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Intro RM+, The deal
Sakura and Nissa sat side-by-side on the spacious couch in Sakura’s apartment. The two women were locked in motion sensitive mortal combat with Wiimotes flinging wildly in the air like the thrust of sabers. Both women’s large busts bounced and swayed side-to-side as they fought to win supremacy with every ounce of over exaggerated fluidity. Sakura laughed playfully and bumped shoulders with the peach haired girl standing next to her, trying to derail her concentration as the moment of triumph grew nearer. But Nissa would have nothing of it. She was 0-5 so far, and was now completely absorbed with winning at all costs.
“Ooooooooooh! C’mon c’moooooon!” Nissa exclaimed as she leapt from her seat. Fixed between the television and the couch, Nissa instinctually snapped to some strange position akin to a skier preparing to conquer the slopes before her. She thrust her curvaceous butt outward and her gaze was utterly fixed on the television. Her demure brow furro
:iconcrubat:CRUBAT 58 47
Camera of Change: The Cabin Part 2
“Stupid girly body… can’t even pick up a stupid tote…” she grumbled as she pushed herself off the door, using her butt. She used her big belly as a support for the tote and finally walked out of the bathroom to where Craig still was. Setting the tote down  on the table, she walked over to the kitchen to grab a rag and some ice.
“Took you long enough?” Craig said as he had watched Alex struggle with the tote.
If looks could kill, Craig would have been six feet under. “You can fix your own god damn ankle, I don’t have to help you,” Alex said as she set the wash rag down and thought about what she was going to do next. She stared out the kitchen window watching the snow fall.
“Calm down Alex, it was just a joke. I didn’t mean anything behind it.”
“You want me to calm down? You want me, of all the people in this cabin, to calm down? It’s your fault this even happened! Oh hey Alex, wanna spend a w
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 69 5
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I am now going free hand! No more bases for me!


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very colorfull n nice pony icon :la:
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Hi rainbloo its Cotton Candy Sparkle from Worlize (i changed my name) :3
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