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My Best Friend Andy: Chapter 2- Talking
POV: Elly
"Um uh... Ms. Spencer... um ... can I move to the back of the class?"
CAN MOVE TO THE BA-" she tryed to finish before the principle walked in.
"Of course you can move to the back of the class since you asked so nicely."
Ms. Spencer said just because the principle walked in.
That proves how fake teachers can be. I walked quickly to the back of the
class and sat down next to Andy. "Hey" I whispered to Andy. "Hey"
He whispered with a smile on his face. He passes me a note that reads:
"Watcha doin?" "Passing notes with my new best friend" I wrote.
He looked up at me and smilied. We were passing notes for the rest of class.
    I was walking down the hall and there was Andy leaned up against a
locker waiting for me. We didn't say anything. He looked down at me
smiling as I shoved my books into my bag.We started walking home together.
Our conversation started right then and there.
 "Thanks for ripping all t
:iconandysixx-love:AndySixx-Love 1 0
My Best Friend Andy: Chapter 1- New Friend
POV: Elly
I walk by his locker every day. I read the papers and letters. I have no idea how he deals with all the hate.
He sits quietly at the back of the classroom. Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking."RING!" Theres the bell.
Everyone storms out of class. Everyone except for Andy. He has amazing light blue eyes.
His black choppy bangs cover one eye. He's tall and thin.He ALWAYS wears dark makeup...
like black eyeliner and stuff. He gathered his books and slowly walked out into the hall
  I was walking down the hall and stopped at Andy's locker.
There was a new letter. It read:"Andy why are you here!? You should just go DIE!!!
Hang yourself and slice your wrist some more! Drink bleach! ANYTHING!!!!
We dont like you and we will do anything to have you gone!!!" Andy was walking torwards me.
He stopped to watch what i was doing. I threw my books on the ground.
Tears streamed down my face, bursting from my eyes like a waterfall.
Andy looked at me wondering what i was doing. He stoo
:iconandysixx-love:AndySixx-Love 1 1
Rebel Love Song: Chapter Six
: || Chapter Six: The Sing-Off! || :
The crowd got even wilder. Stormi's jaw dropped, and I could feel my eyes getting huge.
"I'm gonna be walking around, looking for two of the best singers. We're gonna be doing Fallen Angels, okay? If I put the mic in your face, sing a line. Keep singing as long as I leave the mic there. Okay? Is that cool?"
The crowd screamed even louder, drowning out whatever Andy said after that. He stood up and pointed at the mob, starting the song.
We are the fallen angels."
He jumped off the stage into the crowd and walked around a bit. No one attacked him, surprisingly; no one even went up and hugged him. The crowd parted for him, letting him choose who he wanted to sing. He got through about half the song, and there was only one person who he'd chosen to be in the sing-off. Stormi had gotten this maniac look on her face and when Andy got close, she yelled:
"Hey! ANDY! She wants to sing!"
She pointed at my he
:iconsammiesparxx:SammieSparxx 11 20
Rebel Love Song: Chapter Five
: || Chapter Five: The Concert! || :
"Hey, Stormi…wake up…dude, you've only been asleep for five minutes…"
I literally had to shake Stormi awake…even though she'd only been asleep for, like, five minutes?
"It's time to do, hun. You know, that concert we're going to? With the backstage passes? Oh yeah, that one."
Stormi rubbed her eyes and started freaking out. "Are we late?!"
"No!" I grabbed her arms and pinned her down. "Seriously, chill." I let her up after she calmed down.
"I didn't mess up my makeup, did I?" she pouted, dabbing her face.
"Don't touch it any more, or you will! Now come on, Seth's probably waiting."
Stormi nodded and we grabbed our stuff. Walking through the hotel, we saw lots of "Do Not Disturb" signs…I guess everyone was resting up before the concert. There were only a few kids left lounging around in the lobby, and each one of them was asleep. The lady at the front desk looked insanely bored, and was rea
:iconsammiesparxx:SammieSparxx 10 0
Rebel Love Song: Chapter Four
: || Chapter Four: The Brookstream Inn! || :
"Sucks to be them," I muttered, waiting for it to go to voicemail, then turning my phone off and shoving it in my pocket.
"Aren't you going to reject it?" Stormi asked, parking the car.
I looked at her with disbelief. "Are you kidding me? Then they'd know I'm ignoring them, and that would be…bad."
Stormi sighed. "Right. Sorry."
"It's cool." I said, grinning.
Stormi parked the car and we both got out to go check in.
We attracted no weird looks when we walked in dressed for the concert. In fact, almost every guest was a kid. And about 99% percent of those kids were wearing Black Veil Brides shirts. Most of them were smiling and waving at us.
When we'd gotten settled in our room with all our stuff, we repacked the car with what we were bringing to the concert. Then we grabbed our phones, room keys, iPods, and our tickets and backstage passes, and went back out to the lobby to meet the other kids.
We talked to a fe
:iconsammiesparxx:SammieSparxx 10 0
Rebel Love Song: Chapter Three
: || Chapter Three: Road Trip! || :
"We won't cause the pain,
Of living out their law,
Take joy in who you are,
We know our wings are flawed…"
Stormi woke me up by blasting "Fallen Angels" in my ear. That was pleasant. Apparently I forgot to set my alarm…
"Dude, how in HELL could you oversleep?"
"WHAT?" I freaked out, trying to see a clock.
Stormi sighed. "Chill. Okay, you didn't technically oversleep, but…you slept longer than I thought. Get dressed, hun, we gotta get going in half an hour."
I threw a pillow at her and she laughed, tossed it back at me, and headed up to her room. I grabbed one of my backpacks, looked through it, and pulled out my clothes for the concert. Another pair of ripped black skinnies with a violet-and-black checkerboard studded belt, knee-high violet Converse, a violet-and-black Black Veil Brides T-shirt, and my black fingerless gloves. I got dressed, and went into the bathroom to brush my hair and brush my teeth really
:iconsammiesparxx:SammieSparxx 9 6
Rebel Love Song: Chapter Two
: || Chapter Two: Breakout! || :
I sat crying on the floor of my room, listening to "Knives And Pens". How could my parents do this to me? I had Black Veil Brides posters plastered over half my room, for God's sake! Stormi sat next to me, hugging me and patting my back, telling me it way okay, that she wouldn't go to the concert without me. But I couldn't let her do that.
"No, Stormi, you're going to the concert, whether I can or not. You love BVB at least as much as I do, even if you won't admit it. Sell the ticket to some fangirl bitch. I'm sure someone'll buy it for more than it's worth." I looked away and cried a little harder.
"No, Sparxx." Stormi said, turning me back to face her. "We go to this together, or we don't go at all."
I gave her a pathetic smile. "You really don't need to—"
She cut me off. "No. We're both going to this. Why? Because you're sneaking out tomorrow night."
I looked at her, and an evil grin slowly replaced my frown, and my tea
:iconsammiesparxx:SammieSparxx 11 2
Rebel Love Song: Chapter Seven
: || Chapter Seven: The Signing! || :
Stormi and I were just finishing up helping CC with the drums, and I pretty much had to drag her away. She'd been gaping at him the whole time we were helping, and he just laughed.
"Come ON Stormi, I promised Ash we'd help him too."
"Fine." Stormi huffed. I grinned, grabbed her arm, and pulled her off.
"You could at least ATTEMPT to cover the fact that you've had a crush on him for three years!" I grinned, and slapped her back. Stormi just gave a little smile.
We walked around backstage for a while, looking for Ash, till we found him in one of the very back rooms. I knocked on the door frame when we walked in, and he started a little.
"Oh – hi!" he grinned, looking up from his bass. I bent over and saw that he was changing the strings. He was doing it the hard way, too.
"Hey, um, there's an easier way to do that…ya know, if you're interested." I muttered awkwardly. Stormi suppressed a huge giggle and had to hold
:iconsammiesparxx:SammieSparxx 13 9
Rebel Love Song: Chapter One
: || Chapter One: Happy Birthday! || :
"I cannot hide what's on my mind,
I feel it burning deep inside,
A passion crime to take what's mine,
Let us start living for today…"
I slowly blinked open my eyes, waking up to one of my favorite Black Veil Brides songs, "Rebel Love Song." I pulled off the blanket and swung my legs over the side of my bed. Jumping up, I hummed a few bars of the song, and then turned off my alarm. I grabbed a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a Black Veil Brides T-shirt off my dresser, and headed into the bathroom to shower and dress.
"Sammie! Hurry up! You're going to be late for summer band!"
"Shit!" I snarled under my breath, then added louder, "Sorry, mum! Be right down!" I pulled my sopping hair into a side ponytail, quickly brushed my teeth, then headed back to my room to get my instrument. I grabbed my black bass guitar off it's stand and hurriedly put it in it's case, snatching my purple-and-black checkerboard strap on th
:iconsammiesparxx:SammieSparxx 18 15
colitas and friends by colitas2 colitas and friends :iconcolitas2:colitas2 2 2 Golden Dashie by colitas2 Golden Dashie :iconcolitas2:colitas2 2 4 Pony's Creed by Whatpayne Pony's Creed :iconwhatpayne:Whatpayne 2,198 422


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