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Indigo Children

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"E.M.P. from the mother and son
Tore the digital down
Dawned are the age of the innocent ones
The indigo children

The indigo children come

Analog time piece, sky wide
Sync to the ticker inside
Move to the rhythm of the moon and tide
The indigo children

Sirius, Venus and the lunar child
Giggle and the flames grow higher
Dance in a circle around a central fire
The indigo children

Wine, song, food and fire 
Clothes, shelter and seed
No more need for the old empire 
The indigo children

When the indigo children come"

This one took longer than I'd like to admit, mostly because this was my first time trying to define a figure without only light, whilst trying to keep it simplistic. I started the picture a few months ago and forgot about it, and picked it up a few days ago and finally finished it. Once I added the background it started turning out a hell of a lot better than I originally expected it would. 

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Indigo prophecy.