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Sunny Days

By Rain-Gear
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Back in the days when they would explore the land around Canterlot together. How times have changed.
Been working on this for quite a while now, If you've dropped by my streams you know how much trouble this piece has caused XD Either way it was a fun piece to work on and I'm glad it's finished.
Hope ya like it!

Decided to randomly throw in full res so you can zoom in on the scribbles.
It can be found here: Sunny Days (Full res) by Rain-Gear
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© 2016 - 2021 Rain-Gear
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

Honestly, this picture blows me away. It feels like i'm in the fairytale. The perspective is so rewarding with the view and I have absolutely no arguments about the scene before me! It's very cute and sisterly of these characters! Although, I see many unneeded highlights, unless this is your style which is totally understandable, but i'm letting you know it's also very confusing. The basket almost has this 'glowing' effect and it becomes my center of attention. Also the mountains have highlights in more than one layer, or source. Where is the light source coming from? It looks like the sun is coming from all directions which is rather puzzling but makes for a fantastic scene. Also, although I really love your vibrant colors to death I know that farther objects are the less consistency in their color. The mountain with the many streaming waterfalls, grass, and details are almost shimmering with their color (which is beautiful) but if shooting for realism there should be much dimmer colors and less detail. All in all, I actually love seeing all the detail though~ It shows how much work you put into it and that you really wanted us to see all of 'the sights' conveyed.This is so bittersweet to say, yes it is absolutely gorgeous and for an artist at my level I really shouldn't be talking... but if wanting realistic features, the farther the object the more dull the color and details are. (Which you do display but for that mountain right next to them, if it is as large as it appears I believe it to be less detailed.)
Thank you so much for creating art the way you do! Truly is stunning overall!
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Impact

You've created a very good piece here.
The rendering is superb, and the colours are quite nice. The contrast of the front characters draw the eye to them, there is a clear indication of foreground-middleground-background, I can feel the distance in the image, and the scene is overall very beautiful.
HOWEVER, a critique would be meaningless without some way of providing the artist a means to improve, so here goes:

- Overall, the composition is a little lacking. Although I am drawn to the horses, I become stuck there, or circle around the rim...the eye needs to travel, and although the characters show contrast the environment behind feels overall a little "dull" in colour, and the "sweep" of certain elements (the clouds, grass etc.) are not used effectively to lead the viewer.

- Since this is fan-art, I cannot commend you on originality, especially considering there is a lot of artwork out there depicting the same themes. However, the decision to use a semi-realistic style is an interesting take.

- The lighting on the main mountain is rather flat across its form. Although there is a lovely gradient from top to bottom, there is little to denote real "turning faces", and therefore it feels a little pasted-on. Consider the OVERALL FORM the mountain is taking (cylindrical, conical etc.) and make that your priority. The details should support this intention.

- The vignette around the bottom half of the image makes it feel a little "closed in", like the light just happens to be pooling in the middle of the grass area, but it is dark outside of the frame. The painting therefore comes across a little "tinged in gloominess" and doesn't really support the title.

- The "fisheye" effect is not entirely convincing, and I can't decide if it's an intended effect or just the slope of the ground plane. It also works against your composition, and combined with the "sweep" of the clouds keeps the viewer on the rim of the image, rather than pointing them inwards.
Consider checking reference for the effect before executing it. A path or other pointing element would help lead the viewer into the image, too.

- There is an almost constant amount of detail throughout. This adds interest, but works against the focal points and leads the viewer out of the image, or traps them in pockets they shouldn't be (the rock on the left, the trees, all of the main mountain)

- Finally, the focal points are almost the same size. Consider varying the size of the horses so that there is a major and minor point of its current state they seem to battle for attention.

Overall, the biggest thing working against this image is the composition. You are certainly a capable artist however, who has a solid rendering technique and understanding of light/colour.
Also, please don't misinterpret this critique as unfair. It's harsh, yes, but mostly because I believe you are capable enough to take it on. I only have interest in helping you progress as an artist, and although there are quite a few "negative" points I've listed above, they are all minor issues and can certainly be overcome.

I hope you continue to improve and ask for critiques, and remember that no-one is ever 100% correct! Hopefully more people critique on this piece so you can get some alternate perspectives.

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I have no words.... btw do you do commissions?

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Luna: Wow! Those butterflies are beautiful, Celly!
Celestia: Glad that you like them, Luna. It took me a couple of days to learn to control the spell. Mother was so happy.
L: Mother did?
C: Yes. She taught me.
L: Mother never gave me lessons.
C: What? More like you keep avoiding them.
L: Did not!
C: Yes you did, don't you remember? You kept running away for playing at your silly games.
L: Hey! There are not silly! And I wasn't playing anyway.
C: Oh yeah? Then, what were you doing then?
L: I... was doing... stuff.
Luna sat on the grass.
C: Stuff? What kind of stuff?
So did Celestia.
L: I... gone to visit the manticores.
C: You what?!
L: Celly! I can talk with them!
C: Since when?
L: Since... days I think. M-maybe I could have discussed with them earlier if mother was not so protective over me.
The older sister hold her younger sibling by the shoulders.
C: Luna! You know very well how the manticores are dangerous!
L: They're not! They told me!
C: Stop be so gullible!
L: I'm not! They are trustworthy. And I show them I could be as trusted too.
Luna freed herself from her older sister grip and trotted away.
C: Unbelievable. If Mother would know of this...
Luna stopped and shift to face her sister.
L: Please! Don't tell her! Marvin helped us no?
C: Marvin? Wait! The one who helped us for building the castle?
L: Yes. Him. See? They can be friendly and of great help. Hey sister, what else Mother taught you?
C: That you are too bold, daring, cheeky... Wait! I found that myself.
L: Hmph! That's not funny.
She sat and folded her fore hooves.
C: You got to be more prudent little sis.
L: Hey! I'm always prepared for anything and you know it!
C: Yes, I do. But I also know that instead of socializing with other ponies you keep talking with other creatures.
L: I like to be... alone!
C: Please, Luna. Can you be a bit less...
L: No.
She dropped her head.
L: I prefer to be with them.
She looked at her sister.
L: Or only you.
C: Huh?
L: I like to be with you Celly. You're always smiling when you're close-by. And you don't judge me. Well, not all the time... I... I feel safe and loved when I'm with you. Unlike with the other ponies.
C: Luna! What about Mother?
L: I love Mother. But she's constantly occupied with her papers.
C: You do know that she loves you very much?
L: Of course, silly! She wouldn't asked you to follow me everywhere and protect me if she didn't.
C: Uh... I'm here on my own. You're my little sis that I love.
L: *chuckle*
C: Uh, what's funny?
L: You always go dramatic and say "I love you little sister". You get boring when you do that.
C: Hey! No I'm not!
L: Then, show me your best spell!
C: What? Here? Now?
L: Why not? It's a beautiful day, no one is around to bother us and it's a open place. Come on! Please? Beside, I know you love me and you are always prepared to impress your little sister.
She smiled.
C: *sigh* I guess I have no choice.
L: Or... you are too afraid for being unable to impress me... *grin*
C: .... Take that back!
L: Nope.
C: You stubborn little...
L: *raspberry*
C: All right! But we need to a more open place.
She pointed with a hoof to a more clearer place
C: Over there could be good.
They walked for five minutes, Celestia looking the surrounding.
C: That will do. Ready?
L: I'm trying to not fall asleep.
C: I guess you are.
Celestia's horn glowed a soft golden light while Luna stared at her. Nothing happened. Puzzled, Luna look their surrounding to if see anything has changed. She was getting impatient.
L: What's supposed to happen?
The white alicorn's horn's gold glow intensified.
L: Celly! What are you-
C: L-look in the direction of the s-sun...
L: Are you crazy? I don't want to get bl-
C: N-not directly, stupid. Just... gaze its direction.
L: Huh? Hey did you just called me st-
Luna could see a ray of light coming from the sun. Celestia was grunting from the effort.
L: What the...
The ray took form of a massive bird, flying in their direction by flapping its huge wings, the noise of the wind audible from hundreds of meters.
L: Uh, s-sister? I-is that you who...
But Celestia did response. She kept grunting. The glow of her horn intensified. The bird kept getting closer by the second.
L: Celly! It's going to attack us!
The bird was closing by. Luna was panicking. She ran to her sister and tried to shake her out of her trance.
L: Stop! We need to run away!
But she didn't bulge nor stop casting.
L: Sister! Please!
The massive bird, wings as large as ten ponies lengths each began to dive. Luna shot at the predator with her own blue rays, without any effect. At the moment the raven was to strike, Luna hugged her sister and close her eyes in fright.
The bird passed a pony height from their head, leaving a huge gush of wind and fire around them, before... vanishing. Luna opened an eye to see what happened. Celestia was panting.
L: W-what happened...
She looked behind them.
L: W-w-where is the big...
C: ... the... the big bird is a phoenix...
L: ... phoenix... What!? You knew?
C: O-of course. It's... it's me who made it...
C: I-impressed much, now? Huh?
Luna's jaw dropped.
Celestia began to laugh. Then she said with a mocking voice.
C: I love you sister.... I love you so much....
L: Shut up! I... I...
Celestia kept laughing.
L: It... was terrified... I thought that...
C: We would die? Okay. Maybe I overdid it and... Woah!
L: Yes! You did and... It's not... What?
C: Did you see the field around us? It's all charred!
L: Huh? Hey! You're right!
C: Luna? Did you... made a shield of any sort?
L: What? Me? Mother never taught me how.
C: What? You are kidding.
L: No!
C: Luna?
L: Yes?
C: I... I think that if you never did that shield, we would have ended being fried fillies.
L:... W-what? And you said you had it under control!
C: I... guess I thought...
L: Wow! My big sis finally admit she could be wrong.
C: Stop it. That's not funny.
L: I never said that this big phan-
C: Phoenix.
L: W-whatever the bird it was was a great idea either.
C: You asked me to impress you!
L: And you did it magnificently!
C: And another.... What?
Luna smiled. Celestia smiled in return. They hugged each other.
L: Just... do something safer next time, okay?
C: I will. Thanks Luna.
L: That's what a little is for. Saving her bigger sister's ass.
C: Luna!
Suddenly, flames began to form from the charred grass.
C: Oh no! We got to do something!
L: And I know the very spell for that.
C: You... learned a spell?
L: Uh... yeah. What's so special?
C: Nothing.
Celestia stared at her sister.
C: Well?
L: Give me a minute.
Luna's horn's began to glow a light blue. Black clouds began to fill the once clear sky and thunder began to be heard.
C: Uh, Luna?

Later at the castle's entrance.
C: You had to bring a thunderstorm? A beautiful day like this one?
L: Hey! It stopped the fire, right? And it's the only spell I know about weather control.
C: The only spell?
L: Well... I thought about learning the most impressive.
C: Thankfully you haven't learn how make an hurricane or worse a tornado.
L: I... lacked of time.
Their mother appeared.
Mother: Celestia! Luna! Are you okay? This thunderstorm appeared from nowhere!
C: Yes, we know Mother. Ask Luna.
M: Asking her about what?
L: Uh... Mother! I-I made a shield! By myself! To protect me and Celly!
M: Really? That's great, Luna! And you protected her from what?
C: Uh...
Celestia faked a gasp.
C: Luna! We forgot the picnic basket!
L: Don't change the subject, sister. Tell Mother why I needed to make a shield.
M: Yes. Tell me.
C: .... Uh... Luna left your classes to talk with manticores.
L: What?!
Their mother sighted.
M: You are both grounded.
C: But mom...
L: Mommy...
M: Go to you rooms immediately young fillies! We will discuss about this later.
They both walked in the direction of their rooms side by side, their heads low in defeat. She waited to be sufficiently away from their mother's ears.
C: At least she doesn't know for the bird...
L: And about the thunderstor-
M: AHEM! Girls?
Shocked, they both stopped and stared at her mother.
C: Y-yes, Mother?
M: I want you to explain me in details how you both managed that huge firebird in the sky we've seen from here and that huge thunderstorm by yourselves. Am I self clear?
C: Y-yes mother.
M: Luna?
L: Yes, mother.
M: Good. I'll see later, then.
Both sisters looked at each other, their ears dropped.
C &L: We're screwed.
M: Language!
C&L: We're in so much trouble.

This awesome piece needed something good. I hope you enjoyed it.
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I love the mountains in this and the overall detail is great too, also like the concept of exploration a lot, it makes the world of Equestria bigger, deeper and richer, keep up the good work!
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I can see the castle in the background
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By the way, I am really glad you put in some trees! :D :D :D
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This is beautiful!!! :D well done!!
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That is absolutely gorgeous.  I tip my hat to you!
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You drew the trees in, good on you! Great to see you featured on the front of a drawfriend!
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Pleasure to see this piece being finished in the stream. Well done Rain, love the depth-of-field here /)
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This is so beautiful! :)
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A nice view of the mountain with some waterfalls to admire. :)
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The shadows are not perfect, but that's okay.
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Beautiful work!
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Beautiful! ^^
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Awesome) Perfect picture!
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Another amazing picture, Rain!! I love seeing Canterlot so barren, but I can still see where the castle would go. Celestia and Luna also look amazing(ly adorable). 
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