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DnD Character Lineup

By Rainbow-Foxy
Hey guys! Here's my final project/character lineup for my character design class this semester. It was super crunch time/death time for this project because I had only three weeks to not only design these characters and procure a lineup, but each character also had to have a front, back, and side view model sheet. Final lineup had to be lined and colored, model sheets could be just lined. I unfortunately couldn't finish the model sheets. :/ I had to leave them as sketches; I just didn't have enough time due to not only having to balance and manage five other demanding classes, but my semi-realistic and detailed style is a lot more time consuming.

I had to speed through this and worked such long hours to get this done the day it was due that I made myself pretty sick. I can't call it my best wrk since I really had to rush and speed through this when I would have favored taking my time. Maybe some day I will revisit and finish this up and polish it better so I can use in my portfolio body of work.

I'm getting really interested in DnD and want to play, but in addition to doing these from a personal player choice standpoint, I also approached this project from a standpoint of wanting to offer DnD based commissions for private and commercial freelance projects in the future; I think it would be super cool to one day be part of the contributing illustrators for the DnD manuals/books or merchandise, to keep on helping the magic happen for one of the most widely played fantasy RPG games :)

You'll likely be seeing more of these characters in the future! I'll likely be using them for personal projects, and hope I can do some digital paintings in the future. Enjoy!

Artwork and characters/character designs © Rainbow-Foxy, do not repost, re-distribute, use, edit, etc. without express and explicit permission

DO NOT repost my work on tumblr, Facebook, Google+, or use for roleplay without permission.

if you find my work posted without credit and on any other sites/accounts other than mine listed here:, it has been reposted WITHOUT permission
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these people are SO PRETTY! Great work! You did a wonderful job!
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wowwww, even your 'loose' style looks SO nice!! I'm especially fond of that dragony guy, eeeeee~ uvu ♥
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Looks damn cool, Rainbow-Foxy. ^^