Seeking couple art to commission/trade for!

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I was wondering if anyone was open for some quick turn around, small-budget friendly couple commissions?
Really want to try scrapping some cash together to get something fast to cheer up my boyfriend, he had a super ugly day yesterday (context)

Characters would be Viin and Foxy
Currently I have $30 to spare for something, but might be able to pull together some more cash in the next few weeks!

I'm also seeking couple art/art in general in exchange for characters. so if any characters I'm trading interest you, I'm really looking for some art right now!
You can find that character trade journal here, please don't be shy to offer!
HQ OC/CS purge (seeking art)hey guys!
I totally forgot I even had this journal at all, I remembered that it exists and figured I'd bump it again!
I have more characters than I know what to do with and I will be stepping away from CS communities due to my life being way too busy, so I really want to trade away CS and trade or sell OCs I have that I can part with.
-ART! (whatever you offer must be completed in like 3 weeks unless otherwise discussed. I'm totally fine to wait longer on something I am very interested in, I just want it to be discussed prior and there to be consistent, easy communication. If you disappear for like weeks and weeks or months go by with no progress or communication/don't respond to me, the trade is cancelled. :/ Don't offer something you can't deliver in the time you have said you will do it! I've been left hanging by way too many people waiting over a year or more on something, and I won't do that anymore :/ )
-Cash (PayPal) (cannot accept cash for some CS as per their TOS)

Please let me know and link prices/examples, I will hold onto this journal for general future reference too of artists/price sheets I might not know of and check back at later times!
I would also be open to doing art trades of these kinds of busts for couple art, just let me know what you're offering for one/however many!
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Hi~ Are you still searching for commission? If so, I'm opening commission. I'm okay with drawing furries/animal~ :D (Big Grin)
Please take a look at my commission journal and examples below. Hope you're interested Love
    [Commission] Racoon Race - Original Character by pawpaul  [Commission] Ouchh by pawpaul   [Commission] Hi-Five! by pawpaul Zack's Little Family by pawpaul [Contest] Pantsu by pawpaul
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If this is still open I can offer my art
I could do bothbut due to the complexity it’d be a bit over $30...
But even so I can offer chibis of them?
Here is my gallery…
And prices…
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I would love too! I currently have a YouTube : Spunkeii, where you could view my most recent art of just my gallery of old art! I'm bad at pricing though, lol.