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In The Rain

Sometimes you just have to draw sad horses.
Was quite a nice piece to work on and of course it's always a pleasure to draw Fluttershy.
May be offering this as a print at Buck next year if I get the chance to vend c:

Hope you like it!
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So first off i'm going to say I don't see many of these types of paintings, normally there cheerful pony paintings, so its a nice change from the usual.
The lighting in the picture is great as it draws your eye down towards Fluttershy and makes your eye take in more detail as she is quite vibrant in comparison to the rst of the painting.
The use of motion in the wings is also good as the way the rains being swept around her shows the wing motion.
I also like the way shes been framed as everything all together seems to make an almost oval frame for her.

Personally I really like this as its a nice change of pace, along with the colours making it eye catching.
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Reminds me of "Not letting go" by Prince Whateverer... probably due to the "She's left out in the rain, she's too shy to complain" line.
Your art is amazing, I hope I'm this good someday. X3
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I've looked at this picture so many times and had it as my wallpaper every now and then and I just barely noticed the gravestone in front of the tree and it gives this so much more meaning.
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Its true as they say :D You really DO get beautyful with rainwater shower ^_^
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This is so beautiful in a sad way.

I should give Flutters a hug. Fluttershy (sad) plz :cheer up hug: 
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Well, you certainly got the feels right ^^.
Sad it is! :(
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This one has feeling to it, nice work! ^^
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Aww...thass beautiful! T-T
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Flutters needs a hug <3 *shot*
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I think we better make this a group hug.
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Yes, I agree~ Group hugs are good c:
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Another beautiful piece <3
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Thank you very much!
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Beautiful work!
I love Fluttershy so much :)
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Thank you!
She's great fun to draw.
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This is a very beautiful art piece and I would also be sad seeing those trees cut down around her.
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I suppose she is quite the nature lover even though she's terrified of the everfree.
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An interesting composition.
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Someone is gonna die for this...
Mark my words.
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(Is totally not responsible >.>)
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