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Buttons the Mouse by Rainbow-Reverie Buttons the Mouse :iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 0 0
The Boy with the Blue Eyes
   I hate how you look when you talk about her, your blue eyes wide with excitement as you talk about her latest adventure, how funny she is, how you're so happy with her.  I hate how she clings to you when it's convenient and stomps all over your heart with her tiny Nike cheerleader shoes whenever you're down.  I hate how you're so desperate for her attention and chase her around like some lost puppy dog.  I hate how you talk to me when she's not there and then won't even look at me when she calls your name.  I hate how I want you to love me, my boy with the blue eyes, who will never really be mine.
   But the boy with the brown eyes listens.  He listens to my various hates of you and her.  He hates how I talk about you, and cling to you, and chase you around like some lost puppy dog.  He hates how I let you stomp all over my heart with your baseball cleats whenever I'm down. 
:iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 3 0
Give Peace a Chance by Rainbow-Reverie Give Peace a Chance :iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 0 0 Walking with Grandpa-deviantID by Rainbow-Reverie Walking with Grandpa-deviantID :iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 0 0
Paper World
   You lived in a paper world.  You had paper friends with paper trends living their paper lives.  You went along and you were happy because you didn't know anything but your paper world and its blandness and fragility.  You were pleased with your paper world that changed on paper whims, no matter what real things lay beyond your paper walls.
   I thought I could save you from your paper world. I thought I could take an inferno to your paper world and burn down those paper walls and let you walk free.  I thought I could coax you out of your paper shell and bring you into reality and hold you and guide you.  I thought you wanted to be saved from your paper walls because you could see past them.
   But I was wrong.  I didn't know that you were content to be a paper person in a paper world, with no desire to be free from your paper constraints.  I didn't know that you chose t
:iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 0 0
i see you
i see you
i see your perfection
the perfection you paint on
the perfection you wear
every day
i see your perfect looks
your perfect friends
your perfect life
i see you
i know that when you go home
you go surrounded by them, but alone
i know that when you cry
your perfection pools in your eyes and trickles down your cheeks
i know that when you hurt
your perfection is all there is between
i see you
:iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 1 4
down the rabbit hole
remember when we were
the crisp green grass of our yard was
the safari
a magical kingdom
i was alice
you were the mad hatter
but now
we've fallen
down the rabbit hole
we are lost
we have lost
our innocence
our playfulness
but never our smallness
our insignificance
the world outside is no longer
ripe with possibility
it is simply a place
where people are people
the fences of our yard are no longer keys to
daring adventure
they are simply fences between us
and that world we used to know
i am me
you are you
we've fallen so far
:iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 0 0
All I Had
I should have known it would end.  You and your "popular" wannabe friends and your denials and disrespect.  I should have known because it always ends.
Looking back, my only constant companion has been music.  "Friends" cycle in and out as their faults become too painfully apparent to ignore, but music is there.  Always.  Music understands.
Your face, along with many others, will fade in my memory and blur together.  All "friends."  All liars.  All two-faced backstabbers.  All the same.  But still, Bach will pick me up.  Mozart and Debussy will sing me sweet lullabies.  Chopin will give me a shoulder to cry on and John, Paul, George and Ringo will put words and melodies to emotions that seem to smother me.
So you go ahead.  Keep playing your game.  Keep living that lie.  And when you look back and realize that you had me, always, understa
:iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 0 0
Death on the Nile Characters by Rainbow-Reverie Death on the Nile Characters :iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 1 0 Give Peace a Chance by Rainbow-Reverie Give Peace a Chance :iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 0 0 Desert Sunset by Rainbow-Reverie Desert Sunset :iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 1 0 Walking with Grandpa by Rainbow-Reverie Walking with Grandpa :iconrainbow-reverie:Rainbow-Reverie 0 0


On Saturday the twenty-first of January, Elliot took a gun, pressed it to the strip of bone between his eyes, and shot himself. The bullet shattered the frontal bone of his skull, warping his features past recognition, and burrowed through his pre-frontal cortex into the midbrain. He died before the sound stopped echoing through his empty apartment.
This story isn't about that.
I worked with Elliot for only a little while—less than six months. Most of what I knew about him came from his desk. Unlike the smaller ones the secretaries and other reporters had, it was a stately, imposing thing. It would've been terrifying, especially to a mousy little girl like me, but it was covered in paperweights and spare pens and pictures of people hunting ducks. Anyway, Elliot himself denied fear: he was middle-aged, poised on the cusp between forty and fifty. His hair had already turned grey, but he didn't dye it, like he hadn't noticed he was getting older or just didn't care. He smiled more t
:iconskysongma:SkysongMA 295 86
the making of the marauders map by viria13 the making of the marauders map :iconviria13:viria13 15,799 698 why you no hug me? by briannacherrygarcia why you no hug me? :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 38,682 4,200 Thank You Harry Potter by IshaanMishra Thank You Harry Potter :iconishaanmishra:IshaanMishra 2,385 451 Harry Potter DIIIIIIES by Buuya Harry Potter DIIIIIIES :iconbuuya:Buuya 808 286 Harry Potter DH Poster by CAMartin Harry Potter DH Poster :iconcamartin:CAMartin 1,592 521 The Deathly Hallows Part2 by Flayu The Deathly Hallows Part2 :iconflayu:Flayu 13,931 1,706 Stamp - I love Pixar by CelebrenIthil Stamp - I love Pixar :iconcelebrenithil:CelebrenIthil 727 32 :the-godfather: by DxButterfly :the-godfather: :icondxbutterfly:DxButterfly 377 496
You Are Beautiful
Am I fat? Am I ugly? Am I stupid? Am I hated? Am I a failure? Am I loser? Questions. Questions we ask ourselves, questions others make us think about. The kind you ask yourself as you stare in your bathroom mirror, wondering if what they say is true; wondering if what you're thinking about yourself right now is the truth. You'll try and push your stomach in, you'll try and hide your spots, hide the wrinkles that you think you see. You will do all this and pretend; pretend to be different, pretend that this person you're imagining is who you should be; is a person better than who you are right now.
Before you know it, you're looking at those around you, wishing you were them. As you walk the halls of your school, as you walk down the nearby street. You'll convince yourself that they have everything and that you have nothing; you want their smile, their body, their hair, their face, because to you, they are better, they are something you could never be, they're beautiful and you're nothi
:iconmistergleeson:mistergleeson 849 196
subaqueous rose by loish subaqueous rose :iconloish:loish 6,852 258
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
"Robert?" came a knock at my door. I pulled out my earphones as my mid sister walked into my room. Fourteen years old, 5'1" Liz had a huge smile on her face. Her freckles were practically radiating happiness. Her baby blues had a look to them that said she wanted something. Bad.
"Robby, can you do me a huge favor?" she asked, pulling her mop of dirty blonde hair into a ponytail.
"No." I said, turning my back to her.
I could practically see her roll her eyes as she crossed the room. She dropped some car keys in my lap and crossed her arms across her chest. "Mom said you could get your car back if you do this." She said pointedly.
I looked at the keys in my hand and sighed. "Where do you want to go?"
"Drive me to art class." Liz demanded.
I looked at her and shrugged. "Get in the car."
She squealed and hugged me. "Thanks Robby!" she shouted and ran out of the room. I shook my head. Girls.
"Baby you're a firework. Come on, show them what you're worth."
"I love this song." Liz said
:iconharrypotterfan21:harrypotterfan21 4 10
Lovesong by sannnaw Lovesong :iconsannnaw:sannnaw 4,210 375 Cold Feet by ktshy Cold Feet :iconktshy:ktshy 18,679 2,192 'It's A Trap' Badge by kevinbolk 'It's A Trap' Badge :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 2,362 221



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Wow, I haven't posted very much on here.  It's time to fix that!  In the next few days/weeks/whatever I'll be posting everything I can get my hands on that I deem post-able.  So there shall be a flood of stuff soon.  :D
Hopefully my page will be a little more lively. :)

Iris Rose:rose:


Iris Rose
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hi, there. :wave:
I'm not as young as that picture up there. I've done a little growing since then. =P
I'm Iris Rose, and I'm a photographer and pencil artist, but primarily a writer. I love music, especially the Beatles, 50's rock and roll, Broadway, Disney, and classical music. As you can probably tell, I have a wide range of tastes. :D
I often write short prose pieces or poems about emotions or people (don't worry, I don't name those people ;)). I like drawing characters from books, although I'm not great at poses and making people look like people. I'm working on it. ;) I take photographs on my vacations. I often go to Beijing because of my Chinese heritage (my mom is Chinese) and I love taking pictures there at the parks and temples and around the city.
Thanks for reading and have a loverly day, dahling. :hug:

Current Residence: Neverland, USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Are you calling me fat?
Print preference: ...on paper?
Favourite genre of music: Oldies, Early Rock 'n Roll, Classical, Classic Rock
Favourite photographer: ...whut?
Favourite style of art: Anyfink
Operating System: COMPUTER!
MP3 player of choice: My LG Chocolate Touch
Shell of choice: :cough: what?
Wallpaper of choice: Anything music-related
Skin of choice: ...see "shell of choice"
Favourite cartoon character: The Beatles Cartoons and Belle from "Beauty and the Beast"
Personal Quote: I am chocoholic, HEAR ME ROAR!


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