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Hello all!

Hope everyone has been well, and keeping safe and healthy. I have been working diligently these last few days on Re-Launching my Patreon, and the bulk of the set up is now all done!

I have a public blog post on my Patreon explaining in detail what I learned from the first time I tried Patreon, why it didn't work out, and what to expect from the Re-Launch moving forward.

Find the post here!

Find my Patreon page here!

Through Patreon, I want to include and involve my audience into the decisions and process of my work, and give back to the community that has uplifted and helped shape me as an artist. I will be creating at least 1 Patron-Sponsored art piece a month, and 1 Patron-Sponsored Presentation where patrons can directly influence and contribute to the decisions of what I work on, and what projects I create. Patrons will be able to suggest and vote on ideas for each.

My other passion in addition to art, is mentoring. Down the road in my life, I would love to teach art at the college level because I love sharing what I know and helping out other artists on their own path to success. Before then, I can reach out and provide feedback and instruction via Patreon!

Available through Patreon, I will be creating a monthly instructional presentation that patrons will be able to submit suggestions for and vote on. I will also be responding to Patron submitted questions to answer as well! I hope to give patrons here fun, inside looks into my work, and foster a wholesome community around art.

For artists who are looking for a much more intense instructional experience, I offer completely personalized Art Mentorships, check out the Art Mentorship Tier for more information. I have a formal art education, my BFA is in Illustration + Entertainment Design. I would love to help other artists succeed in their goals by passing on the knowledge I have amassed over the years, and offer other artists access to a lot of the information I learned in art school for a slim fraction of the cost.

I have a few different tiers available, and my lowest is only $1.50! My second is $6. With the $6 tier, you will be able to give direct input on what I make for the Patreon-Sponsored Monthly content along with other perks. Thats less than the cost of a large Starbucks coffee per month!

I also want to put it out there, I am not here on Patreon to make money. I do not expect to make much off of Patreon, if anything at all. My main reason for Re-Launch was to kickstart my productivity again, and create a better work schedule for myself. I am here to try and foster a community of shared passion, connect with others who enjoy my content, and create healthy productivity habits I excitedly look forward to. I want to find fun ways to involve and give back to the very audience that means so much to me, and I hope that you would like to join me on this adventure.

All the best,


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