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Familiar red eyes

Character  Yang Xiao Long (RWBY)Character  Adam TaurusLocation  Autobot Shuttle
As her blond hair expanded voluminously, a pair of lilac eyes gazed into his own blue ones. She blinked and seemed to think hard about something, her hair starting to glow, and she reopened her eyes... her now red eyes.
Familiar red eyes set into a familiar face, surrounded by a huge mane of hair, and though the hair was the wrong color...

Illustration commissioned by 
Scipio Smith for fanfiction "Spark to Spark, Dust to Dust" by Cyclone and Cody Fett.

The story is a crossover between RWBY and Transformers (alongside other various Hasbro works).
And sorry to spoil, but it's the scene where Yang Xiao Long and Adam Taurus realize that they are half-siblings!
Are you intrigued? Go check the fic!

Sources to read:


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ok now I'm curious tell me Blake & Yang's reaction to finding out Adam is still alive & what happens when they finally visit & Adam wakes up when they do please tell me

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How would I know that :D

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Interesting idea; love the artwork!

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Hmm...I'll favorite this one...for notes I'll say because...while I like the idea of Yang and Adam being half siblings...and mainly have to do with their semblance...but at the same time I'm not sure how well it will be executed. How can it work without making too many plot holes?

Oh and Adam being half brother to Ruby Rose. How can it work?

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I believe I can't answer this question mate, I just illustrated the scene from the fanfiction. If you want to know how well this idea was executed, you can try reading the story, the sources are in the description ^^

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What chapter does this take place?
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yes finally ive been waiting for a story where adam and yang are half brother and sisiter

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I actually disliked this plot twist originally, but I have came to appreciate this plot development as it helps flesh out where half breeds fit into the white fang plot.

Also LOVED the battle at the end of volume III for being the perfect mashup of The Fall of Beacon and the final battle in "Fall of Cybertron".

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Interesting to say the least. I didn't know who they were at first, nice crossover.

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it's an interesting idea, ari-6 did a comic of it.

i suppose it could actually be worth a shot if done in other comics too.

rainbow-zebra23's avatar

Oh yes! How could I've forgotten ari did this too! (my memory obv sucks)

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no no, you just have a lot on your plate, 2020 was a year for headaches and stress

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WOW what an interesting plot twist

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Huh, never thought i'd ever see RWBY/Transformers art.

I most definitely approve!

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Цитируя какой-то комедийный фик, где была схожая ситуация: "Рэйвен Бранвен - мать года, бля".

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Во-первых, как вы меня нашли? хД

А во-вторых, я была удивлена, но эта теория существует не только в этом фанфике :thinking:

Наверное Адама представляют сыном Рэйвен из-за их схожей цветовой гаммы.

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Искал поиском арты с Янь.

Ещё общая японско-самурайская тематика персонажей, катаны, маски гриммов и edgelord'ство.

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Well this is something I never thought I’d see 😅
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u never know what's waiting you here in my gallery

Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1]

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That’s true 😊 I love your art so much!!!
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