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The slot/queue system is in effect, look for the recent updates


price list 2021 (character art) by rainbow-zebra-art
price list 2021 (illustration) by rainbow-zebra-art

Character art examples:

Iseya Lavellan (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art    Ironwood gunslinger (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art  Floating (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Christine (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art   Family photo (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art  Karri, the Changeling Artificer (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Lola and Hank (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art  Bo Mei Zhen (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art  RWBY 2077: Edgerunner (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art  Piggyback ride (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art
DnD party (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Rebels Project (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art

Illustration examples:

Heartbreak (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Night at the office (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Familiar red eyes by rainbow-zebra-art There is no shame in being scared by rainbow-zebra-art Beacon fog (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Nigiri game (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Determination (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Waiting (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Solas x Lavellan (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art The Glade (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art To Thaw a Frozen Heart (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art Thunder and Lightning (commission) by rainbow-zebra-art


You can use drawing in any personal way you want.
You cannot use the drawing in any commercial way.
I have a right to post your commission to my social galleries stating you as a customer or keeping you anonymous if you want to. You can also post a finished commission drawing anywhere, saving my signature and stating me as an author (linking to my account/gallery is highly appreciated!).
I have a right not to post specific commissions, such as LGBTQ+ themed ones in my social galleries (I am cautious about my country’s current legislation). You, however, are absolutely free to post such drawings on your accounts!
If you do not want a commission to be posted anywhere, this adds extra + 50% of the final price (I am interested in filling up my portfolio).


After I confirm taking the order and you are satisfied with all the terms, I send the first PayPal invoice, requiring the 50% prepayment upfront. After the prepayment, I start sketching.  You can cancel the order and have your money back until I have not sent you the sketch. After the sketch is sent, you cannot return the prepayment.
When the sketch is approved, you send me the rest 50% and wait for your drawing to be done!
You can pay the full amount upfront if it is more comfortable/convenient for you.
If for any reason I will not be able to complete your commission, I will inform you and refund you the amount of payment you require.


I am sending you a sketch to confirm that I started working on your order and to know if you are satisfied with the base idea. Please understand that a sketch is usually a rough idea of the future drawing and the final result will be much better in general. You are also free to ask any questions to specify the details.
  At this stage, I can make almost any small changes you ask and 1-2 major changes for free.
  After the second major change, every next one will cost 10 USD
  Some minor changes in the final drawing can also be done for free if there was any mistake from my side.


It usually takes me a week or two to finish the commission. It depends on the complexity of the drawing and how much work I have at the moment. I will tell you the approximate time after your request.
 ● If you want your drawing to be done faster, please specify it in advance so I can tell you if I will be able to do it. However, I highly recommend you not to order if you need a fast result, because the quality of the drawing may not satisfy you.


I usually work with 2000 x 3000px3000 x 4000px canvases for character art.
Illustrations are up to 7000px.
• If you have any wishes for the image size, please specify it in advance!
• For character art, PSD or PNG file with the final character drawing on a transparent background is available when pre-requested.

Rainbow Bullet - F2U! HOW TO ORDER Rainbow Bullet - F2U! 

Make sure you've read the details below carefully and accept the terms.
Contact me by DA notes or send me an email (

Provide me with the next info:

  1. For character art: desired format (portrait / portrait with hands / half body / full body);
  2. For illustration: the description of a scene, including the character(s) and the background.
  3. Clear references of the character(s) (not necessary for canon RWBY and DanganRonpa characters);
  4. Your ideas and wishes for the drawing. Please specify anything you feel is important: clarify character’s personality, poses, examples, and so on. Also, tell me your specific wishes for the background if you have any. Let’s talk about your order more! I am interested in drawing exactly what you want.
  5. The way you would like to make a prepayment: the first 50% upfront and the rest after the sketch approval, or the entire amount at once.

After our discussion, I will tell you the total price of a drawing and the approximate time of finishing it. If everything is ok for you, I accept this order. You give me your PayPal email address and I send you an invoice for the payment. After that, I start working on your commission!

It goes without saying that I will stay in touch with you during the process.
Please do not hesitate to contact me more if you want to ask me any questions or clarify anything!

Thanks for your time!~

© 2018 - 2022 rainbow-zebra-art
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AL-818's avatar

definitely is something I would consider - I am tempted :)

rainbow-zebra-art's avatar

Hi there! Does it mean you want to grab a slot now? :D

AL-818's avatar

I think I shall, tho not sure yet on which I want... tho I know it would be them (my 3M girls) ;)

AL-818's 3M By Rongs1234 (fin)
rainbow-zebra-art's avatar

They're looking good! If you'll decide to take a slot, let me know for sure

AL-818's avatar

Probably will do the waist up (flat colors) for all 3 of them :)

Morgan1501's avatar

Glad I found this. And I also saw your latest post regarding your blood problem (sending you best wishes for a full recovery). If you're still willing and able, I will contact again once my paycheck comes in. Your drawing style fits the idea I have in mind :D Get well soon!

rainbow-zebra-art's avatar

Thank you so much! I've been in treatment for almost a month and I feel much much better. New blood tests will be soon and I'm staying optimistic!

Yamato Strong Icon

As for commissions, happy to know you're interested! I just opened new slots, so I'm definitely planning to be productive again. You can write me anytime ;3

SaltandSpice's avatar
I am suuuper interested, I just need to save up a little bit more~! Your style is so nice and I just wanna commission all of my characters XD
rainbow-zebra-art's avatar
Haha, thank you, I'm really happy to hear that!
I'll wait for u!
Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
Connor-Coccino's avatar
I need to figure out how much I got this last paycheck. Ack
rainbow-zebra-art's avatar
Llama Emoji-58 (Up and Down) [V3]
I'm happy to know you're interested~
Connor-Coccino's avatar
Would I just note you?
rainbow-zebra-art's avatar
Yes, you can either send me a note here on DA or write an e-mail to
Whatever suits you best!
knives4cash's avatar
You should submit this to the "RWBY Artists for Hire" folder! C:
rainbow-zebra-art's avatar
Oohh thanks for the tip!
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