cool! Could anyone help me import them?
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CrystalDarkPinkieStudent General Artist

Use kisekae from online or you can download by links cause flash is closing. then use copy from one of exports then import into your character and your done :)

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bomy13Student Artist
RAINBOWS awesome
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LunarFrostQueen45Hobbyist Writer
All of these dresses are gorgeous! I would like to use them! :)
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CamiloSamaStudent Artist
You rainbow is perfect
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Yandere Sim Next Gen: Idol Club by KawaiiCuteSlayer  Used. I really love your exports.
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That's always motivating to hear. Thank you~ (also the girls look way cute)
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No problem (Thank you)
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LittleMsAwesomeSauceHobbyist General Artist
Here's mine (using Dress #3):  Singapore National Day 2017 by LittleMsAwesomeSauce
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SarahFaded510Student Artist
here's mine:  Kisekae: Star Sarah's....uh......dresses? by SarahFaded510
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i used all of them  Pretty Rainbow Girls (tg) by camythecamera12
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HarryTheRipperHobbyist Digital Artist

Used the last one to make a femboy character ^^
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KittenPrince55Hobbyist Writer
I made one with my OC Emily wearing the second dress

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Ok I'm in love with this
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used the last one
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legendary444Hobbyist Digital Artist
im confused. do you have a link to what these are used for?
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Here has links to the various versions.
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legendary444Hobbyist Digital Artist
thankyou :D i keep seeing these kinds of things popping up and i just couldnt figure out what they were for Dx
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LisaVWishesHobbyist Digital Artist
They're so pretty!
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daualineHobbyist Artist
this reminds me of the gay pride
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