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Heya y'all I would like to collect some extra bucks so I could buy something nice for myself this year lmao, If you would  be able to wait a bit then come on by and grab yourself a slot! thank you in advance for you patience it really means alot to me! 


Character Clip-arts

Fullbody art of character with cleaner lines and simple shading


$26 Per character

Complex design - +$5-$10
Flat/no shading - (-$5)

2 characters max!

Lucretia [2019 UPDATED DESIGN] by Rain-Strive [COMM]: Purishira by Rain-Strive

 Stroll by Rain-Strive[COMM]: Poodlette by Rain-Strive


Character clip-art + simple boxed background

You can request your character be included with a simple boxed like background of skies! I may chip in some greens if I see fit  coz I can't actually do complicated bgs lol


+$free ( for the simple blocks of clouds)
+$3 (for the more painterly-styled clouds)
[EBC]: New Friend? by Rain-Strive
Playdate by Rain-Strive
[EBC]: Small... by Rain-Strive

Custom Character Design

Fullbody custom character design + headshot

$36 base price

Complex design (details/accessories) - +$5-$10 
Extra headshot - +$8
Extra fullbody drawing - +$15
Fullbody and no headshot - $30
Bobcat Adopt Auction: CLOSED by Rain-Strive[COMM]: Ki Neko Animura by Rain-Strive
[COMM]: Sn0wTooth by Rain-Strive

Note: custom character design will be flat with no shading!

These prices are in USD. I take payment by Paypal through Invoices.

Terms of Service 

By purchasing any artwork from me, you automatically agree to these following terms.I may deny your commission if it contradict with my terms of service. These terms are subject to change at any time. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask though Deviantart notes 

:star: I have a right to decline a commission for any reason, especially if it goes against my terms.

:star:I retain all rights to my work, which include but are not limited to the right to use the artwork for self-promotion and upload it to any of my personal galleries or portfolio.

:star:You are NOT PERMITTED use the artwork for commercial purposes unless otherwise agreed upon.

:star: I ask that you PLEASE DO NOT RUSH ME with your commission!. I'll try my best to get to yours ASAP since I'm juggling with IRL stuff such as studying and other commitment but rest assured I'll get them done! :D

:star: I'll provide WIP/sketch for clients to review and approve before proceeding to the lining and coloring stage, no changes are allowed after the approval of sketch stage (but small and minor changes are no problem)

:star:You have the right to use your commission for any personal use you want (avatars, wallpapers, icons, profile pictures, upload it to your own personal galleries with credit given, etc.) just as long as it isn't for commercial use or you claim you created the artwork.

What I can do:

-OCs and fanart
-Weapons, armor, and accessories

What I will NOT do:

- Anything sexual (NSFW)
-Anything sensitive 
- gore
-Humans/anthros (for this time around lol)

Please fill out the commission request form and send me a note if interested

Star! FORM Star!

Type of commission: (Clipart or custom design)
Character reference : (for clip-art comm)
With Background?: 
(if yes which one?)
Species and/or design reference/color palette/gender : (for custom design)
Extra : (anything else you might wanna add about the commission like pose request or whatnot)
Email address : (for the invoice)

Star! TO-DO-LIST Star!

Star! SLOTS Star!


Thank you for your interest! :D

© 2019 - 2020 Rain-Strive
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No amthros? Oh bummer.
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Type of commission: custom design!
Character reference : na
With Background?: na
Species and/or design reference/color palette : leopard please based off this aesthetic I made
53d9b0d1-fa8c-4458-af04-b1bd0ab6830f by ki-neko-animura
Extra : semi based off jasmine from Aladdin. The new live action one. 
Email address :

Thank you!
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sent ya' a note ;)
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 Bumping VertigoCrime SillyTheWolf ki-neko-animura and Purishira heya guys I'm open for comms rn so feel free to note me with details if interested! thank you so much :happybounce: Heart