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Well I just uploaded my first painting time lapse to go with the Sky Valley piece I painted recently. Although it took 110 minutes to upload it and it's only 5 minutes long and not a very big resolution (dammit internet!)...Ah well. On that note about resolution I apologize for the horrible quality it's in because when I was streaming I wanted to make sure it would stream smoothly and wouldn't crash any programs so I lowered the recording quality quite a bit. 
Will have to remember to record in at least 720p next time.

You can find the time lapse below :D

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In other news I'd like to bring an artist to your attention that I think needs a A LOT more love. 
The artist is Ponadour and he has some amazing pieces of artwork in his portfolio so far and is worth the detour from your normal browsing!

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Will try to stream on saturday at some point so keep an eye out for that!
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sSaid before... I love the style!

Is it possile to get this non-time-lapsed.

Cuz I would love to see this from start to end without speedup and hopefully learn some tips :D

I understand it was a livestream so if its saved on your lifestream profile. you can give me a link to it :) (haven't found it yet :P)