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Buzz Lightsaber

After watching StarWars
Buzz had a dream about finding a lightsaber....
I had fun today doing this picture so I think I'm gonna do some more of these :) I'm really proud of that I used only my memory to do this :D

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and my inner child is fanboying so hard
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This is kool!!
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I like This Buzz but look like he in Star Wars but He must fight Darth Zurg XD Yuuko Clapping Icon Naruto Dancing Not so lucky :blankmech: Star Wars time! Emo.s in Space :xwingfighter: anakinplz LOL Go Yoda :JarJarDance: icon crazy troop icon: Tap and run -star-wars Han Shot First :vaderfanboy: Daurth Maul Emote-revisited MandoJetii-emoteicon Anakin Skywalker Laa Emoticon Three emoty Tower Spinning Awesome Smiley 
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you know I mean XD
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got it? DARTH ZURG! XD
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This is rather hilarious. His expression is priceless.
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Buzz wakes up in a strange room.

Buzz: What the... where am I? Woody? Jessie? Anyone....?
he looks over and sees a retracted lightsaber. He walks over to it, and picks it up.
Buzz: What's this thing?
He presses a button, and the blade launches out.
Buzz: Wow, I gotta show this to the guys. As soon as I can get out of here, that is.
A hoard of battle droids comes out.
Buzz: Oh, that's what this is for... O____O
I imagined your comment in voice of Tim Allen. :D
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May The Infinity b with u!!!!!!!! DIS IS GREAT ART!
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Use the force, Buzz...
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Zurg: I am your father...
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LOL you make sound like some a STAR WARS darth vader like Zurg and Luke like Buzz :P SAME IDEA!
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I'm not exactly sure how I've never seen this, but this is totally epic. I love Buzz's face, like he's thinking about the damage the lightsaber could do to Zurg. Unless, of course, this takes place after Toy Story 3. Then perhaps he's thinking about using it against Lotso. ;P
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I think it would be a little better if it was green but VERY nice! ^^
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"What Heck is this?"Buzz
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Great idea!...
And a fine job!

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