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Commission for sweetvixenellie of her OC "Saffron" In Canterlot.
mmm could go for some tea right about now!
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Omega-Square's avatar
Woah! How do you do lineless art so fantastic?!
ReddishRegret's avatar
What program do you use? If I may ask.
QuestioPony's avatar
Those eyes. So striking. o.o
Doraloveu's avatar
she is so cutee
TalkslikeWater's avatar
Is it weird that I was looking at the menu and thinking about what to get?
beebarb's avatar
ColtbainScratchorn's avatar
Oh my god. She is simply beautiful and beautifuly done, I swear!
Trojan-Pony's avatar
Nice work!
I like how you did the environment.
Gromf007's avatar
I like this from the bottom to the top.
IBAIPshow's avatar
Beautiful work /)
Nimaru's avatar
yeesh. background detail.... I really need to improve my backgrounds :(
Mokey1980s's avatar
Nice lookin OC, hope she enjoys it =)
Fallen-Sock's avatar
I want an "Apple Crumble Latte"

Or several :drool:
Mart3323's avatar
Oh my god.., these clouds look so much like buildings it's amazing
siberian502's avatar
Look at those eyes...
I think I'm in love.
aemeyer's avatar
Royal coffee is so expensive for some reason....
sweetvixenellie's avatar
I am absolutely in love with how this came out. Thank you so much again.
Fasdaff's avatar
Is her cutie mark a pineapple?
SpiderShii's avatar
THIS IS SO PRETTYYYY! i really adore your colouring and shading <333
JasAnderson1215's avatar
Very beautiful and beautiful mare. :)
RyeDimarDragon's avatar
I love the detail here, particularly in the main and tail. I can even see the individual strands. The background is nice and does not distract too much from the pony who is front and center here.
TheDrSmiley's avatar
Why is the smile interrupted? ^^;
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