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Guys... After Non-Compete Clause making me unbelievably angry to the point of almost destroying my computer and now with my friend leaving DA, I'm going through to many emotions right now. I'm upset. I'm angry.

I legitimately need to take a break from DA for a couple days just to get my mind clear of all of these emotions. That probably means that you're not going to see me on DA much.

If you guys really want talk to me, go to and send me a private message. Don't bug me about reviews or memes or top 10s though, because I seriously need time to recover after these past couple days

I'm sorry for doing this out of the blue, but I'm going through to much right now.

All I ask is that you understand and not worry about me. I'll be back on DA. Just give me time.
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InfraredToa Featured By Owner May 15, 2018
When you are done with the break, do you mind if we do a collab?
rainbine94 Featured By Owner May 15, 2018
Once I'm done with my break, I'm planning on doing a collab with one of my friends to review an anime. However, after that one, I'm free to do a collab with you.

What kind of collab is it?
InfraredToa Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
An "Who's Better" between Light and Kuroto.

How about that?
rainbine94 Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
Sharkzero Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Alright dude just relax for a bit.
alditoquerido Featured By Owner May 14, 2018
Take all the time of the world if it's necessary.
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