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I hope that someone gets this.
So, in the 80s, The Police was a band that was doing really well. And they had a LOT of money. Sting even decided that he was going to reinvest some of his money, and one of the investments happened to be Nintendo, which he was a big fan of. He saw Donkey Kong and knew it was going to take off, and when Nintendo's first home system was announced, he jumped at the opportunity. Remember, though, it was supposed to be a Family Computer. So he put his money towards the development of a cart that would have an operating system for simple tasks like accounting and word processing with a keyboard attachment. Obviously, we never got those attachments, though we do have pics of them from an old trade show, and the software itself never materialized, but because Sting had put so much into its investment, he had a beta version of it. Apparently, someone in the emulation community caught wind of this, and got into contact with Sting. He sent the programmer the cart, who copied the data and sent it
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Things I like.


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I'm a 20 year old kid from 'Straya, who likes to draw
I Myself feel like I'm a terribad drawer and I can only find out if I'm bad if someone says so in the comments of a drawing I did.

I Like Pokemon and Rick and Morty.
they are pretty good...

Anyho that's all I have to say right now... o^o

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I put way too much effort into that gore...
I woke up to the sound of snorting, and a banging on the dash. "Ugh, F-Fuck." I heard Venom mutter. "I can't believe you're still doing that shit in my car." I said with a tired croaky voice. "Well I'm not the one who almost got us killed." He said through his grinding teeth. "Well I'm not the one who forced someone to take a drug they didn't want to take." I snapped back. "Okay, okay." He said, knowing I was right. "Anyways, I got another location we need to go to." He said opening up his phone's GPS. "Hold up. You told me you just needed me for that other job." I said slightly agitated. "I said I would call you when I needed you, I didn't tell you how much work you would be doing." Venom replied pulling a Sawed Off Shotgun from his backpack.

"If you even think for a second that I'm going to be using that, then you can forget it." I said blankly. "Well... I was thinking that-" "Get out." I said, cutting Venom off. "Excuse me?" He replied getting a serious tone in his voice.

"Get. The Fuck. Out. I am so fed up with your shit at the moment. We almost DIED yesterday and you want me to go and use that thing? Fuck that." I said angrily. "Well it's not easy on me either! My job is to kill my god damn brother! If you had let me finish I was going to say you won't HAVE to use it. I just need you to, y'know, kidnap him." He said, his voice sort of trailing off towards the end of his sentence. "Oh yeah, like THAT'S any better." I replied rolling my eyes.

"We're not going to kill him! I'm doing this to get him out of here! it was either I killed him or we both died." He said shakily, I could tell he was having a hard time with this, but something about it seemed... Off. "F-Fine, where are we going?" I said reluctantly. Venom then put the GPS onto the dash and started the trip. "Just follow the directions." He said quietly, I then started my car and pulled off onto the highway.

After about half an hour we pulled up outside an abandoned trailer park. Only one of the apartments looked like they weren't completely destroyed. I switched off the car and looked to Venom, who handed the butt of the shotgun towards me, I then sighed and grabbed the gun. "Okay, What do I do?" I asked opening up the gun to two slug rounds in the chambers. "Just, get him into your car. You don't have to use that gun, just get my brother out of there." He said with that serious tone, but I swear I could've seen him smirk a little bit, like he was up to something. "O-Okay..." I muttered. "Just that not so run down looking house there." He said his tone seeming to change immediately, making me even more nervous. "You going to get out there? Or are you just gonna sit there in silence?" He asked. I huffed angrily and got out of the car and slowly walked towards the trailer.

"Okay Maya. Finger off the trigger, unless I know I'm going to shoot." I muttered to myself nervously. I then reached the door, my hands shaking like crazy. Eventually I mustred up the courage to bang on the door, no one answered. I then heard a gun cocking behind me. I froze, a wave a panic rushing over me. "Turn around, slowly." I heard the voice say, I did what he told me to, my shotgun aimed at him, him aiming a revolver at me. "Looks like we got ourselves a standoff. Who are you?" He asked, his finger on the trigger, I cautiously brought my finger down to the trigger on my gun as well, he didn't notice luckily.

"Name. Now." He said with a serious tone. "I-I-I. I- Uh.." I stammered, scared for my life. "Whatever your name is it shouldn't be that hard to remember. NAME." He said raising his voice a little. "Maya." I replied quickly. "Maya eh? You're not the person our boss sent to kill this guy." He chuckled. "Where's Venom?" The man asked. I stood in silence, a million thoughts rushing through my head. "Don't play games with me." He said angrily. but I was locked up, I felt like I couldn't respond, "Fine, you want to play games?" He said as he opened up his gun and emptied all but one bullet. He then spun the chamber and clicked it shut quickly aiming the gun at my head.

My eyes went wide, and before I could react he pulled the trigger, the gun's hammer snapping down and clicking. A rush of relief went through me I breathed out. "Nice, but you're not out of the woods yet." He said cocking the gun once more and pulling the trigger, I yelped in fear. "Ohhh, someone scared?" He chuckled sinisterly, cocking the gun one more time. "S-Stop." I muttered as I felt my hand start to tighten around my shotgun's grip.  "Well she has a voice after all! Too bad it wont be around for lon-" BANG! I heard as a flurry of blood splattered everywhere, covering me, my arms hurt from the recoil, I then heard a loud thud as the man's body hit the ground. I couldn't look down, I didn't just do that did I?

I heard the door behind me open. "Wh-Who are you?" I heard the voice say. I couldn't move, I was trying to process what just happened. The voice behind me then noticed the body. "Fuck! D-Did you do that?" The person behind me stammered, I felt like I was about to pass out, I stumbled back to the door frame, I then reluctantly looked down at the man's corpse, bits of his skull laying around the place, half his head was taken clean off, "O-Oh god." I muttered, feeling sick. "H-Hey, hey, come inside..." I heard the voice say as he lifted my right arm over his shoulder, he then lead me into his house and laid me down on the couch, I looked down at myself noticing bits of what looked like brain on my clothes, seeing this made me feel something coming up. "B-Bucket." I stammered holding my hand in front of my mouth. "Oh shit- y-yeah." He said quickly grabbing a bucket from his cupboard and bringing it over to me.

I puked almost as soon as the bucket was in my hands. The man helping me putting his left hand on my back to console me. "Y-You should go clean yourself up, I have some clothes you can borrow." He said, rubbing my back. I starred dead ahead, saying nothing. "You're pretty shell shocked. Well, I don't know you, and I don't want to give out any real names yet, so you can just call me Cable." He said in a soft voice, I still felt like I couldn't respond.

"Well, I'm going to go run you a bath alright?" He said, standing up. "Alcohol." I muttered quietly. "Hm? I'm sorry?" He said turning to me. "Whiskey. Vodka. Tequila. I don't care, just some alcohol please." I said blankly, still starring into nothing. "U-um, sure." Cable said going over to a liquor cabinet and getting out a bottle of Whiskey and a glass, he started to pour a glass as he came back over to me, but I quickly swiped the bottle away from him and started to chug a few gulps.

"First time?" He said with a slight chuckle, but quickly losing the smirk on his face when he remembered I was having a very hard time processing it. "S-Sorry." He said with a sheepish look. The alcohol didn't take long to numb my body, and dull my anxiety. I took a deep breath and finally spoke. "Fucking Venom. 'Won't have to use it' he said." I said, holding back the urge to scream. "Wait, Venom's here?" Cable asked getting a slightly angry look on his face. "Yeah, he told me I needed to come get you, so he can get you out of here because some boss or whatever wanted to kill you guys." I said, the alcohol setting in more.
"Wait, what boss? We work alone." As Cable said that I quickly realised what happened. "THAT CUNT SET ME UP!" I yelled. "Looks like it. Where is he? I'm going to need to get rid of that body, and I doubt you're wanting to look at it anymore than you needed to." He replied.

"In my car out front, Blue Mini, can't miss it." I said taking another gulp from the bottle, starting to get a little dizzy as the alcohol continued to take effect. "Okay, I'll go have a talk to him." He said as he stood up, walked to the front door and exited.

I laid back down on the couch, and a few moments later I overheard Venom and Cable outside. "Jesus, Nice going Maya you shot the shit out of that guy!" Venom laughed, seeming completely unphased at the loss of life. "Yeah nice going, now she's on my couch drunk and freaking out!" Cable replied angrily. "What's your fucking problem? Hiring a hitman like that to take out someone working for you?" Cable asked, still angry. "I DID give her a gun." Venom said, trying to justify it. "Yeah, a gun she clearly didn't want to use.... Just- Whatever, help me with this body before the cops are called."

Soon after, the door opened and Venom and Cable were dragging the corpse across the room to the back of the house, I caught another glimpse of the now non-existent head, letting out a groan and quickly looking away. After a few more minutes Venom and Cable came back out, Cable looking like he wanted to strangle Venom. "Hey, hey! How's my little killer eh?" Venom said with a big grin. I looked at him with an intense glare, I then took another swig and stumbled up onto my feet. "M-Maya?" Venom asked his smirk slightly fading. I then stumbled forward a little and swung the bottle hard at his head, the bottle shattering on impact. Cable started to laugh.

"AGH! WHAT THE FUCK!?" Venom yelled, gripping his head bits of glass stuck in a few places. "YOU FUCKING SENT ME OUT HERE TO GET KILLED!" I shouted, Cable immediately stopped laughing. "YOU TOLD ME WE WERE COMING TO GET YOUR BROTHER! BUT YOU PULL A FUCKING PSYCHO OUT ON ME!? YOU DRAG ME ALONG TO SOME DRUG DEAL, GET MY DREAM CAR ALL JACKED UP! And, if THAT weren't enough, YOU HAD TO MAKE ME TAKE METH! Which by the way ALMOST GOT US KILLED! And you're asking ME 'What the fuck!?'" I continued shouting, Venom and Cable remained silent. "And to top it all off. Your complete insanity lead me to doing something I never wanted to do. THAT I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT I WOULD DO! AND I HAVE TO LIVE WITH THAT NOW. You psychopathic cunt! I wish you were the one that got that slug round!" After my rant I sat back down on the couch. "M-Maya, come on, I'll run you a bath, you need some alone time." Cable said softly as he stood me up and lead me to his bathroom. Venom remained silent.
Cable started to run the bath, and went and got me some spare clothes.
"Relax, clear your head. No one is able to prepare themselves for that, but know that you're alive, you protected yourself... Just-.... Get yourself cleaned up. You can stay here for the night if you need to." Cable said, still sympathetic. I nodded. "Thanks." I said monotonously.

"You'll be okay." He said putting a hand on my shoulder, before leaving to have another argument with Venom.

I then got undressed and slipped into the bathtub. The blood on my hands seeping into the water.


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Shut Up and Drive
Can you handle the curves? Can you run all the lights? If you can, baby boy, then we can go all night ‘Cause I'm 0 to 60 in three point five baby, you got the keys. Shut up and drive (drive, drive, drive)


"Where the hell are we going anyways?" I asked Venom cautiously as I clasped my steering wheel with a king kong grip. Not seeing him in his police uniform kind of worried me a bit. "I said I would call in a favour when I needed you, no questions asked." He said seeming somewhat disgruntled that I even dared ask. "Okay, but why are we bringing MY car?" I asked with a very protective look, I barely wanted to drive it I loved it so much.

"If you must know, there's a very, VEEERRY small chance I might need a getaway car." Venom said, putting an awful lot of emphasis on 'very'. "So you decide to pick my dream car, great." I say with a grumpy tone. "Hey, a SMALL chance, okay?" He said trying to reassure me, but each mile we drove on the highway, the more I felt that something would go wrong. "Okay then, in the event that something DOES go wrong, what am I supposed to do?" I asked as we pulled up to the place Venom had directed me to. Venom then pulled out a gold and black Sea Eagle pistol, "J-JESUS!" I yelled the second I saw it. "Just-... Wait here okay?" He said seeming impatient. He then opened the door. "I'll be back in a minute." He said as he racked the pistol. He then proceeded to get out of the car and hide his Seagle behind his back, covering it with his hoodie.

I sighed and started tapping on my steering wheel while I waited. "Uhhhhh, buh buh bap bap bahhhhh. Nyehhh. Tsk tsk tsk. Nya nya nya." I mumbled, making noises to try and pass the time. After about 10 minutes I heard two loud bangs, I turned to where the sound came from to see Venom with a backpack sprinting full pelt towards my car. "START THE ENGINE NOW!" He yelled to me. I panicked and frantically grabbed my keys and shoved them into the ignition turning the car on, hearing that engine roar once again. Venom quickly jumped into the car. "W-What happened!?" I quickly questioned. "Shut up and drive!" He yelled. I jumped and quickly slammed my foot down on the accelerator, leaving a big cloud of dust behind me.

"Man your car does NOT fuck around does it? That smoke screen can give us plenty of time to get a head start!" Venom said with excitement. "H-Head start!? What the hell is happening!?" I asked anxiously as I drifted onto an abandoned airfield nearby.

"Okay, there MIGHT be some really fucked up dealers chasing us right now." As Venom said that, I quickly looked in the rear view mirror, to see a couple of muscle cars and motorcycles chasing after us. "SHIT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT DID YOU DO!?" I shouted as I darted my eyes back to the dusty road. Venom then opened the backpack pulled out a small blue crystal. "Ahh, I've earned this." He said as he crushed the crystal into a dust on my dashboard and quickly snorted it. "Please don't tell me that's what I think it is." I said, my hopes of getting out of this situation without dying seeming to drop with each passing second. Venom then jolted forward. "WOOOOO! NOW THAT HAS A KICK TO IT!" Venom shouted excitedly. "Yep, it's what you think it is! I JUST ROBBED FIFTY GRAND AND A POUND OF METH FROM A BIKER GANG!" That was forward. I was speechless, just starring dead ahead. "MAYA PICK UP THE PACE!" He shouted noticing I was lifting my foot off the accelerator.  I quickly snapped out of it and pushed the pedal to the floor.

As I did that, I started hearing loud pops followed by clunks on my car. "OH YOU WANNA HAVE A LITTLE GUN FIGHT HUH?" Venom yelled as he smashed the window on his side.
"DUDE!" I yelled punching him in the arm, "Oh I guess you want to be shot then?" He said before aiming his pistol out the broken window and blind firing, hitting one of the people on the bikes.  He continued to fire until he hit a tire on one of the cars, totalling the gang chasing after us.
"AND THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE!" Venom yelled, his energy never seeming to drop, he cheered and fired a few rounds into the air out the window. I drifted off of the airfield and back onto the highway. I sped away, pulling to the side of the highway after about 10 minutes.
Venom had started breathing quickly. "Aww, come on, why are you stopping? I need to feel the speed of this car!" He said laughing like a maniac, I was catching my breath. Thankful that I was alive. But giving Venom a death stare for what he had in his hands.

"Jeez, you look like you need a bump." He said, as he pulled out a knife and picked up some of the dust from my dashboard onto the tip of the knife, and held it towards me.

"Are you fucking kidding me!?" I asked, like he was an insane person. "Does it look like I'm kidding?" He said with a very serious tone. "Look, Venom. I appreciate you getting me that stuff when we met, but if this is the sort of thing you're gonna have me doing, then I don't think I want to work with you..." I mumbled still trying to comprehend what just happened.

"Come on, just a little bump, it's like nothing you've ever felt before... Maybe it'll get you feeling a little less pissy at me." He said with his deep aggressive tone, that somehow was inticing at the same time. "Get out of my car." I said monotonously. "Excuse me?" He said cocking his Seagle. My heart dropped, I looked at the pistol and then I looked him in the eyes, a very serious look on his face as he held the meth covered knife tip towards me.
"Take. It." He said angrily with a sinister smile. I knew then that I was working for a truly insane person. "U-Uhm." I hesitated. "I-I promised myself I never would." I mumbled. "Well you already have, those pills you took for your little Hippy Flip with Chloe? Pure shard. Take it."
Knowing I had no other choice I looked at the knife and back at the road, and then back at the knife again. "Fuck, God help me." I said quickly as I pushed my nose down on the dust and sharply inhaled.
Almost instantly I was hit with a wave of pure energy, my eyes went wide, a lot of my body started twitching and I started to grind my teeth. "HOLY FUCK!" I shouted as pure euphoria rushed through me like a bullet train.

I lifted up my hands and saw that they were shaking violently. "L-LOOK AT THIS VENOM! LOOK AT MY FUCKING HANDS! LOOK AT THIS SHIT!" I said seeming overly interested in how much I was shaking. Every breath I took felt like my lungs had collapsed, even though I knew I was getting a full breath of air. I started to sweat, beginning to feel sort of anxious. "G-G-Gah. F-F-Fuck! Wh-What did you M-make me do!?" I yelled, an intense look of fear on my face. "Hahaha, God, I didn't think you'd actually do it! Now, don't worry, fear is a normal thing on ice." He spoke in a reassuring voice. His sinister smile seeming to stretch out, revealing several rows of teeth. "GGAAAHH! YOU MADE ME DO THIS!" I shouted as I slammed my foot onto the accelerator speeding towards a small town.

"W-Woah there Maya, you just got your cherry popped, you should take it easy." Venom said, his sinister smirk fading. The speedometer increasing quickly, 40MPH, 70MPH, 100MPH. Venom then started to get nervous as I drifted into the town, stopping at the end of a street, a large solid building at the other end.

"M-Maya, what are you doing?" Venom asked cautiously. "GETTING MYSELF OUT OF THIS NIGHTMARE!" I shouted as I slammed the pedal down once more. 70MPH, 130MPH, 200MPH, closer and closer this building got.
"M-Maya seriously slow down." He said tapping my shoulder, his cocky attitude seeming to vanish completely.

"OHHH BOY VENOM! WE'LL BE OUT OF HERE IN NO TIME!" I yelled showing that I wasn't listening to him. I couldn't. The drug had completely taken over me.

"MAYA WE ARE GOING TO DIE IF YOU DON'T SLOW DOWN NOW!" The building was nearing us, if I didn't break now, we would surely die.

"MAYA STOP!" He shouted, suddenly, the high fleeted, and I realised what I was doing. "SHIT!" I yelled slamming my foot down on the break, the car screeching to a halt and stalling only a few inches away from the wall that would've killed us.

I was catching my breath, hyperventilating. Venom had covered his eyes at this point. "Are we dead?" He asked softly. I turned to him giving him another death stare. He slowly lowered his arms to see that we were still alive. He then saw me and my furious look on my face.

"Never. EVER. Give me that stuff again." I grumbled, practically yelling. Venom looked shook, he saluted to acknowledge that he shouldn't have forced me to take anything. ESPECIALLY while I was driving. But I felt myself coming down now.

"You're paying for my car repairs." I said as I started the car up once more and shifted it into reverse, pulling back onto regular roads. "I think you've earned at least that." Venom said starring dead ahead, seeming to not want to fuck around with me at this point. "That cash in that bag is mine too." I said with an angry monotone voice.

"Don't push it. Just shut up and drive."


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Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Suddenly Someone is there at the turnstile a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

I woke up with a slight hangover, nothing a few cups of water couldn't fix though. But I couldn't stop thinking about last night, I got out of the bed where Chloe laid next to me, I almost forgot I wasn't at my apartment, I got up and snuck over to her liquor cabinet and poured myself a drink. "Fuck water." I said to myself as I downed the double whiskey, and placed the glass back on the table.

"H-hey Maya. What'cha doing?" Chloe yawned, probably woke up from the noise I was making. "I pinched some whiskey. Sorry." I said with a monotone voice. "It's fine, mi casa es su casa." She said rubbing her eyes. "Thanks Chlo." I said, continuing to have barely any emotion in my voice. It was then we heard a knock on the door.
"Come in." Chloe said with a smile, thinking it was her boss or something, boy was she scared when she saw it was Venom at the door, her room was pretty open. Bong on the table, Q of weed next to it, mushrooms in a jar on her shelf,  
"Afternoon ladies." Venom said tipping his police cap. "GAH! O-Officer, I SWEAR THE DRUGS AREN'T MINE!" Chloe practically screamed, throwing her hands up, worried she was about to get arrested for drug possession. I burst out laughing at her reaction. "Hi Venom." I giggled, watching Chloe try to figure out what was happening. "Wait.. You-... You know him?" She asked cautiously. "Where do you think I got those drugs the other night?" I chuckled. "NOT FROM A COP!" She snapped back.

"Girls! Calm down, I actually am here about a noise complaint from that 'other night', witnesses report one girl screaming at the other, either of you want to tell me what that was?" He asked with a more serious tone. "Bad Hippy-flip trip." I responded. "MAYA!" Chloe yelled thinking I was insane for telling an officer this. "Woah, you went balls deep that night, didn't you?" Venom laughed, knowing that we were idiots for even thinking of trying that. "Never mix drugs without a trip sitter... That's what my brother always tells me anyways, if I'm being honest he's a bit kooky with drug safety and stuff... Anyways, since I'm here, you girls want anything?" He asked, walking over to the bong and taking a hit. "Got some crazy top shelf weed from evidence lockup, much better than the crap you gals are smoking right now." He said, proceeding to cough pretty hard. "Yep, definitely better than this stuff."
"A Q of that would be awesome." I said, then looking to Chloe. "Anything you want?" I asked, Chloe looked at me like I was insane, then looking to Venom. "First one's free." He said with that weirdly pleasant yet sinister smile. "U-U-uhh. I-. Um... S-Some acid would be awesome." Chloe stammered, still processing that a crooked cop was in here with us. "Okay, I'll be back with your stuff then." He grinned as he left to get our orders. "Is this happening? Maya are we still on that Hippy-Flip Trip?" Chloe asked, looking confused. "I feel sober, plus it's been way more than six hours, so yes this is happening." I laughed, knowing she was being silly.

After a few minutes Venom came back, "Tabs for the punk rock girl." He said chucking a plastic bag with 4 tabs in it to her. "And a Q of Nova OG for you. That'll be 80 bucks." Shit. I forgot I used up my freebie. "Uhhh. I'm kind of broke at the moment... You know what? Don't worry about it." I said waving him off. "I never said there was only one way of paying me." He chuckled. "I'm not having sex with you." I said rolling my eyes. "Hey, you said it, not me." He laughed. "But seriously, you take this, and I'll call in a favour when I need it, no questions asked." He then chucked me the quarter-ounce bag. "U-Uhm. S-sure." I mumbled, hoping I wouldn't have to do anything too crazy, a part of me wondered why I even agreed to it.

"Great, I'll let you know when I need you. Til' next time, friends." Venom said before casually saluting and leaving, closing the door behind him. I stuffed my weed into my pocket and looked to Chloe "What just happened?" She asked almost as soon as the door was closed. "Exactly what I thought when I first met him." I chuckled. "Well, regardless, I got some acid, you got some weed, feel like going on a trip with Lucy?" She said opening up her baggie of tabs. "Really? Just two days after we had a bad trip?" I said getting a slight concerned look. "you don't HAVE to. I did kind of force your hand with the last trip, so this one is totally up to you." She said, giving me the option to leave it alone. I thought about it for a moment. "Fuck it, throw me a tab." I said walking over to her and sitting down on the bed next to her. "Okay, Ready?" She asked letting me pick a tab, I picked up a random one from the baggie, having it sit on the tip of my finger, Chloe then did the same. "On Three? One, Two-." We then both dropped our tabs, I took a deep breath and decided to completely forget about a few nights ago, from here on out, whatever happens, happens.

But I still couldn't shake this feeling of slight anxiousness, I took another deep breath, this one seeming a little more forced. "You alright?" Chloe asked. "I dunno, I guess I'm just a little worried about what might happen, I haven't had real acid before."  I said, my hands shaking a little. "Hey, hey, shhh. Don't worry, everything will be fine." Chloe reassured, laying me down. I took another deep breath. "Okay, I think I'll be good." I said, beginning to feel a slight tingle throughout my body, I starred dead ahead up at the roof. "Still anxious?" Chloe asked proceeding to sit on top of me. "Y-yeah, a little." I said taking another deep breath. "Is my chest supposed to feel this constricted?" I said, trying not to think too much about it. "Yeah, that's quite normal." Chloe said with a smile, her reassuring tone and words helping me relax. "Do you need a hug?" She asked with her cute smile.

"A hug would be awesome!" I said perking up a little, getting a warm sense of love flow into me. We then both hugged, it felt like our bodies were melting together, in the best way imaginable. We held our hug for a long time, but it didn't matter, I felt a true sense of comfort and connection holding Chloe close to me. Chloe then pulled away from the hug, took off my beanie and ran her fingers through my hair. "Your hair is so beautiful." She said, her fingertips feeling like a beautiful massage every time she adjusted my hair. I started to blush a little. "Hehe, what a charmer you are." I giggled, the warm tingle beginning to feel more prominent inside me. "I try my best." Chloe smiled, her energy was a lot more relaxed compared to our last trip, it made me feel a lot better about how this trip would go.

I then started to feel a sense of euphoria wash over me. I laid back, this warm glowing feeling intensifying, the room around me started to seem all the same, but different at the same time. Walls looked like they were melting, and breathing. But it wasn't scary, I was too enveloped in this blissful state. Chloe got off from on top of me and laid down next to me, wrapping her doona cover over the both of us, I leaned over onto my side and closed my eyes, the closed-eye visuals looking like an infinite amount of eyes looking over me. I hummed and smiled and then muttered "I love you Chlo." Without thinking.

"I heard that." Chloe giggled, I opened my eyes. "Oh? Did I actually say that?" I chuckled sheepishly. "Can't take it back now. Love you too Maya." She giggled, kissing me on the lips.
I was quite surprised at her being so forward. But it felt incredible. We both starred at eachother, I was getting lost in her beautiful cyan eyes, her iris' being eaten up by her dilating pupils.

Then suddenly, I couldn't hold my feelings back, and moved in for a deep kiss, our lips locked and our tongues connected. I quickly realised what I was doing and pulled back. "Ah! I- Um... S-sorry." I mumbled, feeling embarrassed. Chloe laughed. "First time with a girl eh?" She said getting back over me, she then leaned down and continued the passionate kiss I moved myself away from. The sense of loving connection coming back. I melted inside and got lost in our kiss, any anxiety that I had before was gone, I felt like I was with someone who truly cared about me.

Chloe then pulled away from the kiss. "How did that make you feel?" She smiled, asking if I really meant my 'I love you' to her. "I-... I'm not sure really." I said, feeling a little confused as to what I wanted from our friendship. "You look like you need a cigarette." She laughed, reaching over to her bedside table, grabbing my packet of smokes and handing me a cigarette. She then grabbed herself one, she then took my hand and lead me to the back alley.

Once out back, I leaned against the bonnet of my car, looking up at the starry night sky, almost being drowned out by the city lights. The city and the sky both glistening like the shiniest diamond you could ever possibly see. "Everything you hoped for?" Chloe asked softly as she lit her cigarette. "Jury's still out... You know for as fucked up as this city is, you can't deny that view." I replied, starting to look for my lighter, I felt around in my pockets looking for my lighter, I then grabbed onto something I completely forgot I had.

I pulled my switchblade out of my pocket and pressed the button, the blade quickly snapping open. "Cool knife." Chloe said, looking at the hand I was holding the blade in. "thanks." I said as I closed it again, getting some bad thoughts from the sight of it. "Can I borrow your lighter?" I asked, as she chucked it to me. I then lit my cigarette too and started to take some drags to try and get my mind off of these invasive thoughts.

"Hey, are you alright? You seem quiet." Chloe asked with slight concern. I looked over to her and looked away again. "Hm? N-No I'm fine." i mumbled, twiddling the switchblade handle in my hand, my mind continuing to get filled with horrible thoughts.

'go finish him, kill him, he's done so much shit to you, just end it, he's taken over your apartment, TAKE IT BACK!'

I shook my head trying to stop these thoughts, but I couldn't stop thinking about what Aleks had done to me the night prior, feeling a scary sense of revenge begin to overwhelm me.
I looked down at my switchblade again, and couldn't stop my thoughts, I pulled out my keys and headed to the driver door. I then got in and started up the engine. "M-Maya?" Chloe said wondering what I was doing, thinking she wouldn't have time to stop me from driving off she quickly got in the car with me. "Maya, what are you doing? You shouldn't be driving under the influence." I just sat in the drivers seat, with my hands gripped to the steering wheel tight, my blade still in my right hand. "What do you intend on doing with that switchblade?" Chloe asked nervously.

I then started to drive off, and head towards MY apartment. "It's mine and I refuse to have this abusive cunt in my place." I grumbled, pressing down on the accellerator, picking up the speed.  "M-Maya, you're scaring me, just pull over and think about what you're doing for a second." Chloe said anxiously, but before she knew it we were pulling up to my driveway.

I quickly got out of the car powerwalking to the front door. But Chloe got out and grabbed my shoulder turning me around. "Maya!" She yelped, hoping to talk me out of whatever I planned on doing. "What Chloe? I can't let someone like Aleks take over MY life, MY apartment, MY home. He fucking assaulted me, and you think he should just get away with that?" I said angrily, Chloe was able to keep her cool though. "No I don't, but there are better ways of dealing with it than pulling a knife on him." Chloe said putting her hands over mine.

I took a deep breath and sighed, maybe she was right, I just needed to let him go. "What's going on? Who's there?" Aleks said stumbling out the front door clearly drunk, and suddenly everything Chloe had just said to me went away, I got my angry look back, and turned around. "You know damn well who it is." I grumbled, taking a step towards him. Chloe then grabbed my arm. "Maya, he's not worth it..." She muttered to me, I yanked my arm away from her and took another step towards Aleks. "Oh, look who c-ur-ame back." Aleks said, slurring his words.

"Look who's still drinking." I snapped back. "The fuck did you just say to me?" Aleks growled, aggressively taking a few steps towards me, but was stopped once I flicked my switch blade open and held it towards him. "M-Maya?" Aleks said nervously. "Maya, think about this." Chloe mumbled. "STAY OUT OF IT CHLOE!" I yelled, quickly turning back around to Aleks.

"You are going to listen to me, cause you'll never see me EVER fucking again." I said angrily, Aleks remained silent. "I want you out of my house by Monday, if I come back and find you're still here, then I'll call the cops and tell them why I have this bruise on my face." Aleks could tell I was dead serious, he looked at the switchblade brandished at him, and then back at me.

"So be it then." He said as he turned around and walked back inside. I breathed a sigh of relief, the invasive thoughts finally fading away, I dropped my switchblade and fell to my knees. Chloe crouched down next to me and placed her right hand on my back. "Are you okay?" She asked with concern. "I-I just needed to get that off of my chest. I'm glad to have him out of my life now though." I mumbled as I got up and headed back towards my car. I closed my switchblade and put it back in my pocket as I entered the drivers seat. Chloe jumping in the passenger side soon after, I then pulled out and started to drive.

The car ride was silent until I passed Dreamland. "Wh-where are we going?" Chloe asked. "To a place I used to always go after a fight with him. It's beautiful at night." I said softly, seeming quiet.

Eventually we pulled up to a skyscraper, a large apartment complex. An old friend still lived here. I got out of the car and headed up to the door. I then buzzed the apartment where he lived. There was a delayed response, but I eventually heard yawning. "Who is it?" He said, his voice croaky from just waking up. "It-... It's Maya." I stammered. "M-Maya? What are you doing here?" He asked. "I just-... I just wanted to come up to the roof. Just look at the stars." I said monotonously.

"Uh, s-sure. I'll come down, be there in a sec." He said as the intercom went silent. I turned to Chloe. "You know him?" She asked. "Yeah, an ex-friend of Aleks. His name is James. I never found out why they cut things loose though." I said leaning against the wall.

A few minutes later James came out in his boxers and a shirt. We both hugged. "It's been a while, huh?" He chuckled. "Yeah." I said pulling back from the hug, he then noticed my bruise. "Jesus, what happened?" He asked, a look of worry coming across his face. "Ex-Boyfriend happened." I said, trying my best to avoid the situation. "Fuck, you finally broke it off with Aleks? Good, that guy was a psycho." He said, seeming glad I ended it. I wanted to question that, but I was too deep into this acid trip to bother with long questions like that, I was amazed that I've gone this long without either Aleks or James figuring out I was on something.

We then followed him to the elevator, we chatted for a few more minutes before we reached his floor. "Well anyways, you know your way up to the roof. Good catching up with you, nice to meet you Chloe. I'll see you around." James said as he headed back to his apartment. Me and Chloe then headed to the stairwell to the roof.
I opened the door to the roof, revealing another angle of the beautiful city lights.

"Woah." Chloe said, looking awestruck. "Everything you hoped for?" I chuckled, repeating her question from earlier. "Well, like you said... Can't deny that view." She laughed. I leaned on the side-rail on the edge of the building, I pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. Admiring the city skyline.

"You gonna be okay?" Chloe asked, still showing concern for how this night went. "You know what? I'm quite happy. I feel like for once, I'm actually appreciating how things are going. I ended a shitty relationship... Albiet a little violently. But if that's what I had to do to get my message across then I'm okay with that." I said looking out over the city.

"Well, I'm glad you're feeling better now." Chloe smiled. I turned to her, seeing her look at me with those eyes again. We smiled at eachother.

Sharing a kiss as this interesting trip came to an end.


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