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Andy's Avengers

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Published: May 20, 2012
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I haven't seen the movie yet, but there are too many Avengers posts everywhere, so why not? ;P
Plus I saw many Buzz-IronMan mash-ups but I can't really approve them. It looks weird to me. Anyway, red fits better to Woody, and IronMan is kinda skinny looking.:D
And nobody should mess with Mr Potatohead/PotatoHulk anymore.

So, what do you think?:D

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The Avengers(c)Marvel
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FNAFandGremlinsProfessional General Artist
Let's see here. If I can get this right:
Woody is Iron Man
Jessie is Black Widow
Buzz is Captain America
Mr.Potatohead is The Hulk XD
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rain1940 Digital Artist
Well guessed!
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FNAFandGremlinsProfessional General Artist
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darthrodrickHobbyist Writer
I know Cap is swole just not THAT swole like this  Kylo Ren Shirtless (Ben Swolo) Icon 

Anyhow, nice crossover! :)
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EffKay9Hobbyist General Artist
simply epic
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1-UpHedgehogHobbyist Artist
This is very cool! (Says the huge Pixar and Super Hero geek) Mr. Potato Head shouldn't be Hulk though, IMO
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94undertaker26Hobbyist Writer
Mr Potatohead as Hulk? That's not what I would have gone with. Also you forgot Thor, my particular favourite of the group.

By the way the fact that Disney now owns Marvel changes nothing.
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xkelbixHobbyist Digital Artist
Mr Potato Head XD
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I think Woody and Buzz should be reversed because Buzz is the guy with the high tech suit, and Woody is an old time American living in the present.
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rain1940 Digital Artist
I believe that a character's personality is more important so I've made my choices based on that.
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Andromeda-SwanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaaaah AWESOME!!!!! :D:D :clap:
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Hulk and Mr. Potato Head is quite a mash-up.  See what I did there?
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DinoLover09Hobbyist General Artist
What about Rex?
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EmatarHobbyist General Artist
Mr potato-hulk 😂😂😂
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OMNICRON8000 General Artist
Splendid job!
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It's adorable and looks terrific. Personally, I would switch Buzz & Woody, and that IS *NOT* a superficial opinion in the least. There are comparisons to be drawn between the personalities of Buzz/Captain and Buzz/Tony, as between Woody/Captain and Woody/Tony...but on the whole, I would see them the other way 'round. The high-tech, space-age, high-flying, lovable but somewhat arrogant guy in the big metal suit...the traditional, good old American classic...yeah. Buzz shares a sense of duty with Cap'n, sure, but so does Woody--a lawman. Nonetheless! Very well-done piece. :)
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LoveThatLokiHobbyist Writer
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Taco1135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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rain1940 Digital Artist
Because. :P
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I just feel the need to rage against all the people that don't understand what is going on here. I keep seeing so many people saying: "Buzz and Woody should be switched!" and it just makes me so sad, because that type of comment is just SO superficial. Yes, Ironman has the high tech suit like Buzz, and both Cap America and Woody are from an era long past, but it's not about the suit or the clothes, it's about the personalities. Buzz Lightyear and Cap America both have the same "uphold the law, and duty before self" philosophy going on, and Woody and Ironman both have the "I'll bend/break the rules to get the job done" thing going on. When you go by personality this is a perfect fit.
Same thing goes for comments about Rex for Hulk instead of Potato head - Rex doesn't have an angry bone in his body, he barely has a spine, but Potatohead is almost always the first to lose his cool and bring on the scathing remarks. As Mrs. Potatohead said "I'm packing your angry eyes, just in case"
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I think if this goes a little further, Rex can be Thor and either Slinky or Bullseye could be Hawkeye.

This great by the way.
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