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I Hear Colors (Chromaesthesia)

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"I hear colors running through my mind.
I can feel it dripping in my eyes.
I see colors ancient spectrum lives.
In through me they enter, make me shine.

So bright.

I see colors rolling just like vines.
Hiding me and keeping me in line.
I can hear them everywhere.
screaming by and growing bright.

I feel colors rushing through my legs,
making me invincible to pain.
I can hear them everywhere.
screaming by and growing bright.

so bright."

Did another trace-over, this time Flutter-bliss by JoeLashHimself

Flutter bliss by joelashimself
I think I'm getting the hang of whatever drawing style I'm trying to carve out now. I think I'm going to do some off-site practice to nail down certain aspects I've been having trouble with; like the way the cheek is drawn in the 3/4 pose, muzzles, and hooves. Hopefully I can get it down so I can do a 100% original piece.

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Fluttershy and the Zen of Neigh.
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Yeah, she could chant like her friend Tree Hugger going "Auuommmm-Neigh-h-h-h!" :D (Big Grin) Giggle 
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That expression is adorable.
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I know, I love it too! ^^
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Fluttershy meditating over her chakras.
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new headcannon, totally.
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Stonershy? It's a fun headcannnon.

Like, what are you doing using drugs Shy? Those are for bad fillies.

It's totally adorable ^^
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Nononono Chomaethesia Fluttershy.
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Lookin' good homie.
I love the color contrasts.
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it :D
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