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We're eight miles high, about to fall.

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"Don't live for pleasure,
make life your treasure.
Fade away!

We're eight miles high, about to fall,

and no one's there to catch you.

look for the sign, the time,
the Sign of the Southern Cross"

The first pony picture I'm proud to have my name on. seriously, in the three years I've been doing pony art, this is the very first picture I can look at and feel pride, can look at and not think "I sure wish I could've done that better" or "That didn't come out like it looked in my head." The only thing I can find wrong with this picture is that I didn't paint Dash in the style I wanted to, I wanted to do a complete digital painting of her, but I found a cool shading and lighting technique that balanced it out, so it's good enough for now. 

Picture is a redraw of a previous sketch:

[sketch] We're Eight Miles High, About To Fall by Rainb0wDashie

And is also the first print drawing added to my art portfolio. Yay!


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foxlover23232's avatar
she is missing a leg "just so you know"
Rainb0wDashie's avatar
No she's not, it's conveniently behind her body ;3
WilhelmGottfried's avatar
Such improvement and so quickly! Keep it up Dashie. ;D
Th3iPoDM0N's avatar
Epic Sauce my friend!
Scrap-Lord's avatar
Really awesome.
Kiddan's avatar
Rainb0wDashie's avatar
Fuck, I forgot her Cutie Mark. 
zapplebow's avatar
You can edit the main image.
Rainb0wDashie's avatar
I know, but it'd be a mess to fix. I'd have to redo the gradients since they're all on the same layer... :/
Scrap-Lord's avatar
Cutie Marks are overrated anyway xD
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