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Trixie (#59)

By Rain-Gear
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Quickest of the recent palette challenges, it took around 1hr 30min.
Anatomy on this is a bit "ehh"

Palettes from FallenZephyr's challenge 100 Palette Challenge by FallenZephyrArt
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I like the moody atmosphere.
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It's pictures like this that make me wish luna was Trixie's mom.
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Really excellent!
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She so looks so baddess! 
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This one's got a very noir feel to it~ Judging from that death glare, I don't think I'd like to mess with Trixie. =P Loving the challenges so far, nice work~
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Excellent. Most excellent /)
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Looks pretty hard core, love the magic wisps floating within the rain/cavern thingy =p. The whole atmosphere makes it look like Trixie is done fooling around, nice work =)
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Nicely done. I do so like that palette challenge, too X3
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Thanks and yeah they are pretty good fun.
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Add a beard and bells, and that glare wouldn't look out of place on Star Swirl himself.
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LOL oh my god!
Welp maybe I'll have to do another for star swirl.
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Strangely enough, I had thought about how cool it would be if it were revealed that Trixie is actually a direct descendant of Star Swirl, and that because of that, growing up, she felt that being a great magic user was simply a birthright, and not something she had to work towards.
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It's not an uncommon theory, and definitely interesting.
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It would certainly make for a very good episode. We already have a good setup with the end of 'Magic Duel.' 

Trixie can return to Ponyville, tell Twilight 'the truth,' say she's undergone intense training, and then ask her for help on some task that will help her prove herself.

Not only would this be great for Trixie's character, it would be great for Twilight's as well, as it'd give her some insight on what it was like for Celestia to teach her magic, among other things.
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D: I love this sooooooo much, you need to be a vendor at Bronycon 2016 so I can buy a print of it XD 
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Glad you like it.
Though I would like to clean this up more if it was ever going to be a print.
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Wow, looks like she is now the Great and Creepy Trixie. :XD: In a good way, of course. I like how serious this is---reminds me of Trixie's darker side. Very well done!
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Thank you. 
I imagine she can be a badass when she wants to be.
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Yeah, after that magic duel episode she pretty much was. :XD:
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