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Dash has made some very special deliveries this year, of course adding some epic into the mix to keep things to her taste, cant be having all this soppy present giving now can we!
Needs more explosions!.

Ah its nice to have this done (i think) I wanted to get a holiday pic out this year because I didn't do one last year!
was fun but dear lord Dash's face was so flat for the longest time, thank god i fixed that!
Not much else to say but hope you all had a happy christmas time and have a great new year!!

All the best

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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Vision: The Christmas theme is wonderfully done. I love the gifts on the ground, Rainbow Dash's To Do List on the ground and the lantern, showing she just completed her task of delivering gifts to all the good ponies. The rainbow remaining is a nice touch with the falling snow and the rising sun, a job well done just in time. Beautifully executed.

Originality: This in its own way is original because of the emotions the artist puts into it. The look of satisfaction is not arrogant or self absorbed or anything of the sort just happy with a "yea I got this and made a lot of ponies happy" feel. The setting is lovely and not one I can recall seeing before in other artwork.

Technique: The brushstrokes are nice with the shading and the detail to the snowflakes. The hoof prints are nicely done in the snow with the skid mark trail showing where Rainbow came in for her sliding land before trotting on her way after making the deliveries. The writing on the To Do List is a nice detail as it would had been easy to leave it blank but wasn't. I like how the glow from the lantern was done spreading out along the snows surface is nice with the glow it gives off Rainbow's body, aiding to the soft shadows.

The mark on the sweater being like Rainbows Cutie Mark I love that detail with the glow from her eyes in the reflection from the rising sunlight behind her. I also like the soft shading of a winter blush to Rainbow's cheeks. The blowing snow was nicely done as with the shading on and from the packages, Rainbows body, her wings, the trees, the sky, and all is just amazing. I am finding myself having trouble finding something to say a suggestion to improve with I am just in awe of the beauty of the sky, the land, the winter scenery and the trotting of the fastest Pegasus in all of Equstria.

Impact: It leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy with the winter and Christmas setting and feeling with the gifts and the snow and the sun that appears to be just rising unless it's setting then it is still nonetheless very gorgeous. Perhaps a few blowing strains of hair from her tail or mane would had added to the blowing wind demonstrated by the snowfall and the scarf.

Over all a beautiful piece that is a warm and sweet work that is gracefully done with good cheer. Perhaps a few blowing strains of hair from Rainbow Dash's mane and or tail would had added to the blowing wind but not a huge thing. Gorgeous and amazingly done with all the detail to the clothing, hoof prints, packages, house detail, the list, lantern, the beautiful sky with the raising/setting sun and the nice addition of the rainbow left behind in Rainbows delivery run bathing the peaceful little town in a soft rainbow light of holiday cheer.