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Don't cry Toby

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Well made this after watch this video.. I made me cry so hard... poor Toby :/


its about 8:21 :)
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Awww I just want to give him a hug. That broke my heart :(
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And that's still not a valid point coz theres nowt wrong with being homosexual. (yep I said nowt. I am not from Yorkshire, though I am from the north of England :D)
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I always tear up after watching that ;u;

But what really gets me going are all of the comments calling him gay for crying D:<

I mean, the mans mum has lung disease for freaks sake, let a man cry, that's what his tear ducts are there for! I bet you'd cry if that was the case with your mum.

(and if not either she is horribly abusive like the mum of the child in that book called IT and A BROTHERS JOURNEY, or you have no heart. Literally, you had surgery and had it removed cause you thought it was gay to have feelings.)


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Omg yes this made me cry ~ So sweet c':
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D': Ah this interview get's to meee!! At least his mum is okay now :) *Hugs Toby*
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hey tobuscus do u need a hug and ur dog Griffin
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just have seen this pictures and i self wanted to cry D':>
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That is so sad! I just wanna hold him forever. I almost cried during this video!
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Ooh, that makes me sad too. And want to take, snuggle him up in a blanket and pet him! :)
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*I want to take him... ;P
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oooooh toby sweety hes a sweet heart lol in the midddle he was like "SHUTUP IM A FRICKN SWEATHEART"
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Did he seriously say god damn sweetheart? Or was it god dang?
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omg i almost started crying during that QAQ he is a goddang sweethart!!!
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I didn't know that.. And seeing him cry just made me bawl my eyes out.. That's so sad.. D;
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D; that made me cry...poor Toby. I'd go hug him :c
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I cried too.. I agree he is such a big sweet heart <3<3<3 He is so amazing and so is his mom <3
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Oh my God, I really almost cried. :iconsadplz: That's really sad, but seeing the "softish" side of him makes me love him more.
God bless, Toby! You're a sweet heart! :iconblush--plz:
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At the start of that clip he made a little squeak!
It was so cute and I almost wanted to cry myself!
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Awwwwwwww. :cry: Well, even funny guys cry sometimes. EXSPECALY for a family member or friend.
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gemme a hug X<
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AHHH I remember the video this was in!! I cried soo much! He is sooo sweet!
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awwww poor toby i wanna give him a hug :'( poor guy
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