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Hi! <3 Oc contest!

There are a few dragons in there and I plan on adding more when I'm able.

Info: :thumb784092328:

Prizes: $360 in prizes
Categories: Dark and humorous
Deadline: June 30th 2019
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Welcome to new RainbowDragonClub Group!

This is the reboot of RainbowDragonClub after the first incident happened within the administrators: the art thief impersonated as co-founder has removed every submission and every folder in the gallery. The rules have changed to all deviants in the group

This is the group created to show dragons with colourful scales. The colour represents beauty, fashion, tribe, race and symbolization, for which a dragon must have vivid look. :D
You can contribute your art here, any dragon-related artwork! (Feral, anthro, oddball, spiritual, lizard-like dragons and serpents) ;)

:spotlight-left::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:General Rules:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::spotlight-right:
:bulletyellow: Artworks with dragons, serpents, lizards, and/or any kind of dragons will be approved from your gallery.
:bulletyellow: Submit dragon pictures to FEATURED. The founder will transfer the submissions to correct folders, except rainbow-dragon images.
:bulletyellow: Be nice, courteous in the group. Do not make rude, obscene and disrespectful. Never put your links that are connected to yiff images in your comment, blog or note
:bulletyellow: Put credits on your artwork to be sure it is really yours. Do not submit pictures that are not yours (as stolen art)
:bulletyellow: Mature content filtered pictures (violence and gore, nudity and other disturbing materials) are also accepted. However, never submit artworks that are too gory, yiffy, racist and distasteful.
:bulletyellow: Do not submit humanoid dragons, half-human half-dragons or stereotypical ones. Except fursuits.
:bulletyellow: Have fun :)

:spotlight-left:Joining the group
Anyone can join the group, but be sure to follow the rules from above

:spotlight-left:Art Submission
Submit to "featured" folder only.

1) If your dragons (single) have colours which are closest to a particular, main colour of analogous (nearest hue) and monochromatic (colour saturation), please submit those to following folders:

Featured - ROYGBIV!

:bulletred:Red -Sanguine, Vermilion, Scarlet, Ruby-
:bulletblue:Azure -Sky blue, Cyan, Indigo, Teal, Sapphire-
:bulletgreen:Green -Forest green, Apple green, Olive green, Emerald-
:bulletyellow:Gold -Orange, Brown, Brass, Copper, Yellow, Tangerine, Topaz-
:bulletpurple:Purple -Magenta, Violet, Pink, Mauve, Amethyst-
:bulletwhite:White -Any color, but closest to white, Ice, Silver, Diamond-
:bulletblack:Black -Any color, but closest to black, Shadow-

Significantly, only the scales (wings and chest plates are optional) can be analyzed by the founder.

2) If your dragons (single) have a mixture of different main colours like reptilian marks, blotchy marks, tiger stripes, and/with complementary and triad colours, please submit those to this folder:


3) If there are more than one dragons and has same colour with nearest hue, please submit to folders above.

4) However, if there are more than one dragons and has different scale colours with farthest hue, please submit it to this folder:


5) If your dragons are sketch-made, inked or scrapped, please submit those to this folder:


That's all you will know. Please enjoy the group of rainbow dragons. ^^

If I upgrade this to Super Group, I can rename "Founder" into "Prismatic Dragon", "Co-founder" into "Multicoloured Dragons", "Contributors" into "Official Dragons". What can you suggest when this group is upgraded?

:angered::steaming::roll::bye::X:evillaugh::oops::pray::phonecall:=|:-?:woohoo::yawnstretch::dummy:=) :D:w00t::la::cough::juggle::surrender::salute::omg::B:ohnoes::forgiveme::excited::winner::laughing::judge::clap::O_o::meow::giggle::lmao::fear::saddrunk::happycry::hmm::horny:

Gallery Folders

ANDY AT by XNeonFeather
Little Munchers by The-SixthLeafClover
Little Cooks by The-SixthLeafClover
Little Gatherers by The-SixthLeafClover
Ash Angy by RavenNocturna
Gift - Sakuya by RavenNocturna
Commission - Date Night by RavenNocturna
2021 Commission List by RavenNocturna
Red and Maroon
YCH - Dangerous beauty - Final by FroxiFox
Olympian Augustus (Swimmer) by DragonBellum92-DP
Coruscare - Fire Zin by LordMaddie
Left Hand of a Tyrant Queen by LordMaddie
Azure and Indigo
Fanart of Sisu from Raya and The Last Dragon by FroxiFox
Feeling of travel by TellerySpyro
Princess Amelia by Solaice
Oh to be a baby dragon sitting in a sunbeam by Gikairan
Green and Teal
Earth Zin by LordMaddie
Ghosts of the Past by GelangweilterToaster
Bloodstone - WoF Mudwing by LordMaddie
Bald Ref - WoF RainWing/LeafWing by LordMaddie
Gold and Brown
Para'k-al - Desert Titan by GelangweilterToaster
Potoooooooo - Earth Zin by LordMaddie
Archive - WoF Nightwing by LordMaddie
Marsh Dragon by DemonML
Purple and Pink
Sunburst - WoF Skywing by LordMaddie
Moth Dragon by Gikairan
New assistant by TellerySpyro
Cynder - Spyro fanart drawing by FroxiFox
White and Light Grey
PRIEST - dtiys by LordMaddie
Hidden place by TellerySpyro
Nayanika by Hynvale
MistWing Reference - WoF Open FanTribe by LordMaddie
Black and Dark Grey
[C] YCH Alroy Dragon by Hynvale
Dusklight Breath by Anfani
Custom birthday drawing by FroxiFox
Feral Cryptid by LordMaddie
Multicolored and Patterned
Wings of fire fanart - Glory by FroxiFox
Magma Dragon by Gikairan
Feral Cryptid (Animated) by LordMaddie
Contentment by LordMaddie
Group of Different Colors
Cheap 50 Point WoF Adoptables by LordMaddie
Monochrome and Sketches and Lineart
Kopfsalat reloaded by Syvaender
Stories, Comics and Tutorials
Stray stars: page 86 by Blitzblotch

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This all about dragons with many different scale colors
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Jun 19, 2010


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Art Collection

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Commission - Boss by Cynder18 Alp the Precious by Cynder18 Commission - Trico by Cynder18 Commission - Cece by Cynder18
Thanks you for your time!♥
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Is there something wrong with this group or my submissions?  This is the third time I've tried submitting different dragon artworks to the group and this one is about to time out as well.

Is the group just slow, or is my work being blatantly ignored?  I'd like to know if it's the latter, so I can leave the group, because I'm starting to become irritated.
TargonRedDragon Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello. Apologies for your expired art. I'm the only active administrator but the rest of my admins doesn't seem to care about accepting the submissions. 
As for myself, I am way too busy in working on commissioned arts and life, since that's the way I have to. I tried to set the "expiry date" to a month or more on the options to my groups, but it seems nothing happened. 

Sorry about our ignorance. You may either leave the group or re-submit your art. I will try to motivate myself and accept every submission every day.
jaclynonacloud Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No worries, I was just starting to assume I was doing something wrong.
Thanks for the reply
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