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Fairy Princess by rianbowart
Puffy Fluff (SOLD) by Melloroom
15.B by KuroStarSunny
Golden Eagle and Barn Owl Paintings by Inklev
Costumes for Penguins by Mellymiew
Keep Me Coming ~ Superfruit by BrookEmber
Mrs. Brisby had a rest by TiamatART
Cute Monsters (Complete) by samii69
Happy New Years by piger-6
Vanellope by Danielle-chan
Cute Monsters by samii69
Digital 2
Androstenedione by Senzune
Home by IscaRedspider
Merry Chrysler by Anniichu
Wonder Woman by alaskaYU
28f by Tornaku
cocf29 by Tornaku
Toronto by takmaj
Crash landed by XXAnemia
Love Under A Blood Moon by surreal1st1cp1llow

Mature Content

Neptune Keeps On Truckin' by surreal1st1cp1llow
I Still Remember by Lior-Art
Fashions By OZ by surreal1st1cp1llow
Renne Reindeer Amigurumi Pattern by FROG-and-TOAD
RednBlack Twist by netofindra
Fourleafer by netofindra
MLP Pear Butter Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep
shooting star 1 by Bulldoggenliebchen
Weather Potions by pamixx
Palette Challenge by pamixx
Cutie in an Apple by Bulldoggenliebchen


our friendies

I am seriously tired of 'bronies' coming to our group and leaving strange MLP references or comments on our main page. This is NOT a My Little Pony group, although you may submit MLP fan art, but we would prefer if you contained your excitement and comments to yourself. This group was created before the fandom got huge, is not associated with anything relating to My Little Pony and any strange comments will be flagged as spam or hidden.

Thank you for understanding!


:star: If you aren't sure what to post up, check out our FEATURED GALLERY!

:bulletred: Hey guys! We would LOVE to see more rainbows from you guys so submitting limits have been changed to two images per week in each category! Which means you can submit more than 2 pieces a week if they are in different categories.

:bulletorange: Rules still apply!!

:bulletyellow: We politely ask that you read them so that no feelings are hurt =)

:bulletgreen: Also, you as a member are allowed to fav some of your personal favourite pieces into the group favourite folder! Same rules apply (must have one bright, main colour at minimum, no copyrighted material, must be 100% theirs) and this is a way for you to show the group what you like! You can favourite up to 5 items into the group favourites a day.

:bulletblue: Of course, anything that doesn't meet up to these guidelines and rules will be declined or later removed.

:bulletpurple: So please take advantage of these new features and we look forward to seeing what you will bring to the group next =)!


:bulletred: Please make sure that your submission is 100% created by you or has proper credit given (eg. stock used, base template, etc)!

:bulletorange: WE DO NOT ACCEPT DOLL MAKER 'CREATIONS', FLASH CHARACTER CREATOR IMAGES, GAIA AVATARS (or anything similar), OR DA STAMPS. Even if you created the stamp 100%, there are other groups for stamps.

:bulletyellow: Collages will not be accepted if copyrighted material is used.

:bulletgreen: Fan art is accepted if it follows the rules =)

:bulletblue: If you have some photos you are wanting to submit, and if they are of the same subject matter and object, please select one or two of them to submit to our group. I do not want to see 5 or 6 of the same type of photos in our gallery as we would like to see a variety of subject matter, photos, art and the like. IF you have submitted more than two and they get accepted, we will pick the ones that fit the group subject matter the best. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE TO SUBMIT THE SAME SUBJECT MATTER AFTER TWO HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED.

:bulletpurple: Photomanipulations must have some work effort behind them! No more simple colour changes on textures!

:bulletblue: No wallpapers, images or anything that are just photoshop brushes, filters and/or simple colour changes.

:bulletgreen: We have been declining anything that is TOO DARK. This can mean different things; such as the photo/artwork is too pale, washed out looking or the colours are very dull.

:bulletyellow:We will accept art with black and white contrast as long as there is one bright colour.

:bulletorange:This group is for bright colours, even if it isn't the whole rainbow!

:bulletred: On a closing note, thank you to everyone who has been submitting correctly and we appreciate it! If you have ANY questions please ask, especially before submitting!

:iconrainbowplz:WHY WAS MY ARTWORK DECLINED?:iconrainbowplz:

:bulletred: Your image was too dark or too pale.

:bulletorange: Your image was submitted into the incorrect category.

:bulletyellow: You've submitted too much of the same content (eg, same model/same setting, same object, same drawing) with slight differences.

:bulletgreen: Your image may upset other members (hate art, racist, too gorey, etc)

:bulletblue: Your image does not have enough colour.

:bulletpurple: Your image was considered too simple, a WIP or sketch.
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