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:star: Welcome to Rainbow-Styles.DeviantART.Com :star:

Hello, this group is for intended for those lovers of colored hair. Here you can find a range of colors, and styles. We accept all users. Anyone is allowed to join, and submit and there's no waiting required!
Remember this is not a "scene" group!! This is a group for everyone who loves their/other's colorful hair! ♥♥♥♥♥
Please read our Rules below and our How to submit! (how to submit in progress)


:bulletred: READ THE RULES! They're important in all groups. Without them there is chaos, and we don't want that! ):
:bulletorange: Please submit your photo/art into the correct folder, each folder has a guideline to the left when you open it. If your art is submitted incorrectly it will not be accepted, you're more than welcome to resubmit into the correct folder. ART CAN ONLY BE SUBMITTED INTO THE ART FOLDER!!!
:bulletyellow: We're intellectual beings, so there is no reason to spam, flame, or be rude. If this rule is broken, you'll be kicked out immediately, and your work is removed from the group. There will be no discrimination, and please note me if you see any.
:bulletgreen: Keep it pg-13, no 18+. I want everyone to have access, so everyone is an equal.
:bulletblue: Only submit your photos! Do not submit others work, that is called stealing. And good luck to you if they get a copyright lawyer. YOU CAN/WILL BE KICKED OUT. If you suspect someone is stealing art and photos please note me!

Simple and easy rules, please follow these and everything will work out wonderful!
Please note me if you have any questions at all!



:star: Thanks for visiting Rainbow-Styles :star:


Hello friends! How is everyone liking the group? I apologize for neglecting it for so long. I've been on a hiatus from dA, but I'm back in action!

I just have a few things I need to go over.

If you're unsure where you should submit your photos / art please open the Gallery folder  you think applies to your photo and read the text on the left. I do not accept incorrectly submitted photos. (ART CAN ONLY BE SUBMITTED INTO THE ART FOLDER)
If you're having trouble with understanding this please note me, I will explain it in detail. :P
If you're having issues with submitting into any folder please note me and I will try to fix this.

Everyone! I've decided to use our featured folder to hold a weekly contest. Starting tomorrow, ( Saturday ~ June 30) only submit your best into the featured folder! (:
We will allow you to submit both art, and photography into this folder. But here's the catch, On Friday (July 6th) only one photo/art piece will be accepted into the folder. This will happen starting every Saturday, and end the following Friday. Good luck!

3. Rainbow Styles, a makeup and hair blog?
Do you think we should turn Rainbow Styles into a hair and makeup blog?
Help me decide!!!

:iconimhappyraveplz:    Thanks for reading! <3 love you all!
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Welcome lover's of colorful, vibrant, BEAUTIFUL hair.
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