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Without a Care

Derpy gets the A for effort at least, maybe she should invest in some velcro.

A piece made during the stream and its not even new years themed...HOW DARE I!! Anyways this took around 14 hours from start to finish including procrastination time so all in all fairly good.
With the creation of this pic i have realised that I draw a lot of dark or covered cloudsdale art, its fun so why not! also clouds are pretty!

Hope you like it and Happy New Year!!


Included my starting sketch because i meant to make a time lapse of this piece

Without a Care (sketch version) by Rain-Gear

edit: re aligned the face a little
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Vision: I like the focus on our favorite mail mare and showing her delivering the mail even at night up to the heights of Cloudsdale, or perhaps another city in the sky since its structure reminds me of the Cloudsdale we see in Hearts Warming Eve play. The showing also how perhaps the process of producing lightening by using stars is very ingenious of an idea and a lovely way to use what is there already to produce something else for nature. It also would be a very simple way to infuse that into storm clouds.

Originality: Even though there is a lot of pony artwork out there each is original in its own unique way and this is no different. The setting is lovely, the use of color is unique and original to this piece as is the use of, I am assuming, the elemental weather power of the Pegasus to keep a flame floating above a pillar for a light during the night. It feels like the past and yet at the same time like the present as well with the process of creating lightening shown as well and I haven't seen that shown before in pony artwork that I personally have come across yet.

Technique: The strokes of detail with the mane and tail is very lovely and has a nice flow to them though since she is flying forwards, as is detailed by the mail flying backwards, her hoof coming up and the wisps of cloud following yet leading backwards, her tail flowing back as well, perhaps her mane could had also had a bit more of a going backwards to demonstrate her flying away after delivering the mail? It is nice with detail of the shine and shading but perhaps a bit more of a backwards sweep perhaps? Not too drastic of a sweep back but a bit more to demonstrate further of her flying forwards unless there is a wind blowing forwards behind her then her mane represents that feeling well but her tail and the mail would also be coming forwards but they aren't. Just a minor little thought suggestion though you did a lovely job on the mane.

The detail to the wings is beautiful, the reflection in the eyes is nice along with all the detail behind her on the buildings and the clouds. The firelight is wonderfully done with its glow and the feeling of its flickering in the wind. The water flowing is also nice in color and detail with its dark and light tones. I love the shading on the buildings, clouds, our Pegasus, the glowing of the stars being converting into lightening for later storage into storm clouds.

I also find the tiny detail on the gear turning the converting machine wonderful along with the small detail of writing on one of the envelopes and the staircase behind her. The shading on her body and wings is beautifully done and just enough with the shading and tones on the mail bag has it feeling soft and securely strong in my eyes.

Impact: This brought me to thinking over what other techniques are used by the Pegasus to help create weather occurrences if they are using stars for lightening in storm clouds. Brings me to start thinking how they perhaps make thunder, an interesting thought that hadn't really occurred to me before. I enjoy the thoughts this invokes to ponder over what magic is used to keep and sustain the firelight floating above the pillars working as streetlights for those choosing to be or are out at night.

Over all I find I quite enjoy this piece. It has a nice warm and pleasant feeling as well as an air of calm and care free to it which is nice. I love the shading and coloring with the clouds, seeing what the streetlamps would look like in Cloudsdale or another city in the sky if not Cloudsdale, as well as seeing a process possibly used or could be done in the creation of weather is a nice sight and enjoyable to think about on how the pony universe works compared to our own. Very well done and beautiful to admire. My only thought is on the mane to better show the direction in which she is flying perhaps the mane could had shown a bit more movement backwards with its strains but the mane is still nicely done.
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Impact

My first thought when I saw this was that she was a messenger from Olympus. The creativity involved here was great, and your proportions this time were perfectly on-key! Also this pic made me realize how good you are at drawing wings, because just the way they are positioned is perfect. And to Derpy's right (our left) are those stars being made into that glowing liquid? That's really brilliant. Comparing this to Special Delivery, I like this one a lot more.
Your vision of Cloudsdale is really refreshing and creative. The subtle details in the background is really amazing, and honestly there is nothing bad about this. Your shading is perfect, and the light is realized brilliantly. Keep it up!
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'Though I ain't really liking Derpy: THIS IS AWESOME
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This... picture... is so AWESOME! Please tell me you do commissions? I would GLADLY pay you to draw something as awesome as this!
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Wow!!! Looks really amazing!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
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Just wanna say, this was featured on equestria daily, I was like, wait WHAT!? Is that what I think it is, and it was, number one, the first one that highlights the rest of the list, so awsome! 
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derpy delivering mail to asgard!
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and on this day, not a single derp was given
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more like "and everyday no derp was  given" hehe
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Looks really good, you did an awesome job with the light and details
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Thank you, I have a love for playing with light so I'm glad you like it!
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Hmm, you sure do tend to do more evening-night drawings with stars and nebulas in them. Good shows x3
You're welcome.
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Simply beautiful and poster-worthy! Thank you for making and sharing it :)
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Thank you so much! 
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Wow, Derp never looked so cool =)
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Cute and cool, what else can you aim for in life haha.
Thank you!
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Aw man! So pretty! this is my wallpaper, no hesitation, except to just stare at it in between the clicks! So well done! I  had the privilege to watch you make this as you know, same name as on the stream! But man, this art is awesome! And it's even better with Derpy as the star! Derpy is best pony!
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Well its was good to see you around the stream and thanks for the compliments!
I'm glad you like the picture!
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Awesome work. You seem to really love creating flying and cloud themed drawings.

Happy new year.
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 Yeah its quite fun, probably one of my favourite things to draw!

Happy New year to you too!
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I can't blame you with those adorable and angel like pegasi.
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