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Duster Ref (New Ponysona)



Freebird wasn't cutting it for me too much so I redesigned my ponysona from head to... hoof toes.

To reflect my love of history, I chose an eohippus, an ancient ancestor of the horse. And the eohippus did appear in MLP back in G1! heckyeahponyscans.tumblr.com/p…

"Duster" is a Dust Bowl era term for one of the giant dust storms. Not only is it an area of interest, but I have family history with the Dust Bowl. The cutie mark is the Photoshop pen tool, keeping with my Photoshop skills.

----- DUSTER STATS -----

Name: Duster
Species: Eohippus
Gender: Female
Age: Young adult
Pet: Chrono the Archeopteryx (named in honor of his presence being a painful anachronism)

Likes: Tea, history, binge reading on aforementioned history, Photoshopping, artificially scented things (candles, soap, etc,) Japan, sarcasm, bad literature and fanfiction, terrible things on the internet, cosplay

Dislikes: Cotton balls, humming, loud noises, being talked down to since she looks young/is small, dust (is allergic ironically enough,) dishonesty, dubstep, spicy food

(For commission purposes)
Feel free to dress Duster up! She loves cosplay. Fandoms and preferred characters...
- Team Fortress 2 (Scout and Sniper)
- Golden Sun (Felix)
- Supernatural (either Winchester brother)
- Phoenix Wright (Kay Faraday and Klavier Gavin)
- Pokemon (Pretty much any male playable character or Team Rocket uniform)
- Kingdom Hearts (any version of Sora)

- 20s and 30s American period clothing (Flappers, bootleggers, Prohibition agents, etc)
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She is adorable!