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the ultimate doctor who line up... by rainbow521 the ultimate doctor who line up... :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0 All Doctors In Equestria Girls Style (updated) by rainbow521 All Doctors In Equestria Girls Style (updated) :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 2 0 bronycon appearances 4 by rainbow521 bronycon appearances 4 :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 1 0 bronycon appearances 3 by rainbow521 bronycon appearances 3 :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0 bronycon appearances 2 by rainbow521 bronycon appearances 2 :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0 bronycon appearances 1 by rainbow521 bronycon appearances 1 :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0 doctor who (the ultimate line up) by rainbow521 doctor who (the ultimate line up) :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0 Thunder blight vs rainbow whooves by rainbow521 Thunder blight vs rainbow whooves :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 2 0 All Doctors In Equesteria Girls Stiyle by rainbow521 All Doctors In Equesteria Girls Stiyle :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 1 3 OC 1 by rainbow521 OC 1 :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 1 0 A Normal Day by rainbow521 A Normal Day :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0 Goldenfox As Avgn by rainbow521 Goldenfox As Avgn :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0 Happy 18th DeviantArt by rainbow521 Happy 18th DeviantArt :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0 Happy Birthday DeviantArt by rainbow521 Happy Birthday DeviantArt :iconrainbow521:rainbow521 1 0
here we go again (a doctor who fan film short)
                                       "here we go again"
                                  a doctor who fan film short
                                   written by William Voron
(It begins with the doctor(graham bray) walking up to the tardis) doctor:well old girl other city saved,and now cybermen in site (just a broken down Cyberman shoots the doctor from behind)
doctor: arrrgh (the doctor enters the tardis and decides to take off) doctor:get use out of here old girl(the doctor badly hurt loses sight for a minute and then back again then looks down at his hands)
doctor:its starting but why this soon,cant i cherish this body for at least a little bit please(the doctor looks around but there is no answer) doctor:we
:iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0
Doctor who(the equestrian life)chapter 2
Doctor who (The equestrian life)
Chapter 2
A end to a new beginning
(5 years have pass and the doctor is more costumed to all the pony traditions and has married derpy and has a foul named dinky) and there very happy together,nothing could keep them apart except when something really bad happen the changlings attacked canterlot again but more frightening,the doctor tried to protect them but was attacked and bitten behind by a changling
Derpy:doctor!!! Doctor:go now derpy and run!!! dinky:but daddy doctor:NOW!!! (Screamed the doctor) derpy:come on dinky (while derpy and dinky run one way,The doctor walked away in another way and found his tardis.
he entered the Tardis,closed the doors, and knowing what he has to do he took off)
(derpy and dinky look up at the sky and see the Tardis hovering in the air. (Doctor turns on the intercom)
Doctor:everyone listen to me,I'm going to create a vortex using my Tardis (said the doctor) derpy:no!!! (he continues) doctor:the eye of harmony can stabili
:iconrainbow521:rainbow521 0 0


Captive - Rememberance Cover by BellBell123 Captive - Rememberance Cover :iconbellbell123:BellBell123 7 0
Angel Rebirth
On a school year, Kilyer was the school bully, and is the crualest and meanest person who ever live. He tormat student with his fist and a baseball bat, and no one challenge him, since he is bigger and tougher then anyone else. But then one day, Rober Leperte walk to Kilyer and challenge him. Rober was not tall or stronge, but he can plan and out wit him.
"So, you dare challenge me. Well then, i should make you a tome stone after i kill you."
"No you wouldn't. The people of the school had enough of you bullying, and i am here to end it. Why not we talk about this, maybe we can be friend."
As first, Kilyer brought out his hand to exchange Rober hand and shack hands. When Rober bring his hand out, Kilyer grab it and throw him to the wall. Everyone was laughing and Kilyer was going to finish the fight, when Rober move and trip Kilyer to the ground. Then Rober make a run, while Kilyer goy piss and chase him to the street.
"You are a dead man,Rober!"
Oh boy, Rober thinking to himself. When
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 41 5
Cat Costume
At a alley way, Steve and his friend, Lary, walk at a halloween store at a empty alley way. Steve had blond hair, and light bule eye. He wear a black shirt with skull's, and a blue jean. Lary had light brown hair and green eye. He is wearing a blue shirt with a binkin neko girl on it, and a brown short. They wnated to get costume for the halloween party, but they forgot that the party start today, in a few hours. Now, they walk to the store, and Steve felt something crawling on his spine.
"Hey Lary, this place feel not right. It feel like something is taking my soul out of my back. Let leave."
"No, Steve! We have to get a costumes for the party, or we will not be invite to the party. So stop being a scary cat and let get our costume."
"Fine. You didn't had to be mean."
Steve know that Lary did not belive in halloween stuff, he only getting the costume for Jean. She is the hottest and beautiful girl in their school. Lary trying to find a cool costume to impress Jean. But Steve believe i
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 268 16
Dog Moon
Jim was the bully of the school,also hair color is black,and eye is brown. Everyone laugh at him because he big and fat. He was name 'the Whale',and he get mad easily mad. The only person who care about him is Joey. Joey has black hair and green eye,also a kind person. But then one day,he saw Joey laughing with three guys,im think that they are laughing about him and he trusted Joey. Jim decide to put everyone in garbage can and then toss them to the lake. Joey came and try to stop him. "Jim,this is not the way to stop your problem." "Yes it is,since you also laugh at me and ruined my trust. If they think it was funny,let see how funny it will be when they are in the bottom of the lake." "Jim,i wasn't making joe about you,i heard that my teacher had fell into the girl room,that what i was laughing at." "LIER!" Then Jim toss Joey and run to the forest. It was getting dark,Jim was tired of running,but was also tired of being betry by the one he trust. If only he was not fat and was like
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 81 4
Tg Wish
Mit and Joe were best friend ever since they first met in elementary. Mit was a nerd who wear green shirt and brown pants,also has blue eye and white skin. While Joe is one of the cool kid,wear red shirt and blue jean,alsohas brown eye and white skin.One day,Mit saw Joe girl friend,Tracy,who was kissing witha other guy. Mit ran to Joe and told him everything,but he did not believe. The next day,Joe was seating in on the roof,crying,because his girl friend broke up with him and went to the mall with a guy. "Hey,are you okay." " heart feel like it turn into piece." Mit,feeling bad for him,wish he was a girl and could make him happy. Then,Mit saw a star glowing at the sky,and began to feel weird. His clothing fuse together and the robe grow till it rearch his leg. Then the hairs around his body fell,and his skin became smooth. Then his butt burst out,so did the hip,and the waist shrank. His hand shrank,and his shoe turn into red shoe with heel on the back. Then his hair grow til
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 157 11
Mature content
Don't Break (Juri TG/TF) :icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 52 4
Sexy Bat
Timmy was waiting for his friend,Boby,in the football field. Timmy was a bit nerdy and ugly to the cool teens. He and Boby were trying to get their stuuf back from the bully,but their stuff are in the cheerleaders room. They waited for the cheerleader to leave. "Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" "Yes,Boby,it the only way. Plus,we can look what in the cheerleaders room." When all of the cheerleader were gone,both sneak in and enter the room. Timmy seacrh for the switch,and when he did,the room was cover in red,and there was no mirror in it. "What kind of room dose those girl use. This place look like a vampire lair." While Boby look around,Timmy found their stuff under the chair,and both left the room. But then the cheerleader were waiting for them to come out. How dare you come to our home and took something that is not your." Boby was going to say something,but Timmy cut in. "Please,it was my idea. We wanted our stuff back. Please,don't get mad at Boby,he my only friend." B
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 94 5
Time power
At a house,Ben was doing his homework,decide to work on time. Time is a rift between past,present,ad future. Time control everythig that is happening and can change if someone make a choice. Ben all ways wondre if he control time. While writing his work, a portal open from behind him and made him jump off his seat. Then he could hear a girl voice saying,"Help me,please." Ben had a bad feeling,but went in anyway. Then,he found himself close to the moon,with the only thing here a pond and a banch cover in a black blanket. As he look in the pond,he could see everything that hapeen in time. The day he was born,the day he went to school,even the time he try to ask a girl out for a date. Then he jump again as he as saw a black cat behind. "Oh,it just a cat. What are you doing here?" "Don't touch me,moral." Ben jump back in shock. The cat just talk! "Yes,i can talk. I heard you want the power of time. Well,i am the time goddess." Ben was surprise that a cat is a goddess. "The reason i call yo
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 107 2
A Rosario's Secret TG (Moka Akashiya TG)
“So if I may ask, what’s your name?”
“…” There was silence, and then the person said, “My name is Jesse.”
I sat there. What was it that the person said? No way was that I. There’s no way. I can even see how the person looked… Wait a second. I never noticed till now but the person is like a shadow. I can’t even make out the form. What’s wrong here?
He laughed in a way that sounded familiar, all to familiar, as if I was the one doing it. “You are probably wondering if you’re going crazy now. Why can’t you see me? Why haven’t you noticed that you couldn’t see me till now?”
I clutched my head. I have no idea why, but this was all hurting way too much. “I-I don’t know. W-Who are you?”
The shadow made a barely visible shrug. “Were you not satisfied with my previous answer? Well, how about this one?” The voice started to become completely unrecognizable and
:icon2000redred:2000Redred 129 3
Mature content
Lilly (TF, TG) :iconanthony22fp:Anthony22FP 33 2
Whatever you say TG by forgotten90 Whatever you say TG :iconforgotten90:forgotten90 294 5 Disneyfanatic2364 doodle by BellBell123 Disneyfanatic2364 doodle :iconbellbell123:BellBell123 12 2 Happy Halloween!!! by BellBell123 Happy Halloween!!! :iconbellbell123:BellBell123 3 0 Bella PinkSavage Sketch by BellBell123 Bella PinkSavage Sketch :iconbellbell123:BellBell123 2 3 Pokey! I hug You! ^w^ by BellBell123 Pokey! I hug You! ^w^ :iconbellbell123:BellBell123 7 32 Me and Bella Fusion by DoraeArtDreams-Aspy Me and Bella Fusion :icondoraeartdreams-aspy:DoraeArtDreams-Aspy 26 4



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